UF Progression checklist-only needs tier 9

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UF Progression checklist-only needs tier 9

Post by Giff » Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:28 pm

Brell's Rest
[ ]Gnoll Who Your Friends Are (shared task) from Berrina Saltidnarik
[ ]Clash of the Kobolds (shared task) from Berrina Saltidnarik
[ ]Gnoll With the Punches (shared task) from Berrina Saltidnarik
[ ]Don't Fear the Destroyer (group instance) from Algera Chindlebolt

Cooling Chamber
[ ]It's Getting Hot in Here! (solo task) from Thorbin the Elder
[ ]Still Too Hot to Handle! (solo task) from Thorbin the Elder
[ ]Goos Gone Wild (solo task) from Thorbin the Elder
[ ]Investigate the Dead (solo task) from Rodrick Cleanheart
[ ]Hunt the Dead (solo task) from Rodrick Cleanheart
[ ]Tasnise Underbelly (group instance) from Rodrick Cleanheart

Pellucid Grotto
[ ]Filling the Repository (shared task) from Magnite Ordinator Bammor
[ ]A Many-Faceted Dilemma (shared task) from Kronk Kollus
[ ]A Delicate Matter (solo task) from Kronk Kollus
[ ]Seeding Frenzy (group instance) from Tronten the Subnexus

Tier 7:
The Underquarry
[ ]Chaos in the Stonequarry (solo task) from Clontik Beardburner
[ ]Unrest in the Metal Mines (solo task) from Clontik Beardburner
[ ]An Alternative Explanation (solo task) from Clontik Beardburner
[ ]Mercurial Metal (solo task) from Peramin Longbottle
[ ]Overheated Production (solo task) from Clontik Beardburner
[ ]Scent of a Woman (group instance) from Tenkar Everhot

The Foundation
[ ]Scouting for Land (solo task) from Dorillis
[ ]Harvest of Sorrow (solo task) from Dorillis
[ ]Cliknar Clay (solo task) from Trullica
[ ]Feet of Clay (solo task) from Trullica
[ ]Rock the Worlds (solo task) from Trullica
[ ]The Search for Saunk (group instance) from Darott

[ ]Abandon All Hope (solo task) from Mardan Howlinblade
[ ]For Those Who Have Fallen (solo task) from Mardan Howlinblade
[ ]A Desperate Deed (shared task) from Mardan Howlinblade
[ ]Of Like Minds (solo task) from A Darkhollow Sporekin
[ ]The Cost of Individuality (solo task) from A Darkhollow Sporekin
[ ]Finding Your Faith (solo task) from Garn Ironfist
[ ]To Serve Sporali (group instance) from Grogald Elderhammer

Tier 8:
Kernagir, the Shining City
[ ]Is it Contagious? (solo task) from Schelly Starflight
[ ]Where Did it Come From? (solo task) from Schelly Starflight
[ ]Sifting for Clues (solo task) from Schelly Starflight
[ ]The Scrying Game (solo task) from Schelly Starflight
[ ]The Silent Schism (group insance) from Dvalger Quickwrench

Lichen Creep [ ]The Grand Experiment (shared task) from Inventor Biddlebokk
[ ]The Experiment Begins (solo task) from Inventor Biddlebokk
[ ]What Could Go Wrong? (solo task) from Inventor Biddlebokk
[ ]Bonfire of the Adherents (group instance) from Gweddon Tinkertasker

Fungal Forrest [ ]Fate of the Telmira (solo task) from Adeena
[ ]Gathering of Essentials (solo task) from Orgus Shrivstem
[ ]Seeds for the Waterstalkers (solo task) from Excrug Shrivstem
[ ]Salvation of Spores from (solo task) Deagus the Fungrotect
[ ]Fungal Bloom (group instance) from Adeena

Brell's Temple
[ ]Laws of Physics from (solo task) Gotonur
[ ]This Mahic Moment from (solo task) Gotonur
[ ]Give My Creation... Life! (solo task) from Gotonur
[ ]Fire in the Hole (group instance) from Gotonur

Tier 9??????

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