Pirate Captain's Questions

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Pirate Captain's Questions

Post by Buaz » Fri Sep 19, 2008 1:58 pm

'Twer a dark and stormy night that the Beauty's Bounty went down to Davy Jones' Locker. The captain and 3 crew survived on a lifeboat.
"Bad news thar be," says the captain. "Only enough stock fer 3. So I be askin' ye each a question. If ye answer wrong, over the side ye go. If all answer true, it's be curtains for me."
The crew agrees, so the captain starts his questioning. The captain levels his un-patched eye at the first mate.
"Another ship be lost at sea, this very spot, some 7 year ago. What be her name?"
"The Iron Fist," shouts the first hand.
The captain nods, and turns to the next.
"How many lost?" growls the captain.
"116 souls," shouts the second hand.
The captain again nods. He turns to the last of the crew.
"What 'twer their names?"

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