Tsekande's Siggy Show and Tell (Graphic Intense!)

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Tsekande's Siggy Show and Tell (Graphic Intense!)

Post by Tsekande » Sun Nov 06, 2005 9:34 am

Okies, I figured this shouldn't be a big issue so I decided to do a show and tell. I started making siggies when I was playing SWG (it was a great game until the devs started wanting to copy WoW - the bastards) and I even get contacted to do siggys for other games like Eve Online.

There's no charge for me to make any of you all one. Since this was having to deal with siggys, I figured the "Test" section would be aptly the right spot for this!

Here's some of the ones I've done for SWG, starting with mine first:


Wow, a siggy I had back when I did play both EQ2 and SWG (don't play them now!):


Then for some friends:



This one is the one I did for a friend who plays Eve Online:


And here's one I did recently for a friend in Guardians of the Throne:


Just some pointers:

Bare in mind I usually don't crank these out in one day - and probably going to go back to having the orginal format to 100x500 (SWG ones) or 200x500 like my current one. The most fun part is cleaning up the picture so that the character can be used in any type of background - screenshot or something I artsied up.

Picking on Skaria here, this is the screenshot:


And using Photoshop, this how I get them all nice for a siggy and I keep it in .psd (photoshop) but to display what it looks like on the forums I had to change it to a .gif. (I tend to work big - for it's easier to shrink then to enlarge and keep it looking nice!)


I will own up, I've done tougher ones to clean up - but it's like shooting myself in the foot if I don't wisely choose an area for a screenshot that is contrasts with the person. Nexus tends to be a good spot IMO as long as I'm not dealing with someone with undyed metal armor. LOL

Feel free to post comments, etc...
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Post by Xril » Sun Nov 06, 2005 10:16 am

Really nice work!

I especially like your current sig, the grouping and the background.
Just wanted to compliment you on a fine job. :)
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Post by Terranya » Sun Nov 06, 2005 1:03 pm

Love them Tsekande! Can't wait to see how you do with TNT!

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