Overseer system overview

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Re: Overseer system overview

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Izzumn wrote:
Wed Jun 24, 2020 3:06 pm
One issue I have seen in the Overseer system is the highest 2 ranks of Agents... Elite and Rare (I think) if you have a duplicate and one of them is in a mission the other one will not be available for any missions. Even if the second copy is not assigned to a task it will not show up as available when picking new tasks. And if you have 2 Elite agents of the same name and chose to retire one it will become a token you can claim for XP in the skills on the last tab or 2 of the agents from the previous class.
This is true of "iconic characters"- those agents that are specific characters (think "legendary creature" if you've ever been bit by the magic the gathering bug). The same character can't go on two missions at once!
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