Want things to up your DPS?

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Want things to up your DPS?

Post by Girrin » Wed Sep 22, 2010 3:23 pm

So between my rogue and my shaman i can make things for both melee and casters that will increase your dps. Melee dps i can make Spider's Bite poisons, to make those i need Nivgriventer Venom. For tanks i can make Scorpion's Agony poisons, for that i need Gormar Venom. Both of those just give you a buff that lets you proc the poison, up to 60 procs per poison. For casters i can make Tonics, these have a chance to fire for extra damage off the spells you cast, lasts 30min. Most tonics are resist specific, there is one that will work on all resists but is less damage then the others. For the lvl 80 tonics i need Aderirse Burs, lvl 85 i need Cosgrove Powder.

I already make poison for raids when i can, which isn't often, but tonics i don't because of the specific resists. If you collect the dropped components id be happy to make them for you just let me know what you want. Poison supplies put in the guild bank i put to my "community" stash, i collect them till i have a enough to hand out at a raid so if you want them for yourself, sent me a tell and give them to me directly.

Even if you have no interest in the poisons, still collecting the drops and putting them in the bank will help raids out because of the extra dps. Thank you to those of you who are collecting the supplies it just takes so long to get enough to hand them out on raids. If you need additional info, feel free to send me a tell. I'd be happy to fill you in.

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Re: Want things to up your DPS?

Post by Goofydoofy » Thu Sep 23, 2010 5:46 am

If I increase my current DPS, my head will explode!
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Re: Want things to up your DPS?

Post by Meso » Thu Sep 23, 2010 8:36 am

Goofydoofy wrote:If I increase my current DPS, my head will explode!
not drips per squeeze . . .

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