Unlocking Solteris armor and powersources

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Unlocking Solteris armor and powersources

Post by Jhereg » Wed May 27, 2009 1:28 pm

For those apps who made it last night, you can buy phosphenes in the bazaar and buy armor pieces that you have unlocked. The prices of phosphenes vary but it can still be cheaper than buying some of the other compareable armor out there. It's 500hp/mana in general with decent AC and mod2's, though the focuses are weaker obviously.

How it works is if you have been there when #1, #2, #3 events were beat you can buy wrist(#1) armor, hand(#2) and boots(#3). If you missed #2 event then you can only buy Wrist(#1) armor until someday you get #2 event done then you can buy all 3 items.

Here's a link explaining: http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/ques ... quest=4225

Also, you can use phosphites (that drop off trash mobs) to buy raid powersources(they are unlocked by different events too) if you want. Though the only real benefit is not paying for the Sealed ones from tradeskillers. We do the events regularly that unlock all sealed powersources.

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