Of Stones that Turn

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Of Stones that Turn

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<<Small preamble.. on FV.. we would often do in character role plays.. this depicts the one that two friends and I did when we decided that it would be a ton of fun to play a High Elf Paladin and a Shadow Knight from Paineel.. and conjure a story. My bard "in character" wrote the song below when we were done.>>

Of Stones that Turn

Chapter One

of stones that turn, of blades that fall,
of ancient cities hidden deep
of dreams…old dreams in evil realms,
forbidden secrets sworn to keep

within the walls he watched and held
his silence close, to not betray
an unlocked cage, a burning rage
behind his ice veiled eyes of gray.

As he stood guard before the door,
The voices loud and strident heard
Old plots, and plans, and cruel demands,
His silence held, he said no word.

A stranger left the council hall
dim muffled in the twilight eve
in shimmer dark, he saw the mark
of Mithaniel Marr, as one did leave.

And as the night grew thicker, black,
He swore upon his mother’s death,
The false paladin, and all within
Would not survive his final breath.

Time cannot heal and blur all things,
His father slain, his mother’s cries
Then -to let him live, to service give,
Now careless words revealed their lies.

of stones that turn, of blades that fall,
of ancient wrongs, and vengeance sworn,
he drew his blade and promise made,
One would not live to greet the morn,


Chapter Two

of stones that turn, of fallen blades,
of bondage, and of dreams undone,
of death appointed, fate anointed,
One would not live to greet the sun,

Through fog of night, through forest dank,
He faded, hidden shadow stepped
Drawn by a fire, he could not tire
Then to the bedroll, stealthy crept.

Steel at the throat, to thus awake,
The paladin grew cold with fear,
This is your choice, hissed shaded voice,
There is a tale that I would hear…

Two and twenty years long past,
You did a service for Paineel
It costs, an eye, each time you lie,
Now, paladin, we have a deal?

So broken weeping, begging base,
The one of Marr confirmed the tale,
Of how for gold, a trust was sold,
Of two sacrificed by this betrayal.

"I let the child survive", he cried,
I preserved at least one life,"
"And he you saved, you sold as slave,"
Said he who held the knife.

"I am that child, trained by the dark,
In that brutal, deadly hall,
What god's cruel jest, that you confessed
And now, my blade will fall.

With contempt, and confidence,
He let the paladin arise
and let the lord, unsheathe his sword
"And on this day, lets see who dies."

And so they danced, a wicked dance
A thrust, a lunge, a fire
And song of blades rang in the glades
A dirge, a funeral pyre.

And this I vow, said shaded youth,
That I will take your place,
And prove the right, my worth as knight
As you vanish, without trace,

I will walk free within your halls,
but now... you will depart
And misstep, and the blade did find
The paladins cruel heart.

of stones that turn, of promises,
Of those that once in chains walk free,
Of burdens born, and vengeance sworn,
Of fate, and what will ever be.

And so the Shadowed Knight now walks,
And thus the game of houses played,
And unfilled still, his oath to kill
The others of the fallen blade.


Chapter Three

of stones that turn, of blades that fall,
of dreams to be a knight,
to turn his back on the dark track
to conscious, choose the light.

He saw her face, he knew it well,
She walked his every dream,
She was, so fair, he could but stare,
To see her in the waking realm.

As was his wont, he come to watch,
The knights train, so to learn,
No paladin had time for him
But soon, he’d have his turn.

She practiced with the other knights,
Frustrated in her role,
He noted they but made it play,
And mocked her combat goal.

He watched them parody her fights
And tweek her hair so red
Why let you train, quipped the refrain
For soon you will be wed.

And as she left, so angry, flushed,
in all her Koada'dal pride,
He touched her arm, to her alarm,
And drew her to one side.

His eyes, like fires banked and deep,
His voice to thrill, compel
She was undone, she could not run,
Held fast in some strange spell,

“You are mine, my destiny,
I am your lord and knight,
Its meant to be, you’ll learn from me
Then together, serve the light”

She was of a house, a noble house,
Deemed a very worthy catch
With riches made in bazaar trade,
Her father chose her match.

But none of this was known to him,
He only knew her face
That by his side this maid would bide,
Her future, fate, her place.

“Yes” she said, a simple word,
And left all else behind,
As she took his hand, she made her stand.
And their lives entwined.

of stones that turn, of blades that fall,
of dreams, of love, of doom
Of a shadowed knight, who sought the light,
and fates woven on the loom.

