Mighty Keegan's Age of Essence

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Mighty Keegan's Age of Essence

Post by Freya » Thu Dec 29, 2005 8:53 pm

The snow drifts have frozen over and the winds of Everfrost grown stronger as Freya returns to Halas with her son Keegan. Another eleven moons have past since last they dewlt in Halas. The seasons have been filled with vigor as their chosen guild, their blessed family guild, Celestial Navigaotrs, have surpassed all others of Norrath. As Freya and child walk the icy cliffs they take delight in remebering the glories that have awarded Agrun, Balzzodor, Lachais, Artarian, Galarina, Silly and Goofydoofy in the Plane of Time... the might of wonder in the felling of Quarm and the other so called Gods... no gods to the strength of CN! Keegan laughs a hearty laugh as his mother retells the moment in Ikkinz when Saphirone was made speechless... a moment that still leaves many in disbelief!

As night falls they reach the walls of Halas... the torches blaze for their arrival, for it is a time embracing. Halas welcomes its brave and Freya has proven herself among its many. But tonight, is not about Freya's feats, no, tonight is a night of ritual. Tonight Freya must set her son on a path that all Barbarians must seek if they wish to hold true to the veiled ways of her people.

She makes a brief visit to her guild masters of the Heyokah to gather a few ancient alchemy supplies she will need, and then heads off to her cabin with her son. As she roars the fire and sets the herbs to meld, she turns to her son, sitting wrapped in a Feran hide, and speaks,

"Keegan, mighty Keegan, so much we have seen over the past moons. Lo, it seems only yester that I saw you take your first steps, and by the blessing of many, you can almost outrun me now! Ah the sights we have seen and the stories we have heard... " she trails off in thought for a moment.

"Tis true that many think we Barbarians are a simple people. Brutes and animals we have been called. " she moves to sit infront of him on the floor, "But you see my brave son, tis only because the Barbarians keep the secret of our souls concealed. We hold our secrets like Everfrost holds her own. We hold a secret that others know not of. The power of virtue. Everfrost's snow and ice are the tools of the Tribunal... the cleansing weapon of the unerring, for only those that evoke the warmth of the righteous in their hearts will prevail in these winds. And tis why our people have prospered in these icy slopes. "

A smile creeps upon Keegan face as his chest expands with pride. Freya too beams a smile to see her son so proud. She takes his broad shoulder in her hand and continues speaking.

"You my son, you have been blessed by the Tribunal and the Heyokah as the winds of Everforst have evoked the source of your spirit to carry you through these twenty months. Now, it is time, by rite of the Barbarian, to choose which path of glory you shall embrace."

Her hand slips away from his shoulder and a moment of calm overcomes her. Keegan looks at his mother with confusion as he still does not understand the meaning of this moment. She braces herself and continues.

"Keegan, aye my strength, my power, you have come upon the Age of Essence, lo you only be 20 moons, it is time for you to seek out what path you will walk. You are of mixed blood, Barbarian and Human, it may not be easy to find a path that seeks you as well, but you must. You must go in secret, you must seek out those of other studies, those of other races, you must emplore of them to show you the wonders of their paths, and they must do so in secret as well. No one, not even those you confied in must know the true purpose. Even you and I shall not speak of this again once it has begun."

Keegan's eyes widen, and a still comes over him. Freya sees this in her son and lays a hand on his shoulder to stregthen him.

"Be brave as you have been my son! You are not alone in this feat. Celestial Navigators is known throughout the lands... throughout all of Norrath to be the most generous of all guilds. Lo you are not yet of age to join their ranks, I have no doubt that through the family of CN you will find the path upon which to stride! At the next full moon we shall set off toward the Plane of Knowledge, from there, you must seek passage to the homelands of others and learn what blessings their paths have lent them. I can give you no further advice than to seek those that sense your spirit."

The air stirs about the cabin with these words. Keegan stands tall and and releases a roaring howl. Freya swoops her son in to her arms and lingers a moment looking at how he has grown. She places him close to the fire and then calls her guardian spirit Prowess to aid in the ritual of Rite... a spell allowing one to appear older and communicate in any language.


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