Hold on to your sewing kits, folks! (hammers, vials, etc..)

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Hold on to your sewing kits, folks! (hammers, vials, etc..)

Post by Bolwyn » Tue Apr 18, 2006 9:20 pm

From a write up on EQTraders discussing FanFaire tradeskill topics.
These are just a few I cut-n-pasted that i thought were more interesting.

1. What progress has been made in fixing skill-up path issues in tailoring and fletching?
Fletching has gotten some significant improvements in skillup options with PoR, and the devs feel this is sufficient for the moment – which isn’t to say that there won’t be more improvements in the future, mind you.

Tailoring is scheduled to receive a total, top-to-bottom overhaul with the next expansion, much like Alchemy got with this PoR. Hopefully, that will address and alleviate the many problems in Tailoring. It’s also planned for smithing and poison-making to get overhauls soon. Smithing may make it into this next expansion; poison making probably will not. In the long term, the devs plan to revamp all the tradeskills in a similar manner.

2. What plans do you have for new and more interesting arrows?
The developers made it clear that more powerful arrows will not be made available until a code patch is made to remove the effect of Endless Quiver on some arrows. Simply put, arrows more powerful than what’s out there today would be too powerful if they weren’t consumed on use. This is the code patch that held up the Bane arrows for DoDH – the arrows would have effectively been 18 damage against the specific bane mobs, and that level of damage is too strong unless the arrows are consumed. Once the code patch to bypass EQ for selected arrows is in place, the developers are not averse to adding in new arrows with more damage or nifty effects.

3. Could we please revisit the idea of rotating stock on vendors?
I spoke to several developers about the topic, and all agreed this would be an easy enough change to make, though the error-checking logic would have to be reviewed (like what happens if you click on an item that happens to be the oldest, intending to buy it, then someone else sells a different item, causing the one you selected to poof). Apparently the merchant code still uses much of the original programming, which has numerous quirks that need special handling. (The devs mentioned, for example, that merchants with INT below a certain number are not “smart enough” to resell items they buy from players, while those with a swimming skill of nine have particular attributes … really weird anomalies from the very early days of the game.)

Additionally, Maddoc said he would try to get it added to the list of “small stuff a programmer could do quickly while between bigger projects” (henceforth referred to as the Quick List – my name for it, and not a direct quote).

4. Could we please get some way to make celestial essence in bulk?
In the time-honored tradition of quick fixes everywhere, Ngreth plans to do some copy/paste magic to add some new bulk recipes for stuff people make a lot. He mentioned that most likely, CE will get a way to make it three at a time, probably by having a new vendor component instead of Celestial Solvent, then using three of the same rune/word/research component/whatever. Ngreth implied that since it’s a glorified copy/paste routine, it wouldn’t take too long, but again, no official timeline for it.

5. There was a question about making Omens spells researchable, and the devs said it was planned to make them researchable at some point in the future. My impression was that this was at least one expansion away, if not more, so don’t hold your breath. =)

6. There was an interesting discussion about tributing attunable items. Basically, the devs hold that no-drop items in general should not be part of the economy, which means no way to transfer to another player, and no “residual value” so to speak – in other words, when you’re done with a no-drop item, the only option should be to destroy it. (As a side note, the devs will look into why some Omens no-drop items can be turned in for guild tribute; this is not intended.) Ideally, the devs would like non-attuned items to be tributable, while attuned ones would have zero tribute value. However, the game doesn’t currently support this. As a result, all attunable items have zero tribute value.

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