Game Update Notes: December 14, 2016

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Game Update Notes: December 14, 2016

Post by Tarvas » Tue Dec 13, 2016 6:30 pm

Game Update Notes: December 14, 2016
December 14, 2016

*** Highlights ***

- Look to the marketplace this December for the Frostfell Familiar in a Box!

*** Items ***

- Look to the marketplace this December for the Frostfell Familiar in a Box. Each one contains a random adoptable familiar. Trade them to your friends or collect them all yourself, and keep an eye out for some rare and unique Frostfell familiars!
- Removed backstab from the various Sulstones of the Thoughtful as these are caster only augments and are not usable by Rogues. Similarly, removed backstab from the various Sulstones of the Fighter as these are slashing only augments, and backstab requires piercing weapons.
- Corrected the description for the Visage of the Hideous Harpy.
- Icesprite Familiar will now summon a familiar and fit in the keyring.
- Master's Token of Command will properly scale as you kill rare NPCs in Empires of Kunark.
- Sathir Trade Gems and Ancient Sebilisian Coins are now Tradable on the Firiona Vie server.
- Duffel of the Di`Zok is now Heirloom and No-Destroy.
- Bridle of Queen Velazul's Sokokar is now Heirloom.
- Petamorph Wand items can now summon a familiar if you do not have a pet or change your pet's visual if you do have a pet.
- Some missing Empires of Kunark items are now dropping on the appropriate NPCs and chests. Some items are now available only from the intended channels instead of also dropping from specific NPCs.
- Invested Small Manisi Branch will now convert if you are a Cleric, Druid, or Shaman.
- Crackjaw and Mad Researcher now drop Selrach's armor instead of Cohorts.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Corrected a bug that prevented ranks 4-13 of Brewing Mastery from functioning as intended.

*** Quests & Events ***

- Atrebe's Vault (Raid and Group Mission) - The spells used in these events now have appropriate descriptions.
- Of Pirates and Men (Task) - The compass will again be granted for completing the first three steps to kill pirates and open crates in the ship's cargo hold.
- Captain Krasnok (Seventeenth Anniversary) - Made several changes to the 17th Anniversary Event:
- - Krasnok and the Fists of Hate summon only after they have been damaged, rather than immediately.
- - Fixed a bug with the spell Hate's Furies: increased recast time from 7.6 seconds to 46 seconds.
- - Sweeping Scimitar radius reduced from 150 to 120. Two more people can stand safely inside each bubble. Bubbles should always appear inside the playable area. Added a decal to the bubbles to make them a bit more visible.
- Kod'Taz Summoner Ring (Event) - Repaired a bug that could cause the event to fail when deranged golems would spawn under the world.
- Curing the Cure (Group) - Fixed an issue that would prevent the final step from working in any zone.
- S.H.I.P. Workshop (Group) - Fixed an issue that could cause The Mechalossus to die and not give task credit.
- Ring of Fear (Solo) - The ring event in Cazic-Thule should now respawn properly (every 6 days).
- The Cost of Balance (Mission) - Fixed this mission in Arx Mentis. Now the key generators can be picked or fought to be destroyed.
- Other's Things (Group) - Fixed the lack of crystals in this adventure.
- Fixed a bug that allowed Aura of the Kar`Zok to land on pets and mercenaries.
- Emollious (Raid) - Fixed an issue with the Half Traps achievement. It was possible to fail the achievement by using the same trap multiple times. It was counting each use of any trap, rather than whether or not you used two distinct traps.
- Rivervale - Fixed a dialogue problem with Kizzie Mintopp.
- Hunting Leather Leggings (Solo) - This quest for saurek scales in Shadeweaver's Thicket can now be completed.

*** Spells ***

- Fixed an issue that prevented invisibility from breaking charm spells if a player had a familiar buff active.
- Druid - Sharp Eyes and Eyes of the Winter Hawk can now allow you to see invisible level 3.
- Magician - Worlu's Prying Eyes now allow the user to see invisible level 3.
- Magician and Wizard - Aspect of Zomm will allow you to see invisible level 3.
- Ranger - Skylight Sagacity will allow you to see invisible level 3.
- Enchanter - Removed incorrect references to damage risk on Perilous Disorientation Reprisal and Perilous Bafflement Reprisal.
- Magician - Corrected Chaotic Fire Jolt so that it will correctly lower your opponent's hatred for you.
- Enchanter - Spells in the Strangle line and the Baffling Constriction line will now do less initial damage than before since that initial damage can now hit for critical values.
- Beastlord - Lowered the amount of initial damage dealt by the Scorpion Venom and Edoth's Chill spell lines since they can now hit for critical damage.
- The following spells now have casting text: Summon Armored Frontier Rhinoceros, Wurmslayer's Guard, Scale Gnashing, Obulous Strike, Obulous Soothing, Gather Umbra, Binding Leaf, Manisi Balm, Woven Thorns, and Summon Golden Frontier Rhinoceros.

*** AA ***

- Fixed an error with Essence of the Dragon that prevented it from working for Bards, Monks, Rogues, and Warriors.

*** NPCs ***

- Boss spawn times in Vex Thal are now persistent for all servers. There is no longer an initial delay after the zone comes up before the bosses will spawn.
- Male Dark Elf guards in Neriak - Fourth Gate will no longer vocalize as if they were undead.

*** Progression Servers ***

- Bosses in Vex Thal will spawn twice as often, on average, for Progression Servers.

*** Miscellaneous ***

- Fixed a typo that still stated in the error message that you need The Darkened Sea to use the stat slot for the mount key ring instead of stating the need of the mount key ring feature.
- Addressed an issue that caused Guild Looking for Players to no longer function.
- Addressed an issue where some high-hitpoint NPCs were giving no experience when they were supposed to give more than the previously current cap of experience in one kill.

*** UI ***

- Fixed an issue with advanced looting that was causing the wrong items to be left on the corpse since the previous patch.
- - This also fixes an old issue that would rarely cause one of the never marked items to not 'leave on corpse.'
- Dynamic zone replay times not associated to a particular event will now display 'Replay Timer' in the Event Name column of the expedition window rather than a blank space.
- Sorted the entries in the EQ-button menu alphabetically and created a new category for the 10 hotkey windows.
- Added a 'Print Items' button to the Item Display window which will print the names of items inside housing crates to the chat window. Note that this button will only show up if an item contains real estate items.

- Changed -

*** Previously Updated ***

- The Summoning of Droga (Raid) - The Incarnate Droga will no longer cast Blood Splash without an associated warning and a way to avoid the effect.
- On Behest of the Emperor (Group Mission) - Fixed a problem that prevented Dread Overseer Akalod and Royal Guard Kakator from leaving corpses.

- The EverQuest Team
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Re: Game Update Notes: December 14, 2016

Post by Lhimy » Tue Dec 13, 2016 7:22 pm

according to dev logs/test this patch is also going to fix the shrink/illusion locked door bug, can't illusion your way through doors anymore. after nearly 2 decades they finally fixed it heh. priorities and all.

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Re: Game Update Notes: December 14, 2016

Post by Tarvas » Tue Dec 13, 2016 8:37 pm

Well that bites.
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