Iksar DoN armours - level 15 and 35 versions

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Iksar DoN armours - level 15 and 35 versions

Post by Jhereg » Tue Jul 19, 2005 12:00 am

I can make most of the iksar journeyman and expert armours if anyone needs for their alts and brings me various components. The titles are Mistwoven (necro), Shadowrise (monk/beastlord), Trooper (war/sk), Twoscale(shaman).

My chances on journeyman armour should be high, on expert it should be decent though the breastplate/legs arne't quite trivial yet. I don't need any of it for skill raises btw, just offering since I reached this level.

The stuff is all searchable on lucy.allakhazam.com by entering "expert's shadowrise" or another of the names above for the armour piece.

The symbols are searchable there by looking for "symbol of terror" on lucy.allakhazam.com.

Master's armour btw, I'd likely fail 1/3rd or more of the combines so not worth wasting your time even since some components are rare.

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