Magelo run on Vista

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Magelo run on Vista

Post by Dawnz » Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:56 am

Hi All,

I thought this info may be a little helpful to Vista users. When running your Magelo < > Download the Magelo Sync first then go to < > and download both the Java scripts for Vista < Windows XP/Vista/2000/2003/2008 (32-bit)
> and < Windows XP/Vista/2003/2008 (64-bit)
> Only if your running Vista 64 bit do you need to do this. The reason is because even with 64 bit you are still running some applications in the 32 bit mode. Magelo is one of them. After you install the Java, load eq manually, hit your Magelo Sync and presto. Life is Good!

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