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Post by Torizzt » Mon Oct 31, 2005 4:13 pm

Hello everyone ....Im working blacksmithing atm and Im at 222 ..if you have any of the following items you would like me to combine and hope for a skill up and to actually make the item for you or you would just like to donate them I would appreciate it very much.All combines for guildies are allways free. I know some of these items sell for a few $K but Im a woodelf and would like to eventually make some of the nice GM armor and would like to work my smithing up.I dont have alot of coin or room or time to do the million subcombine for the sickle route so any and all help is appreciated.

Bazu Blooc

Bazu Skin

Tanned Damaged Bazu Skin

Damaged Bazu Skin

Pyrilen Flame

Tanned Ruined Bazu Skin

Ruined Bazu Skin

Pristine Bazu Skin

Tanned Bazu Skin

Any Broken / Twisted / Cracked / Worn / Damaged / Splintered / Smashed / Dented / Bent / Mangled / Gashed ....Magnetized Armor Pieces.

Any help is allways greatly appreciated

Thanks Torizzt

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Post by Aubrianna » Mon Oct 31, 2005 8:27 pm

First, what you should do before you waste any rare components, do the Aid Grimel smithing quest over and over. You need to have the flag for killing Bertox and all pre-flags, but its about 3pp-ish per combine and can take you to 227....5 skill points might not seem much, but compared to like shadowscream (about 10 hours worth of farming for 5 skill ups), or expensive combines (mistle toe cutting sycles (sp) for about 4k per skill up if your lucky). Only takes about 2 hours or so of running laps from the Smithing Building to the top of the Library (you'll prob die a few times of the elevator, I did lol).

But that is the easiest way for the next 5 skill ups for yourself. I'd do that before anything else right now.

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Post by Szork » Tue Nov 01, 2005 5:20 am

I used Shadowscream to get to 250, and I never found it as painful as some claimed. Mind you, my tactic was kind of fun:

Run around the entire camp, gathering about ... oh... say 50-60 mobs. Then run over to the boxed wizard (hehe, thanks Sid!)... KABOOOOOOOM! Loot up, then go AFK 15min to wait on respawn. FUN!

Getting the swirling shadows was still a pain, but there were quite a few more lvl 10 cats in Mistweavers when I did smithing. I brought some twink gear with me and gave it away, then asked for help farming $$ Tom Sawyer style!

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Post by Cicak » Tue Nov 01, 2005 5:40 am

I second that.

Shadowscream isn't all to bad. I do the farming while being LFG and hang there till somebody picks me up ..

Takes longer than focusing on it .. but well .. it gives me something to do other than just waiting in guildhall for the invite to happen. And over time I get the stuff for another 100 combines.

Rinse and repeat
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