Gnomish shopping list...

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Gnomish shopping list...

Post by Bolwyn » Tue Jan 25, 2005 10:03 am

Like most of us, Silly keeps an eye out for items to fill any empty inventory spot available. Sometimes, she actually finds someone who wants the stuff :wink:
Anyway, I put together a shortish list of tinkering items for her (and anyone else who loves me) to look out for. I left off anything that can be vendor purchased, easily found in bazaar, or not worth your space. I also noted the end item it could be used to make in case anyone needs an item made. * denotes the rarer stuff. Happy stuff collecting!

*raw infused dark matter - full capacity vanishing device, class 6 mana batteries
raw dark matter - class 1-5 mana batteries

Ice Giants
*diamond dust - gem cutter

steel ball bearing - minimizing/maximizing device
innovative clockwork bolts - nightmarewood compound bow
innovative clockwork gears - ditto
knuckle joint - crab cracker
silicorrosive grease - greasy diamond of innovation
clockwork carapace - wok
clockwork grease - planar bow cams
*chunk of wind metal - featherwood compound bow
*chunk of e'cian ice - primordial driftwood compound bow

*icy gelidran hide - ice cream churn
*severed feran tentacle - ice cream churn, collapsed distillery
any magnetic armors from OoW (broken, bent, mangled, etc.) - Throwing Knife Stamper, Perpetual Motion Device

block of living granite - clockwork observer gauntlets
*haze panther eye - half/full capacity gnomish vanishing device, clockwork observer breastplate
holgresh wing - clockwork observer greaves
glob of tar - clockwork observer bracer
sifaye dust - clockwork observer helm
faun hoof - clockwork observer boots

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Post by Bobbert » Tue Jan 25, 2005 11:02 am

I think I have some of this stuff in the bank, Bolwyn. I will look if I can get a chance to log on tonight. I know for a fact I have mana batteries as I have been saving some up to give Silly and others.

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Post by Silly » Tue Jan 25, 2005 11:26 am

*chunk of wind metal - featherwood compound bow
This is used in the Aid Grimel tradeskill quest, if anyone makes any of these windmetal bow cams, please oh please mention it for those in guild working on earring. These parts are very hard to get one's hands on.

Also, I think I *may* have some of that ice from plane of water. I did use a bunch of stuff from there to make a bow once for resale (needed badly to buy spells, Lol)...but I had some leftovers and may still have them hiding out in bank somewhere. I will check hun ;)

Thanks for the list!

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