Dungeons and Dragons Online

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Dungeons and Dragons Online

Post by Haljordon » Tue Feb 21, 2006 12:35 pm

I've preordered DDo; I'll most likely start playing sometime this weekend. I'll probably be on the Argonnessen server. I'm hoping to be part of the somethingawful.com guild (don't visit this site unless you like to be offended). The server they pick could change.

If there is a signifigant CN presence on another server I'll definitely switch to you that. However the lack of a DDo thread leads me to think this will not be the case. I'll post more info as I get it.

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RE: Dungeons and Dragons Online

Post by Jaffod » Tue Feb 21, 2006 4:50 pm

I might give this game a look over, let us know how it is:)

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RE: Dungeons and Dragons Online

Post by Jhereg » Tue Feb 21, 2006 9:48 pm

Edit: I was wrong, checked the mail and it was the vanguard game they were thinking of last time they mailed me.

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RE: Dungeons and Dragons Online

Post by Ommina » Wed Feb 22, 2006 2:04 am

DDo looked interesting, until I found out that the combat is pretty much twitch oriented. Meh - if I wanted to play a shooter, I'd be playing a shooter.

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Post by Terranya » Wed Feb 22, 2006 2:19 am

I was in beta, didn't like it at all.

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Post by Twoofus » Wed Feb 22, 2006 5:39 am

Same here, tried it, didn't like it at all... Uninstalled it not much later...

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