Application Stabules

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Application Stabules

Post by Stabby » Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:01 pm

Main Character: Stabules
Account Type: Gold
Name: Stabules
Class: Rogue
Race: Halfling
Level: 110
Number of AA: 15502
Magelo: Not set up at the moment. Will work on an updated one.
Keys: Only up to Depths of Darkhallow. Need to work on it but have the means to do so.
List of Alts: Janglare, Shaman, 110
What I enjoy about Everquest: Enjoying getting experience and progressing with good company. Raiding is fun as well.
Character Goals: My goals are always to try and maximize my DPS and get up to speed on different progression/ flags. While improving AA and gear to be more effective for group/raid.
Time Zone: Pacific Time. I play in afternoon/evenings most of the time.
Raiding: I usually try to show up when I can to raids. Once a week at least probably more.
Previous Guilds: I was part of Halo Guardians. Just wanted to try and progress further on newer content.
People I’ve grouped with: Shabaz is the person I know the most from raiding with Halo and grouping but I have grouped with and seen many a CN member around and always seemed like a good group.
Reason Im Applying: I want to progress my character and group and raid with good people on newer content. Never met anyone from CN I haven’t enjoyed playing with who wasn’t respectful and kind.
Personal Goals for Joining guild: Always striving to be better and effective in group and raids. Love checking out new content and learning new things. Have fun and group and raid with good people.
Rules: Yes, I took the time to read rules and policies and feel like it’s a good place to call home for me and think I will be use full to the guild as well.
Optional: I am a musician in real life and enjoy the outdoors when not questing. My favorite colour would have to be green.

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Re: Application Stabules

Post by Littlabit » Fri Oct 05, 2018 5:33 pm

PM sent with more info. Talk more in game thanks Bit
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