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well Chaise, your PC is much better than mine is so I will likely have to give it a miss. Unless I pick up a cheap copy of it someplace that is
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Lachaise wrote:So I tried it. I run a Pentium Dual Core 3.0 with 2 gig ram and a 256 meg GEForce 6800 vid card and on cable modem... and the thing runs SO slow.

I leveled my sorcerer to level 12 so far and the game is a lot like early EQ...lots of running around. The Diplomacy line is interesting, it is like playin a card game online. Tradeskillin I havent understood yet but I am only level 2.

Unless you have a great machine, with SLI board to run two good vid card I don't think I could play it full time, it is too annoyin not to have seamless travel. There is no zone...but still some bugs as at times I "zone" and end up off my horse and breathing under water on solid ground.
This reminds me of the same problems with early EQ on high end machines during that time. Don't even get me started on the Luclin release.....30 min zone times! Woo! The I don't think I will play this unless I can find it extremely cheap. I may try it if I get my new system if I can get a free trial or some such...who knows. I'm mostly still waiting for Warhammer Online.
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I'm running it on my laptop which has a P4 with 2gigs of RAM. It runs kinda slow but I can play!
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One thing I will say - you can't install the game on any machine that I'm aware of and just run it the way you would expect. You almost HAVE to follow on of the .ini tweak guides to make it play in an acceptable manner.

I have Pentium Dual Core 3.4g, 2gig memory and dual 7800 Nvidia cards using SLI. The game doesn't truly support SLI, in any case, so you have tweaks for that - and then after tweaking the .ini directly I was able to set it to highest textures and highest quality while manually moving down other things.

Even with all of that - it still has issues in highly populated areas. But, just like EQ1 and EQ2, they will make engine adjustments and over time it will become smoother. Neither of those games were terribly 'playable' at the outset either.
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Re: Vanguard

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I played Vanguard during Beta 2 and up through the release of the game. I was very fun and the character selection had many different races and classes to choose from. I made a paladin and a warrior because I am a tanking type person. Both really fun classes, but i did think the Pally was way over powered if compared with most other classes. His heals were just as good as any other healing class and his dps was just as good as a dps class. Balance in the classes was big issue. The big thing I wanted to say about this game was it was a very fun game until you got to max lvl. Once maxed lvl there isnt anything to really do as far as guild/raid content. SO once you maxed lvl, only thing to do was diplomacy(which I wasnt really into) and Crafting. Oh and the best gear in the game was crafted which I thought was kinda lame. This game had so much it needed to be an awsome game but was going in the right direction till they ran out of money and Sony bought them and did nothing with it. Thats when I quit, so i played the game for several months to give a chance to straighten out. I thought was very sad where this game ended up. oh btw I did get my pally up to lvl 47 and my war was lvl 25. Max lvl was 50 at the time.
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