Moonshaadow Application

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Moonshaadow Application

Post by Moonshaadow » Sat Jun 25, 2016 8:46 pm


Gold Membership


Dark Elf

Level 105

AA's Assigned 12707, Total Spent 15950

Shrine key
Tower of Frozen Shadow 5
Key to the Lower depths of Luxvon
Palace key (Vex Thal)
North Tower Key (Vex Thal)
Passkey of the Twelve
Depths of Darkhallow:
Defeated Emporer Droygon
Council of Nine
Queen Dendall
Matriarch Shyra
Depths of Darkhallow you have formally been invited as a guest to Dreadspire Keep
PLane of War"
Field of Strife
Castle Rulvanus
Castle Tamrel

TDS Arx Mentis Raid
Citadel Access


Greater Spirit sheild 5/16
Greater Spirit Armor 0/0
Conqurer of Plane of Hate - Done
Conqurer Of Plane of Fear missing Cazic THule and Dracoliche
Conqueror of Sul Vius: Demi Plane of Life:
Vim and Vigor - done
Anashti Sul, Lady of Life- Missing

The Darkened Sea: Destroyer of the Preator 8/15

Call of the Forsaken:
Lesser Conqueror of the Call - Done
Conqueror of West Karana- Done
Vanquisher of the Doomscale Horde - Done
Conqueror of Bixie Warfront - Done
Conqueror of the Dead hills - Done
Conqueror of Neriak Fourth Gate - Done
Accomplished Conqueror of the Call - Done
Conqueror of West karana Ethemere 2 - Done
Conqueror of Bixie Warfront 2 - Done
Conqueror of Dead hills 2 - Done
Conqueror of Neriak Fourth Gate 2 - Done

Gonna stop here Please ask me for earlier raids if ye need Info. on them :c)

Alts on this server Don't really play them. Use them only for trade skills. Nynave is retired. Cinnamon Bunns. Hypna Teaser.

What I enjoy most about playing EQ is hanging out with friends and having fun. This consists of grouping and occasionally raiding. Sometimes completing old quests or soloing when I am feeling anti-social lol.

My goal is to just have fun and relax. This is my break time from Rl.

Mountain time is my time zone. When I play varies sometimes real early sometimes real late and during raid times when I am able :c)

I hope to make all raids with the exception of ever other Saturday because i play D&D every other Saturday.

Was a member of Halo Guardians, Dreams of Twilight, Guardians of the Keep, and a few otehrs a long time ago. Real Life got to be too crazy and very bad and I honestly just needed a change.

Members I know Goodness o.k. Beniah, Bowe, Cujjo, Braggin, Hortonn, Icemagi, Ikemaz, Fenit, Kelinu, Strasser. Lilball. Mehdisin, Thott, Littlabit, Ommina, Sefars and Serreal to name a few...

I came here because I have lots of friends here and you all are crazy nice and FUN!!! I have grouped and raidied with you alll and really like the way you all do things. I feel like my crazy self will fit in nice here.

Optional Information... I go commando. Yes I am a girl in real life. I also married to another rogue in real life. I am a mom and I take care of my kids, husband and mother.

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Re: Moonshaadow Application

Post by Littlabit » Sun Jul 03, 2016 6:47 pm

PM sent with information good to see your app and talk more in game. thanks Bit
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