Been sick

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Been sick

Post by Mialilly »

I have been sick in the hospital for 2 weeks almost and am now in a nursing home for rehab. I had a yeast infection that I kind of ignored for 4 months and it turned septic. On the bright side the medicine they have given me has caused lots of weight loss, I weighed 423 when I went into hosspital and now weigh 303 lbs.

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Re: Been sick

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feel better dear ! Hope to see you soon 😊
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Re: Been sick

Post by Sharrien »

Always looking on the bright side! Glad to hear you're doing better.
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Re: Been sick

Post by Caladain »

Hope you’re feeling better! Tell them that EQ is part of your rehab lol
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Re: Been sick

Post by Goofydoofy »

Damn. Infections are no joke. Medicine or not, keep working at the weight lose. You'll be much better off. I know sort of how hard it can be with the food choices in America. Being overweight cause endless problems. I've been trying to hit 200 for a year now. 205 is the closest I've gotten. It's harder the older you get. Glad you are doing better. Stay well, being sick is to much of a hassle. Also, who knows what the hell you'll catch in a doctor/hospital/rehab facility.
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Re: Been sick

Post by Glauri »

You have certainly be missed, but it is great that you are now on the mend. Take care of yourself, and watch that sepsis!! That is no laughing matter!

We hope to see you soon!
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Re: Been sick

Post by Elfinia »

**hugs** Glad you are healing up!! Take care of yourself Mia!!

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Re: Been sick

Post by Luda »

Sorry to hear it get better soon.
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