Barlaini - 63 pally Applicant

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Barlaini - 63 pally Applicant

Post by BARLAINI » Sat Mar 19, 2005 1:09 pm

Name is Barlaini
63 Pally / 79 AA / Presently have 4889 hp unbuffed and 1355 ac
all saves are above 120

Have EB item and i believe im keyed for all old world dungeons as well as working on Vex Thal key , EP flagged except for Fire i believe

no clickies here

This was not originally my account , but the account of my mother whom most of you may know as Gelenie , she had to quit playing EQ due to health issues she was having and i have taken over the account for her and although gelenie is a 66 druid with 106 aa and also EP flagged i am not presently use to playing a pure caster and will need to work on that a bit . Barlaini in the end i am expecting to be my main in any event.
My other account has 64 Monk named Mandesa ,EP flagged , with 44 AA , it also has 56 epiced beast named Tanchiki and a 61 warrior named Xanchiki . Gelenie , Mandesa and her alts are all presently in a guild called IQ . I am presently guild leader and will be turning over leadership to a worthy member of the guild that wishes to lead . This was my moms guild and i have no wish to be a guild leader as i feel more comfortable in a supporting role than i do in a leading role (Hence ill never be a movie star lol )
When leadership has been turned over and im confident that things are in order those toons will also be looking for a new home . I choose CN because it has a couple old friends of mine in it and a few new ones , Silly , Truthseeker , Zyton Etc. I have also grouped with or raided with a few others from guild.

Lately i have been wandering around bored out of my mind due to lack of raiding , grouping and exploring . I need action and i need it soon.

This account has all expansions except DON and for further reference Mandesas account has all expansions ( In case you should like her to join as well when IQ has new leadership )

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Post by Silly » Mon Mar 21, 2005 8:33 am

WOW talk about a blast from the past!!! :)

Hugs hun, long time no see! Good to see your app though, give your mom a big squeeze for me, I'm sorry to hear she's not playing anymore :(

Well shoot me or any of us really a tell and join our apps channel so we can get you involved in some grouping/raiding action soon ;)

Look forward to seeing you around hun!

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Post by Galarina » Sat Apr 02, 2005 1:31 pm

Barlaini joined Tribal Fury. Cancelling app 4/2/05.
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