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CN Rules and Policies - Required Reading for all Applicants

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Please take the time to read this entire post. It defines who we are, our rules, what the requirements and minimum levels are for joining, how to app, etc.

Updated 7/26/19

Celestial Navigators - Casual but Professional

Casual - We often refer to ourselves as a family. We value the quality person behind the toon more than how often you play or what gear you have. Our main goal is to have fun together, make friendships and enjoy the game - while at the same time we strive to work together to make our guild stronger, accomplish new goals, and take on harder mobs.

We realize that real life is more important than the game. Real life always comes first. This is what separates us from pure "raid guilds". We do not expect you to log on every night of the week, and we do not have mandatory raids. We are not, and do not plan on becoming a "raid guild". However, we enjoy raiding quite often, and always encourage participation.

Professional - We may be a casual guild, but that doesn't mean we slack off. As a member of CN, you are expected to participate in the guild and be actively helping other members. While we don't have mandatory raids, and we don't expect members to attend every raid, we still expect everyone to participate in the guild.

Members are also expected to use the message boards. This website is our primary means of communication. Players don't log in to the game every day, so it becomes very important to communicate with the guild here, where everyone can read it at their own leisure.

Perhaps most importantly, you are expected to act in a mature, professional manner consistent with our family atmosphere. Causing issues or drama CAN have you removed from CN. We expect members to listen to and respect the leadership, and work together in teamwork. It is important to remember that there is a real person behind each toon, and that each person deserves to be treated with respect. You are a representative of our guild and that does not disappear just because you are not at a guild raid or in a guild group. Topics of conversation that are unacceptable in guild chat due to sensitivity are: drugs, religion, politics, political matters, sexual content, or any confrontation type subjects. IF you wish to engage in such topics of conversation do so in the appropriate channel (will be given at time of membership) or take it to tells, or make your own private channel.

The principle of being casual but professional applies to everything we do. The following guild rules and guidelines are all derived from this principle.
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Rules of Conduct

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Rules of Conduct
You are expected to act in a mature, professional manner consistent with our family atmosphere in all situations.

Leadership - The officers, raid leaders and class officers have put a lot of time and effort into maintaining the guild and helping us grow. It is ok to disagree with the leadership, but it is never ok to be disrespectful. We expect all members to show respect to the people in positions of leadership. During a raid, it is never ok to argue with the raid leader.

The officers are trying to do what is best for the guild. We value guild input and suggestions, however it is impossible to please everyone. Once a decision is made, it is final. If you cannot let it drop, post under the constructive criticism thread. Rants are not tolerated in this guild - keep it polite and constructive.

Members - It's important to remember that there is a real person behind each toon, and that each person deserves to be treated with respect. We do not tolerate rude or insulting language of any kind. Never use guild chat for arguments or disagreements, take it to tells. If you have an issue with another member and cannot resolve it yourself, you may ask an officer to get involved. They will create a channel or send tells to resolve the issue.

Try to greet guild members when they sign on and off in guild chat. This only takes a moment and it can make members feel welcome and comfortable. When exping, try to group with guild members if possible. We are here to help each other out. It is more important to get to 100 in a year and still have friends in the guild than get there in 4 months and realize you have no friends and no one your level to hunt with.

You are a representative of our guild and that doesn't disappear just because you're not at a guild raid or in a guild group. Members should wear their guild tag proudly (NO /anon please) and act in the same manner toward everyone else that they do toward guildmates.

Do not engage in trading petty insults with other players over /ooc or /shout. If you have a problem, talk to their guild leader or ask an officer in CN for advice on what to do.

If you choose to run a casino, please do so on a non guilded alt. Casinos often stir up conflict, whether justified or not, and we don't want it associated with our guild name.

Ninja looting and kill stealing are not acceptable behaviors and may result in deguilding. This applies to both guild events and non guild events.

In General, we expect our members to be competent, quality players who are always trying to improve. We don't expect you to know everything. The most important thing is being willing to listen and learn. Pay attention at raids and in groups. If you don't understand something, ask your group leader. Learn about the other classes. Ask questions from other members or higher levels in your class. Read advice about your class on the guild website. There are plenty of resources. Use them!

