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Post by fist » Sun Feb 05, 2017 6:42 pm

Well, here's my application

Main character is Fistaltik
97 gnome rogue with 7635 aa's on a Silver account.

No magelo at this time.

Keyed for PoSky island #5,
Keyed for Tower of Frozen Shadow floor 6
Flagged (dinner invitation) for Dreadspire Keep
Partial PoP flagged for Justice, Grummus, Xanamech, Tallon Zek, Vallon Zek, Plane of Valor/Storms, Crypt of Decay
Flagged to work in TBM (have mirror)

Alts on this server
22 Druid Ciglaiel

I enjoy doing a little of everything that's available in EQ. That depends primarily on what I have time and desire to do.

Short and long term goals for the character is eventually reach max level and max aa's and eventually max out all of the available tradeskills.

I normally play eq in the evenings (after 6:00 pm) Pacific time.

The last guild that I was in was Kingdom of Justice and I left because the guild leader didn't seem to want to help others that much in doing quests and working on flagging from previous expansions.

As far as the guild CN, I only really know Achie from a while back. I also haven't had much of an opportunity to group or raid with any CN members up to this point.

The reason I am applying to CN is that I am looking for a family type guild that works together whenever possible without a lot of negativity.

A couple of goals that I have is to experience at least some of the content (raids) that I can't experience very well if at all while solo and to have fun.

I have read the rules and policies and understand them.

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Re: Application

Post by Littlabit » Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:17 pm

Thanks for your app and see you more in game. Talk soon! Bit
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