Celestial Navigators-- Now in Guild Wars!

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Celestial Navigators-- Now in Guild Wars!

Post by Blackbane911 » Tue Jul 05, 2005 1:12 pm

Dear CN,

In my posted reply to Keldinaar's inquiry about Guild Wars, I mentioned how cool it would be if somebody would create Celestial Navigators in Guild Wars so that CN-grade nice peeps could form groups and explore that eye-candy world a bit. I decided that instead of waiting on the sidelines, I'd just do it myself. I registered CN as a guild in Guild Wars, and even blew a wad of my character's weath for a custom guild cape that all guildie toons would sport. Within the cape-design template, I came up with the closest design I could find to the pinkish/red compass on navy background CN design from this site.

You can see one of my toons sporting the CN cape here:


Anyway, I pulled the trigger on this not because I think I have the time or aptitude to really be a guildmaster, but more to secure the name "within the family" and to offer a guild home for other CN who are dabbling with GW on the side. GW seems to be sadly dominated by immature players, moreso than EQ, which is maddening at times because although you can play missions and quests with lower-level computerized henchmen if you wish, you really need other human-run toons for success. Unfortunately, GW is still basically social chaos where you have to weed through legions of toons with names and attitudes like "Iwill wtfpwnu" in order to find a Kaldolur, Jhereg, Silly, or Saphirone. Thank Innoruuk that I at least have several RL friends who play with me.

So basically, I just wanted to create a social and gameplay haven for any CN who are trying GW or playing on the side. GW is NOT a "career" mmorpg like EQ! There are no tradeskills (at least not yet), the variety of gear is minimal (to discourage L337ism in anything but play tactics/skill. Most importantly, GW is designed to minimize the grind, where people get to max level (20) fairly quickly, where accumulating additional skills in PvE and matching wits with other players in an arena (PvP) become the order of the day. A decent review of the game can be found here:


Many have described GW as a "companion" game-- something you can do on the side of your "career" MMORPG for some quick n dirty action if you only have a limited amount of play time or just want a change of pace. Since there's no monthly fee you can just dust it off now and again like you might a stand-alone PC game. At least in its present newborn form, GW cannot compare to EQ's years of development, 9+ expansions, countless interesting pieces of tradeskilled and dropped gear, lore, and intricacies of planar progression and raid tactics.

Unfortunately, it has been tough for me to do the "career" MMORPG thing anymore, but I still hope to get in on CN action when I can, especially with veteran rewards. Gigs, day job, wife, and kid get in the way :(

Anyway, any CN trying GW, please send me (as any of the following) a /whisper for a CN guild invite.

Blackbane Cutfixer
Nightarrow Starborn
Snivius Madmeddler
Getter Dunn

If we get several CN people who are into GW, I will pony up a little dough to get a teamspeak server up and running thru a hosting service so we could hear VOICES behind the toons anyway. TS software is free, btw.

Finally, if enough CN get into the game, and a more dedicated CNer is interested in being guildmaster, I am more than happy to turn over the reins! I am but a caretaker of the name Celestial Navigators.


Blackbane Darcmedic, Archon of Innoruuk, Grandmaster of Sarcasm, Eater of Too Many Cookies.
Yerb Sixpac, Mercenary of Albion, Gawaine server
Snivius Madmeddler, Mesmer/Elementalist Guild Wars

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