Guildchat Behavior
In keeping with our family-guild atmosphere, it is necessary that certain guidelines govern our guildchat, raidchat and other guild-created channels (such as the application channel). Therefore, the use of swear words (spelled correctly or intentionally misspelled so that the badword filter will not catch them), abbreviations (such as "omfg" and "stfu", etc.), innuendos (sexual, bigoted, chauvinistic, etc.), and any other questionable language, suggestive or otherwise, will not be tolerated. Conversation pertaining to religion or politics is also not acceptable, due to the drama it causes and can take away from others game play. If you feel the need to participate in such conversations and use this type of language, please do so in /tells or in a chat channel (goofys:goats) or one that you create yourself that is not directly connected with Celestial Navigators.
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Raid Rules

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General Raid Info: Normally, CN raids every Tues, Wed, and Sat evenings starting at about 8pm EST. The raid leaders may make schedule changes as needed, and occasional additional events are thrown in on non-raid night. Raiding is not mandatory, but encouraged.
Raiding - CNP - Changing Main Character
(Please note: If you are approached by Guild Management to consider playing another character for the good of the guild or Raid, the below does not apply - and thank you for your consideration!)

To provide a more predictable and steady raid roster, raiding Main character changes will be considered on a case-by-case basis only, and will be heavily weighed against the needs of our current raid roster and progression, with Guild Management voting to allow or deny the request based on need.

This rule is intended for Guild Members that wish to replace their declared raiding Main character with another of similar capability and development, and receive normal CNP while raiding as this character.

•The "New Guild Smell" clause: Within the first 35 CNP earned after being accepted into the guild, we will more readily consider allowing a new Main to be declared so long as this proposed Main is a class open for recruiting at the time of the request, the proposed Main is of similar role and development level as the current Main, and this Alt was properly declared on or during your application process. This is still considered case-by-case and according to need.

Including the low-CNP swap described above, Main character changes are to be considered a 'one time only' event until a reasonable length of time has passed. There is no declared minimum time for this restriction, and is to be considered along with all other factors, but is likely to be measured in number of expansion releases since the last swap. If an additional swap is considered, the request will face additional scrutiny. Choose Carefully.

It is accepted that you may not have current progression-quality gear when making this request, but a lack of effort in preparing and equipping this proposed Main will be met with an equal lack of consideration for the request. Comparable or better AA, spells and skills are required, and the player's skill with the proposed Main will also be considered. Additionally, any proposed Main must meet all current Recruitment requirements and limitations, including character class.

If you request is denied, the issue is considered resolved. After a denial, please wait at least two raid tiers of progression or an expansion release before making another request.

1. Respect the Raid Leaders and assistants (generally officers). They did the research and we should all live by listening. There may be several ways to do things. The place to discuss this is the message board. When the Raid Leader(s) tells us to do something, we do it. If you want to try it a different way, suggest it on the boards or form up a raid where you try it your way. Requesting that we change targets won't be tolerated. The Raid Leader(s) and Pullers are pulling the targets they are for a reason. Arguing at a raid with the raid leader(s) about anything gets you an xloc out.

2. Never spam the officers for a target. Targets are chosen carefully taking several factors into account - ie, how many need a certain target, attendance, what's up, etc. A lot of thought (and stress) goes into these decisions and spamming raid leaders will not help. Use the message boards for target suggestions and comments.

3. Be prepared. The more everyone knows about the event, the better. Read the Message Board. Raid info is here. Often times, sign ups are here and date, time, and meeting location is included.

4. Listen while you're on a raid. We have plenty of non-raid time to chatter. All non-relevant chatter should be in groupsay, tells, or your own channel you make with friends. Even if you know all the details of an event, someone else may not, and lots of spam is distracting and obscures raid instructions.

4. Learn while you're on a raid. There are many of us with lots to learn. Turning off attack during enrage, not attacking til assist calls, what buffs are needed for which mobs, what needs to be stunned, controlling push ... Not knowing is fine. Not knowing and not learning is not fine.

5. Be on time. While we are not a mandatory raiding guild, being on time ensures we can pick the best Raid event and the best use of everyone's time.

6. Use your group leaders. These people are chosen because they've been around for a while and know what they're doing. If you have a question or concern, you should always ask your group leader first. They may know the answers to most questions and if they don't, they will ask the Assistant Raid Leader or the Raid Leader. Answers will be funneled back to the rest of the raid through the other group leaders, keeping the all important raid channel free of spam.

7. Learn these rules. They'll be in place at CN raids and your attendance implies you've read them and understand the reasons for them and are willing to follow them.

8. F2P members are welcome to participate in our raids but since loots cannot be used by a F2P account, F2P members may not bid or receive loots. Please understand we will try to accommodate any F2P members that wish to join us, but you "will" be asked to leave the raid if a "gold" member logs in and needs the slot in the raid.

