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Post by Nebbie » Thu Nov 04, 2004 10:38 am

Okay a few things I should clarify.

hotkeys for /sit /stand /sleep etc, can all be bound using the interfaces menu. Tons and tons and tons of user defined goodness there. Even better using XML based UIs.

Groups are very easy to form, but totally unnecessary for most situations. Groups are rewarded with better loot and slightly better xp by doing instanced encounters, but are not necessary. The usual /invite playername works. Also targetting the person and right clicking. Removing oneself from a group is a bit odd, it works by right clicking your portrait. Group commands are all interfaced through that.

Since groups aren't necessary alot of people will not group under any situation during stress testing or during beta. They think it de-optimizes them or something. That or they don't think they need the help. Grouping up greatly speeds up kill quests where you have to kill X of a certain creature but are not as useful for collect X items.

Looting is superb. You can set round robin loot rights, NBG with player defined threshhold, and god loot or FFA. There are some improvements, but it does prevent the biggest problems of loot issues when settling on a method.

Regarding death. Once you die you become a spirit-form of your corporeal self. This spirit form is faster than corporeal walks on water and lives in a pseudo-plane where the vast majority of enemies do not reside. Certain high level areas have things there to prevent exploitation by death. You lose no xp and do not require anyone else to ressurect with NO penalty. You only receive a penalty if you decide its not worth going back to your corpse or accepting a rezz from a healing class. Corpses do not decay so there is no issue involved with that. There is a timer involved with PvP deaths. To self-ressurect go to yourbody and positin yourself away from any hostile mobs that would attack you upon returning to corporeal form. Click Okay to resurrect. Bang, your fully ressed with slight health loss from max.

Lasting quaity involves the instances and areas that require quests to open other areas. There is a raiding dungen where you must obtain a key (several raids) to unlock a harder area.

The worlds first real boss also comes out with the next patch. A true dragon.

Alliance vs. Horde will also have lasting power for those that enjoy team based player versus player. Unique items, titles, and other things yet to be disclosed will be exclusively available to those who participate in these encounters. Playing on a Normal server makes this totally consensual so there is no fear of ganking.

Warlock pets are pretty cool, I've got several warlock chars. Which race did you choose as that effects the quest for the pet. If you need help I suggest using the thottbot site.

For a user interface, Cosmos UI was the best of the closed beta.

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Post by kathan » Thu Nov 04, 2004 10:38 am

Quick overview of things as ive seen it for the last 7 months or so.

Exp: Hell of a lot easier to level in WoW then EQ. THere is no true death penalty. You can die 1000 times and never loose your level. When ya die ya have to option to either release your spirit or wait there for a rez. % rez.
Druids can self rez i believe, Paladins and Clerics can rez, Clerics have a battle rez, paladins have a 100% rez both of which i think are on 1 hour timers. When ya die ya pop at the nearest graveyard. You can talk to the spirit healer and they will rez ya there on the spot for some exp (i think its usually 1.5 bubbles) or ya can run back to your corpse. You cant see any monsters on the way to your corpse, until you get close to your body then ya can see whats around you.

Death in WoW is sooo much more painless then EQ. Plus leveling is a breeze.

Quests: Quickest way to level, get all the quests ya can and just have at it. Group exp sucks, but killing quest mobs in a group can get you done your quest in minutes and can blast out levels in a few hours if ya work hard enough and have enough quests..... For those of you playing try and all head to Duskwood at the same time, if ya go around 17 or so, a group of 3-4 players i would think could get 3-4 levels each person in one good solid session clearing all the quests in the zone.

Instances: Ehhhhhh has been my impression. Loot whores rejoice cuase this is where the best stuff comes from for the most part. Problem is they tend to take hours., and hours, First one yas will encounter is Deadmines, all the way to the end is like 2-3 hours. They are a lot of fun though, wiat till ya get to Scarlet Monastary and try out some of the event there, or Zul'Farrak. All the upper level Instances have some really great events written in them. And i do mean events.

