105 Rogue Application

Applications are open for all classes. Hello!

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105 Rogue Application

Post by Creepur » Fri Jun 26, 2015 7:51 pm

Main is 105 Rogue

Account type - Silver (pay for all Access)

Name - Creepur
Class - Rogue
Race - Barbarian
Level - 105
Number of AA - 7850

Magelo Number - None

List which keys and flags you have - honestly i'm not sure about the older content. I'm Caverns flagged for TDS, completed alone with boxed Enc

List your alts on this server - Jopher 101 Enchanter and Folgerx 89 Necro

A Little Bit about yourself -

- I enjoy most about playing EQ is exploring the content, having a goal for each toon and accomplishing it, grouping with good people (personality wise), boxing with Enc and questing.

- Short term goals is to be better equip to assist friends in need. Long term goal is really grouping, raiding and enjoying the game with good people. I do want to raid/explore more of CotF and TDS, 2 boxing as it limits on what can be explorer.

- I normally play EQ in the evening time after my 16month son goes to bed, during the week days and some on the weekends. Depends on the family plans.

- The percentage I would be raiding is hard but I can definitely met the Wednesday and Saturday nights

- I was a member of Eternal Kinghts of Norrath, I left because there was only about 3-4 people on at any given time. I had no complaints and liked the people but just wanted to group and raid more often. They were not a raiding guild

- Just left EKoN and i'm a new applicant. No longer a member of them for the above reason

- Back in the day, maybe 2006 (it's been awhile) I remember grouping with a few CN people and thought they were respectful and fun to be around. I recently, as in the last few months grouped and became friends with Kingg (bst) which again was great and he talked to me about joining CN however the applications were not open.

- I'm applying to CN because the guild name has been around a long time, I haven't heard any negative thoughts about them and I saw Remac was recruiting applicants. I also have been monitoring how many peoples are on and the population of CN is good, goes back to me wanting to help and group with good people.

- My goals with applying for CN is to meet respectful people, have fun and gain some knowledge/gear to better assist those in need.

- I have read the CN rules, Policies and Looting outlines and understand them, Yes. I fully agree to comply with all rules/policies. I do not like or bring drama and everyone is a person so treat with respect.

- Real life i'm a Programer/Techincal Generalist for Edward Jones Investments (IT/IS, varies on companies)

- Originally i'm from Oklahoma but currently live in Arizona...yes it's very dry and very very hot here.

- Blue

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Re: 105 Rogue Application

Post by Littlabit » Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:53 pm

PM sent with information, good to see your app and talk more in game. thanks Bit
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