Treehuggar - 66 Druid

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Treehuggar - 66 Druid

Post by Galarina » Tue Nov 09, 2004 10:35 pm

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i know i messed this up sorry,but ill try my best to answer most the questions
my char is treehuggar
class is a druid
lvl is 66 almost 67
he is my main dont have any other chars i play
i have lodi shield as an eb item
i have emp key,hos,seb think thats it i have 108 aa atm
i have clicky bp for regan
things i enjoy about my class is i can solo for the most part but id rather grp tho soloin gets borin an id rather help my friends or fellow guildies
i have played eq for over 4 yrs now i have played mny classes an races not that im an expert i still have tons of things to learn
the guilds i have been in are catnip crusaders i was leader at 1 point i was there to help build the guild but it never really got off the ground i gave the guild back to a friend an went to lord of dragons i was in there for awhile then femm wasnt on for a long time so i left becuz of no leadership an ppl where leavin an then i joined mark of vengege thats where most LOD ppl went i quit eq for alil while an let a friend use my toon an he deguilded me went to bound by trust for a month or 2 lotta ppl were leavin the guild cuz the leader had left so i went guildless so here i am lookin for a guild that works together an has leadership i have grped with mny of the CN members they have helped me over the past yr finish my 8th shawl,complete my emp key an shard hunt i know ryanakris an akgriz an afew other members of CN i grp with them as much as possible last few days i have helped with shards an emp keys i enjoy helpin when ever it is possible but id just like to find a place to call home an a to play with a family orintaned guild i also have epic an workin on 1.5 epic thnx treehuggar 66 dru of vaz

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Post by Ryanakris » Tue Nov 09, 2004 10:58 pm

Great to see your app here Tree! Woot! Hugs! :D

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Post by Silly » Wed Nov 10, 2004 9:10 am

Hi Tree! I've had fun with you both times we've got to group :) Hope to see you around again!


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Post by Pohl » Thu Nov 25, 2004 6:49 pm

I grouped with Treehugger a few days ago in a Droga Task group with TS and a few others. I think I've also grouped with him on a few other occasions with either Pohl or Drdeath. The group was in no way under any dificulties and he didnt talk a whole lot, but he did his job and with 3 or more of us off tanking. I would say he did well keeping all of us in good health. Maybe the fact that the group did run so smoothly is a testiment to his abilities. I gotta get him in to some tougher situations but he's got my vote so far.

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