How Paineel came to worship Cazic Thule

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How Paineel came to worship Cazic Thule

Post by Jaia » Sat Oct 12, 2013 7:54 pm

Bring an ale and clear a space,
I’ll tell a tale of a sad race,
How long ago in an lost place,
Old Cazic Thule quite lost his face…

Brislebane met Thule one day,
While looking for a trick to play,
“Hey Ho Caz, you’re looking gray,”
Says Thule, “Things just aren’t going my way”

“I wanted some to praise my name,
So got in the creation game,
My a first attempt, but just all the same,
I gotta tell you, Trolls are lame.”

“So next I took an appetite,
And pride and anger mixed with fright,
Wrapped it in a scaleskin tight,
The Iksar turned out… kind of right.”

“But then old Inny raised the pot,
He made this evil, blueskinned lot,
And am I happy? I am not!
Cause damn those inkie fems are hot.”

“Iksar, while they have cold dead eyes,”
“And pointy teeth, and hideous crys,
“Have one small flaw”, here Cazic sighs,
“You cannot tell the girls from guys”

“No problems Thuly!” cried the knave
“I’ve got a very easy save,
This problem is not dire or grave
And yes… of course I will behave”

So Bristlebane went to Paineel,
And taught a lady there to kneel
He knew just what form would appeal,
Just one small thing did he conceal.

Ole Cazic cried out with great glee,
“You mean this chick will worship me?
Just wait, this Inny’s got to see!
I’ll even pay a finders fee!”

Smiled Bristlebane, “Nay that’s okay”
“Twas nothing, glad to make your day?
Saying, just before he ran away,
“Now, Priestess, show him how you pray…”

Well while the Odus maid was mute,
She admittedly, did look quite cute,
But her voice! Worse than an untuned lute,
And …how she prayed, beyond refute

It was the longest most verbose and boring and tedious prayer that Cazic had ever experienced in all the days and ages of his existence and it appeared to be totally lacking in punctuation clarity precision logic or any inherent harmony and was full of long and indigestible words and tortuous phrases and went on and on and on and on and on

The trick that Bristlebane did play,
Made Cazic lose his face that day
And worse, Paineel won’t go away,
And Thule still has to hear them pray.

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Re: How Paineel came to worship Cazic Thule

Post by Eweden » Sun Oct 12, 2014 4:02 pm


Very well done!

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Re: How Paineel came to worship Cazic Thule

Post by Goofydoofy » Mon Oct 13, 2014 5:03 am

Someone has been hitting the sauce.
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