The race is on!!

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The race is on!!

Post by tauaunt » Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:02 pm

Me and my wife are once again involved in the Komen Race for the cure. We are doing are best to double her donations of last year, which was $ 1,000.00 dollars. We need your help if you can. Anything and everything will be greatly appreciated. Presently, we stand at $ 260.00 with under a month to go. (Kinda let it creep up on us this year) I can say this, if you can do anything, it is will be for a great cause. Due to the work of this organization, I am happy to say I am married to a survivor and so are many others out there.

If you can help, just click the link and it is pretty self explanatory, or you can contact me in game or email.

And this is a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation! ... tafId=4830
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