Chapter Four

of stones that turn, of choice, of fate
of gods that make cruel jests
of duty's calls, of prison walls,
of curses, love and quests.

She came not to the practice ground,
He waited long, in vain,
Blade in hand, on the dark sand,
Beneath the cold slow rain.

For seven days the knight had trained
the lady to the sword
to parry, thrust, to earn her trust
and this? his just reward?

He knew no soft and pretty words,
He knew no gentle touch,
but as they fought, and as he taught,
His eyes revealed so much.

A paladin then swaggered up,
"Begone, she'll come no more,
laughed, "We all knew, she's not for you,
Crawl back to your sad hole."

"At dawn tomorrow she'll be claimed,
By one with gold and might,
And in his bed, once she is wed,
She'll find what sword fits right."

His fist, without control, lashed out,
and caught the other's face,
He turned to go, and in voice low
Said "My thanks, your grace.".

He knew her house, he'd marked it well,
Her window barred and high,
Guard at the gate, as it grew late,
Storm clouds obscured the sky.

And as the thunder crashed and broke,
He used its sound to hide,
His body's fall, he scaled the wall,
And then, he was inside,

He gathered shadows to his form,
His quest, to hear her say,
By her own voice, was this her choice?
His eyes were steel, and gray.

At her door, a guard, asleep,
Lock picked, he slipped inside,
She turned around, yet made no sound,
Her eyes flew open wide,

Her hair unbound, hair molten flame
Her face so tight and pale
She breathed his name, "My Lord, you came"
"Alas, you missed the sale"

Her voice was soft, so bitter soft,
"For I've been sold you see,
Some coin, some land, a trade route planned,
This is the worth of me"

"My father points my duty clear,
As he chooses my spouse,
Though I refused, to be thus used,
To benefit our house,

So my father called a mage
I know not which is worse,
One who would buy, such as I,
Or one who bought the curse.

"The buyer set his hands on me,
The mage chanted his rite
He of these hands, my soul commands,
Upon my wedding night."

"My lord, know this, my fathers greed,
Has now ensured my doom,
Before such as he, will thus own me,
I will seek out my tomb."

And from her breast, she drew a vial
Of poison, serpent green,
"At least, your Grace, it will be your face,
The last that I have seen."

He knew, no soft and pretty words,
No courtly turn of phase,
He said only "No, this wont be so"
His deep eyes held her gaze,

Then turned and left, in shadow haste,
To leave her wonder at his powers,
To dread the dawn, yet, choose to live on,
And slowly count the hours.

Chapter Five

of stones that turn, of evil spells,
of long cold hours in wait
of poison vials and deadly trials,
of twists and turns in fate.

the morning sun crept to her bed
were it but in her power
to run, to hide, but this denied
to freeze and stop the hour.

they dressed her like a bride, a prize,
thin mask upon her pain,
in satin-ed lace, each layer in place,
each layer like a chain.

he did not come, her knight, her lord,
it mattered not, the rest,
she had no fear, the poison near,
close burning by her breast

but still, she stayed her hand, faint hope,
and clinging yet to life
until the brink, then - to rather drink
than be the merchant's wife.

at last within the church she stood,
a statue oh so pale,
to wait her groom, the green, cold doom
face iced beneath her veil.

she felt a beast on the butchers block,
betrayed, and helpless, dumb
those waiting stirred, a restless herd,
when would the merchant come?

the father smirked, his hands just twitched,
to count his new won gold,
it had gone well, thanks to the spell,
she'd do as she was told.

a noise! the thunder of dark hooves,
he rode into that hall,
the shadowed knight, sword shining bright,
"Good day, I bid you all"

and from his back, a blood soaked cloth,
two objects, soaked in gore,
plump, doughy things, still wearing rings,
fell out, and on the floor.

"Mage, I thank you for your spell,
the wording to define,
he of these hands, her soul commands,
and now these hands are mine."

"This is the day my lady weds,
and she will take my name,
the merchants price, for now will suffice,
But follow - you pay the same."

So swift, he leaned, and swung her up,
behind him on his steed,
"I cannot stay, to watch you prey,
In this temple of cold greed"

and like the passing of a storm,
swift, the lovers fled,
a wandering priest, her soul released,
so thus the two were wed,

her father swore, and searched in vain,
but they were lost, to song,
so drink to quests, and fates small jests,
and love that rights the wrong.

so bards still sing tales of this deed
through out the common lands
of hearts love earned, and stones that turned
of the merchant's severed hands.

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Re: Of Stones that Turn

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