So you want to hit 105 fast, eh?

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So you want to hit 105 fast, eh?

Post by Tarvas » Tue Oct 28, 2014 1:20 pm

Good grief.

Is the XP nerf live?
Janakin, post: 3140568, member: 557 wrote:Image

What nerf ~
Janakin, post: 3140630, member: 557 wrote:All RoF partisans and mercenary tasks rewards ready to claim or 1 hail. 1 of each collection piece. 25 glyphs. 30 saved tasks with 1 hail. I got 101 then claimed my 100 bank AAs, would die and claim rewards under level 101 and claim, die and claim. Then once all those where done I still had an hour to exp recovery all the deaths. I was able to save 12 of the glyphs.
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