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78 Catalist

Post by Eueil » Mon Jan 21, 2008 3:50 pm

Your Main Character

-Name: Eueil
-Class: Wizard
-Race: High Elf
-Level: 78
-Number of AAs: 321
-Magelo Number (if you have one):
-List which keys and flags you have: have up to dreadspire, needing MMM+ for new expantion

-List your alts on this server (name, level, class): Whispered, 51, bard

A Little Bit About Yourself

-What are a few things you enjoy most about playing EQ? (For example: raiding, grouping, soloing, tradeskilling, exploring, questing, etc) I like exploring and finding new quests/items in game

-Tell us some of your short and long term goals for your character. (For example: quests, epic, tradeskills, leveling, AA ability, etc) short term, getting MMM flag and crystallos. long term, maxing out faction so i can buy the new gear and spells

-When do you normally play EQ? What is your time zone? time zone is EST. play times vary by week to week

-CN generally raids Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 8 pm Eastern Time. Raiding is not required, but we would like to know what % of raids you think you will attend. i would definatly try for 100%, but realisticly closer to prolly just one or two a week.

-Please tell us which other guilds you have been a member of and why you chose to leave. Wraiths of Discord, left because of moving and didnt have computer access and internet to play for a long time. Shadows of the Ebon Moon, guild disbanded

-If you are still a member in another guild, please explain: in an alt guild

Your Experience with CN

-Which members of CN do you know? Have you had a chance to raid or group with us? Takazerker, Cicak, prolly a bunch of others but they are the ones i know best. done lots and lots of grouping with them.

-Why are you applying to CN? Is there a specific reason you chose to apply to our guild? The guild is very good for my randomness schedule, also there are so many good peeps that are always on and willing to help. not to mention CN is uber l33t

-Tell us what your goals are for applying. What do you hope to get out of the guild? keyed for all the new zones. hopefully steady group to get content/questing/faction

-Have you read the CN Rules and Policies and understand them? yes

Optional Info

-What do you do in real life? as little as possible ^^

-Where are you from? Oxford, NC

-Would you consider traveling to attend annual CN gatherings at various places in North America? sure, my first guild used to have gatherings, was always hard to get to them because was always on west coast.

-What is your favourite colour? (with Canadian spelling). oh i like red, ya

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