Further OoW augment upgrading

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Further OoW augment upgrading

Post by Sabrebane » Mon Oct 18, 2004 3:57 am

I to would like to volenter my services.
If you would like a mark etched into you augment after it has been cut (marks add effects like mana preservation, ferocity, and haste) just give me a shout and I'll be happy to try the combine.
I have 252 skill in making poison and while I havent put any aa's into raising it further I do have some unspent points that I could throw into it if there turns out to be a demand for them.
After you have an cut and etched aug and if you really want to go the extra mile with it i can also inlay the stone for you which will increase the power of the effect depending on what kind if inlay you use (inlays are made by smithing cant really help ya there ) for example :
if you used a Mark of Virility when you etched the stone, it will have the effect Burning Affliction 3. Adding a white gold inlay will make this Burning Affliction 4 (and remove the "minor" from the name). If you instead add a black gold inlay, it will become Burning Affliction 5 (and replace "minor" with "pure" in the name).
Keep in mind these all do have a high trivial rate but the nice thing about the inlay part is even on failure you get the augment back where as you will not if you fail on the cutting or etching part

P.S. the examples above are from EQTraders there is a ton of info I found there if you want to learn more

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Post by Ryanakris » Mon Oct 18, 2004 10:38 pm

Wow that's awesome Sabre and to think, I sold an aug I got soloing for little or nothig not knowing you could do that :oops: It very well may have been a good aug for someone in the guild to have...sheesh, I will think twice about them now. /em BONKS herself :lol:

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