9. /RSAY TALKING we ask that member do not spam /rsay with non raid talk. We also understand that we get people sometimes who have come from other guilds who has possiably done a hit before that we are still learning. We ask that /rsay is not spammed with instructions from ANYONE but the raid leaders. Confusion happens when too many people are giving instructions. If you feel you would like to share how you feel a hit should be done, please feel free to post it in the "current raid" section and give any advice you would like to. Sending tells during a raid to tell "well it should be done this way" is not the time to do this. Please rememeber that raid leaders have a lot going on and they are trying to make the raid enjoyable for all.

10. Your Toon, You Apped You are expected to play your own toon that you apped and guilded with CN when raiding. No one is allowed to play your toon unless you are asked to do so OR you have prior permission which would be for the betterment of the raid (class needed)

11. CNP is earned while raiding. CNP is kept on our CNP website so that you can check your balance at any given time. CNP is earned on your main that you apped with when you apped to CN. Recruits earn CNP while you are in your 2-3 week period, . (Please see below for the details on CNP)


CNP : Detailed rules

CNP Values : All member mains in a official CN sponsored raid will earn CNP. All Items now are set to no maximum for bidding purposes. This includes spells , gear and any other items that are in a raid chest. Never loot any items until your bid has been accepted and announced as the winning bid. In case of ties : 90 day raid attendance percentage is now the first choice and NOT your CNP total. IF that is also a tie highest current CNP wins.

CNP distribution: For every item won during a CNP raid the winning point value will be added to a pool. This pool is then divided by the number of members to obtain a CNP reward, which will be added to the members in attendance CNP totals. This is done per event to allow for the fact that some members may leave or join during a raid night. There is no penalty for having to leave early or join late, other than the more events you are at give each member more chances to win items and earn CNP.

CNP Mains and Alts: Mains are fairly self explanatory. We expect you to play your main on every raid you can attend, to gear them up and to help us win events. Alts are for the most part only allowed on raids when there is room, and in almost all cases will be removed to make room for mains. Even if it has to be done during an event, do not take it personally. Consider if it was yourself logging in and having to miss a event. At times the raid officers may ask individual's to play an alt instead of a main to help fulfill a needed role on the raid. In those cases where the main is on the same account, or not able to be actively in the raid for any reason. We allow that individual to bid for either the main or the alt. This is to not penalize that person's main who may want to bid on an item that drops during the event. Alts Do Not Earn CNP. All CNP spent comes from the Main characters CNP pool

If you are boxing another players character, only for flags or currency you may NOT bid another players CNP. If no tell's are received for a item it is up to the master looter to allow this character to be brought in to loot any item. We allow this practice of boxing mainly for the flag/currency component and with this type of boxing it will be at the discretion of the raid leader at all times as to availability of room and can be removed if necessary for a main or alt. You must /tell the raid leader of your desire to box said character for this purpose. Do NOT log someone else in and take raid invite without letting the raid leader know who is logging in the character and the reasons, flag or currency. This may determine later in an event who we remove for another main or contributing alt, so we need to know why you are boxing someone else.

CNP Bidding: All cnp bidding is done silent auction style. If you want a piece of loot that has dropped, you will send the officer asking for bids a tell with how much you wish to pay. AT times multiple people will be auctioning items, pay attention and direct your bid to that officer. All items are bid at whatever value you put on them, there is no maximum bid. Spend your CNP as you see fit. You may bid on as many items on a event as you want. IF you go into negative CNP your bids can only be for 1 CNP until you have earned enough to be positive again.

1. There is no maximum price for any item

2. The minimum bid is 1 CNP

3. There is NO GOD LOOTING, do not take a item from a raid chest without it being awarded to you by bidding.

4. Bidding on Alts , applicants and guests. Anyone attending a CN raid may bid. Alts and applicants in the majority of cases will not win a item over a Cn member. Guests in certain situations may at the discretion of the officers be allowed to bid and will be allowed the same status as members for winning bids.

5. Mains are allowed to bid into the negative. While you are negative you must build up your CNP to positive to bid more than 1 CNP. If you are in the negative already, you are allowed to bid 1 CNP. This will prevent something from rotting that is an upgrade for someone. But will not allow someone already negative to outbid someone who does have points.

