If you have some form of Fade (you all do) Read.

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If you have some form of Fade (you all do) Read.

Post by Tarvas »

September Patch Preview
Aristo, post: 3324719, member: 89 wrote:What's one of the worst things about dying in EverQuest? For many of us it's having to reapply all of those clicky buffs that come on our gear. Ancestral Memories, Expanding Mind, Form of Defense, Grim Aura, Prismatic Ward. Every time you die you need to put all of those things back. It's kind of annoying. So we got rid of it.

Starting with the September 23rd Update, any time you use one of these "standard" item clicks, you will be given an appropriate passive AA that gives you the same effect, permanently. If you only wanted the stats from the buffs, you never have to activate the items again. If you decide you want to use the buff slots (to protect others from being dispelled, for example), you can still use your standard items to get "shadow" buffs that apply no effects but take up a slot. Here's a list of the lines that have been consolidated:

Ancestral Memories

Aura of Battle

Breath of Atathus

Expanding Mind

Form of Defense

Form of Endurance

Form of Protection

Form of Rejuvenation

Grim Aura

Might of Stone

Myrmidon's Skill

Prismatic Ward

Knowledge of the Past / Soothing Breath*

*You can only have one of Knowledge of the Past or Soothing Breath active at the same time. If you activate one you will deactivate the other.

Should you ever wish to get rid of your passive item effects, you can activate the new ability "Item: Disable Item Abilities" and all of your passives will be reset. You can then reuse your items to get back any lines that you want.

Not every line of buffs lent itself to this method, so the following lines of clicky buffs were converted to permanent duration effects that persist through death:

Aura of the Void

Essence of Ruaabri

Gnoll Reaver Fortitude

Gunthak Grit / Fortitude

Illusionary Spikes

Thorny Shield

We think you'll agree that these changes make life more convenient for everyone. Some of our changes, however, won't...

Fading Memories and Fling

We've been examining the meta-game and pulling isn't quite the challenge it used to be. One of the reasons for this are that several of the initially intended effects of the Fading Memories ability never worked the way they were intended to. We've re-worked the Fade effect in the following ways:

Fade currently applies a "hidden" effect to the caster when it is activated. This effect is permanent (except for rogues, on whom it immediately breaks if they're not sneaking) and can't be dispelled or wear off. We're changing it to apply an explicit buff when it's effective, and to not apply that buff if it fails. Not only will this let you see whether you're invisible or not directly, it will also allow us to apply different effects to different classes.
Fade has always had code that was intended to make the invisibility it offers fail if you were within 30 feet of NPCs that hate you. Unfortunately, that check never worked. Now it will, meaning that you must put a decent distance between yourself and the NPCs before you can become invisible.
While many of the spells we've used Fade on have specified a percentage of effectiveness, a bug meant that any Fade spell without a duration would ignore that percentage. We've found and fixed that bug as well, meaning that any Fade spell that was intended to have a less than 100% chance to remove hate now has that lower chance.
Fade effects now have the ability to be capped by level. The original abilities will be capped at level 75, and classes that have those abilities will have upgrades added to increase their caps with each level cap extension. From levels 75-105 the level cap on fade effects will be yellow con NPCs (your level + 2) for most classes and level +5 for certain classes (Bards, Monks, Rogues, Shadowknights, Rangers).

Fling effects have also been in heavy use in the past few years, and together with fade have made pulling any encounter almost trivial. We're also adding level limits to fling to combat this. Players will no longer be able to fling NPCs that are not below their level, meaning you will probably want to pull minions away from a boss now rather than the other way around.

We understand that the net results of these changes are going to make pulling harder to do in general, but that is the intent. By adding challenge back into the pulling game we can allow skilled players to once again separate themselves from the unskilled. We chose these particular methods over others (such as putting longer lockouts on them) because we want the abilities to remain useful in the majority of cases, but also we want to return some of the player skill to the pulling and aggro management game.

These changes will be included in the patch rolling out on September 23, 2015!
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Re: If you have some form of Fade (you all do) Read.

Post by Zantetsuken »

Well does changed pulling with Fade now atleast with Berserker, just making soloing harder now. Wonder if they will remove the stun from the zerk fade. That would be annoying if fade failed and stunned you.

Could change up raids a bit as DPS like to fully unload on a mob during burn time and end with a fade.
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Re: If you have some form of Fade (you all do) Read.

Post by Goofydoofy »

I have no idea wtf any of this means. I'll just keep using my clickies and being the unskilled player I am.
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Re: If you have some form of Fade (you all do) Read.

Post by Derdarr »

As to the clickies, basically it sounds like once you click them they become a permanent buff instead of wearing off. IF you need the "icon" on your buff bar to use for mobs that debuff you can still click the item but the icon on your buff bar is just a ghost.

For the fade part, until we see how it works in game it's really hard to say. I'm going to guess it'll make some pull's harder but until put into practice your guess is as good as mine.
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Re: If you have some form of Fade (you all do) Read.

Post by Harrington66 »

Not only fade will be changed. Fling will as well. Not sure if the changes will affect how we use this in the Doomscale Horde or Argen Hiz raids. I don't use this against mobs that are higher level than I anyway, however they have screwed up changes like this countless times.

In the forums for these changes, a few people bring up some great points. Not the least is these skills, are what offsets the fact that a lot of mobs in the last few expansions are immune to run speed changes or harmony. Personally that doesn't stop me from running my little ranger heart out, and losing that massive pull before they beat the crap out of me.

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Re: If you have some form of Fade (you all do) Read.

Post by Derdarr »

*** NPC ***

- Reviewed the majority of enemies in Call of the Forsaken and The Buried Sea zones with regards to immunity to runspeed changes, mesmerization, stun, lull, charm, and fear, and removed or relaxed restrictions on most NPCs.
- Some enemies have had their immunities to gravitate and fling abilities fixed so that these abilities will no longer attempt to cast rather than the abilities successfully casting and having no effect. This applies primarily to raid encounters and encounters in the Plane of War.

And as usual he said tbs instead of TDS :) This did not go live with the test patch, but these changes are going to happen.
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