Kiezer's conspiracy.

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"SAN DIEGO, May 14, 2011 - Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE) announced today that restoration of its game services will begin today. The phased restoration will include the return of nearly all of SOE's portfolio of online games, the reinstatement of SOE's game forums and websites, and added functionality to require players to reset their passwords."
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Kiezer's conspiracy.

Post by Micholi »

Sony is one of the largest international media and entertainment corporations, bested only by Viacom. These corporations know that the internet is their future. The government always has their hands in the mess and so naturally they help to pass new laws that achieve their goals as well.

I believe that media and government are going to be faking a lot more cyber attacks over the next couple years...this will lead to regulations on the internet. The current American and Canadian administrations have been calling for a tiered internet that would behave much like cable television. Shaw cable where I live in British Columbia has already forced it's customers into a useage based rate for an ISP. The monthly internet fees have doubled.

What better way to convince the next generation of kids to agree to internet regulations than to take their video games away from them now. While some may think i am out there, I base this on my understanding of Wuunt psychology and the Hegelian system of politics as well as the accumulation of reading various articles and watching current politics.

I listen to financial radio and watch stock markets daily. Already it is being suggested that government(s) will use this to help push for regulations...they will say it is a threat to the fragile economic recovery...once the servers are back up, they will announce that Sony has lost billions of dollars. That we need to protect ourselves and our economy.

Eyes and ears open.

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Re: Kiezer's conspiracy.

Post by Nlannie »

I for one welcome our new reptilian overlords
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Re: Kiezer's conspiracy.

Post by Jhereg »

I'm not new.
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Re: Kiezer's conspiracy.

Post by Goofydoofy »

"I listen to financial radio and watch stock markets daily."

That would be a problem.
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Re: Kiezer's conspiracy.

Post by Jaffod »

useage rates for US internet alreay exist for some providers and it is only a matter of time before they all do it
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Re: Kiezer's conspiracy.

Post by Praco »

Let the revolution begin, Conspiracy will continue to evade truth, we can calculate, we can asses assert and compile tell no end, but in the end it is still a conspiracy, and only the conspirators will know the truth.

I do see a price hike coming, they have there excuse and know that we are addicted,afflicted and will use that to get into our pockets, and well the government does govern, no matter what there hands will be in it to make there piece of the pie a better and bigger piece then they have now, Do I believe Kiezer ?

Well I cannot prove him wrong, and I don't have enough insight to deem him right.

But here is how I feel =>>>>

Yeah man
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