6. Alts bids will be taken from the Main character CNP pool .

7. We are not perfect, but in the event a rule was incorrectly applied, and unless it is called to the officers attention before a item is looted, please try to limit causing a disturbance till after raid or at the minimum a pause in the raid. Loot carefully, make sure you are taking the item you bid and won. Mis-loots are charged to the player and will be deducted from your CNP. Mistakes will inevitably happen regrettably, and with the current customer service policy a incorrectly looted item is un-recoverable. Understand we are trying our best, things can be very hectic during a raid. Do your best to not disrupt the raid but bring any questions up in a prompt manner, preferably after raid when everyone can talk out an issue in tells or on the boards. Members should always feel free to post questions or concerns on the boards about any issue that concerns you about any CNP situation.

8. Attendance Even though we do not have a attendance requirement, we do ask that if you are gone for 12 weeks and you come back to raiding, you will be required to raid for at least 2 weeks before bidding on items. The only time you would be able to receive a loot during your first 2 weeks back is if raid leader puts a item up that he states "no bids, open to ALL"
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Raids, Flags & Epics Policy

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Raids & Flags Policy
Other Raiding notes.
We use a DKP system for CN Events conveniently called CNP (CN Points).

Flags & Keys
While a good 80 percent of our level 80+ have been working on their flags and keys, please remember that we all spent many months, each of us, working on those. We will not be dropping everything to help new members get their flags and keys. Watch the forum and the guild motd and plan to attend raids and events that will give you the necessary flags.

Participation in Guild
By active, we mean... actively participating in guild raids/events and actively helping other members of the guild with their quests, flags and epic hits.

Remember... if you ask for help on an epic mob and ten people come to help you, that's 10 raids you need to go on just to repay the favor! The point is that people won't be very willing to help you if they don't see you willing to help other people.

As a new member you need to demonstrate your willingness to help others FIRST. People tend to get bitter when they see new members asking for power leveling or help on epic hits shortly after they got guilded... it gets even worse when you see members leave the guild 2 weeks after the guild got them their flags, keys or epic. I'm sure most people have honorable intentions. However, that doesn't change how people feel when they see requests like that. Please make an effort to help others before you ask for yourself.
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Guild Membership and Recruitment

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Members are welcome to recruit potential applicants who may be interested in finding a new guild. Please do not encourage people to leave their guild, or have them apply unless they have already left their guild.

Members may leave the guild for any reason at any time. If you chose to deguild your main, your alts will also be deguilded.

Celestial Navigators is a long standing family guild, that has raided continually since early in the history of Everquest. As such we strongly wish that everyone applying to be a member takes our guild to be their first priority. Please fill out our application template as accurately as you can.

If your applying and have a Main character in another raiding guild on any server, we will accept your application, but we ask for a honest representation of what you believe you can add to our guild. The officers will review and speak with you as soon as possible. After that, taking into account our class needs and other factors, the officers will either accept or reject your application. If accepted, we will post a short response on your application stating why we feel this app should proceed thru our normal applicant vote and two to three week app period. This will allow our members the ability to vote with a honest expectations of who you are, allowing them, as with all other apps, the chance to vote yay or nay.
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How to Apply to Celestial Navigators

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Becoming a Member of Celestial Navigators
We love adding to our family and are often looking for quality people to join us in CN. Our biggest concern is making sure new members are able to participate in the guild and are the type of person who can be happy here. Please read our rules and policies thread to get a feel for the guild, and apply if you are interested!

We are a casual but professional guild. There are lots of great people here in CN, and we have a lot of fun, but CN isn't for everyone. Players who are more hard core will find that we move at a slower pace and may not be happy here. Players who are lower level will find that they cannot participate in raids or in many groups and will not be happy here either.

For this reason the following requirements must be met by applicants who wish to become members:
  1. Meet the level.. Players wishing to raid must be 120.
  2. Alts may be guilded after the main has full membership. We just want a chance to get to know you before alts are guilded.

If you are interested in applying, please read the Application Outline and use that as a guide to post your application. Make sure you have read our rules and policies too! After you have posted, you will need to raid and group with CN members so we can have a chance to get to know you. Contact an officer (Littlabit) for an invite to our apps channel.

The process usually takes two to three weeks, more or less depending on playtimes, etc. Try to make some friends and meet people who can post good things about you on your thread. After a few weeks the officers will review your application, make sure you have all the required items and votes (75% or higher), and then make a decision. All requirements must be met before you can be guilded.

CN Leadership
Guild Leader:

Guild Officers:
Ommina (the mushroom)

Raid Officers:

Recruiting Officer:

Retired Officers:

Gyff/Wist (guild leader), Vanidor/Jhereg , Auru, Azargatha, Cuin, Danielaa, Majias, Roddingham
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Re: CN Rules and Policies - Required Reading for all Applica

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All rules updated 4/5/22
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