Equipment: Itemization sucks. Just pretty much leave it at that. Drops are random, unless ya are doing instances there is extremely little camping for gear. Its not like say ya want an FBSS in EQ so you go camp the guy in LGuk, nope. Theres no reason to it, stuff just drops.

Tradeskilles: OK in current form. Every class is limited to two Professions. They are a ton of fun, but not very profitable yet. Best profit comes from the collecting skills if ya just in for the money. Some damn nice gear to be made though. One of the things that has really bothered me thought is my impression is some guilds tend to be more ..... factory like. Basically they say Bob_01 is our Smith, so all you hoochies better send your mithril to him and not even think about smithing or :evil:

Grouping: Eh, if you are grouping for world quests, theres no such thing as an ideal group, but if ya are gonna be a hard core instance raider, ya really need a warrior, mage, priest. Paladins/Druids just dont cut it as tanks, and Shamans have a difficult (although they can) time as main healer

PVP : There are two types of servers PVP and PVE. Additionally there will eventually be Battlegrounds on PVE servers and PVP servers which should be tons of fun. Blizzard eventually wants to put Siege Engines int he battlegrounds and let the sides fight it out for buidlings and land etc. Plus the lag shouldnt be so bad in a battleground since they are on a different server then say Ironforge or Commonlands. One thing though as it is now, Undead get ripped in half by Paladins most of the time.


Warlock: Fun looking class, not all pets/spells are in yet, but they got a nice robust base to build from.

Druids: Dont know too much about them

Priest: Best healer, can do some nasty damage to casters with Manaburn spell. Shadow priests are good soloers but thier instance viablitly really suffers

Shamans: Awesome fun class. Gotta check them out, too much for words really they pretty much do everything.

Warriors:: Best tank, damn good dps, can be highest dps with right build

Rogues: Whirling blenders of death ...... blood splatters everywhere from them

Mages: Pretty typical very much like a Wizard from EQ... good CC class too

Paladins: True Redheaded step children of WoW..... DPS is abysmal but can take a beating by some estimates up to 3 times better then any other class

Stress level is definately very low in WOW. Immersion isnt as good as EQ, i think thats cuase of the graphics, first person in WOW is difficult at best but does look really neat

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2 things

Post by kathan » Thu Nov 04, 2004 10:43 am

Nebbie wrote:Okay a few things I should clarify.

The worlds first real boss also comes out with the next patch. A true dragon.

If you need help I suggest using the thottbot site.

For a user interface, Cosmos UI was the best of the closed beta.

Couple of things to harp on. First Raid comes out next patch, for Onyxia... There are currently Drakes in the game and these guys are huge enough as it is, Onyxia is supposed to be many times bigger. Also Cosmos is probably gonna get shut down. In case anyone hasnt been following, the author cosmos got in a tiff with another player and rewrote Cosmos to basically harass the other player but putting messages over his head for people that used cosmos to view. Basically this exposed a hole in thier program so they are gonna shut it Thottbot is the best place to get data from for now though unfortunately its data comes from Cosmos when ya patch Cosmos

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Post by dracozz » Thu Nov 04, 2004 11:18 am

well i did find a site that has awesome info on quests
thats for my perticular imp quest i need, but you guys can go from there to whatever you need.
when i get home that imp is MINE!

i also love that i don't have to worry about reloading all my spells and stuff every time i die.i reemmber dying in eq a few times while loading equipment or spells from trains passing by with no warning.

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Post by EldCen » Thu Nov 04, 2004 11:54 am

Official release date: 11/23/2004. Just announced today on
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Eldiroth - 46 Paladin
& many many alts

-------- EQ1 --------
Eldiroth - 67 Paladin
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Faddan - 55 Druid

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Post by Hahnah » Thu Nov 04, 2004 7:06 pm

Ok so will this have " servers" like EQ? If so.. is anyone that is going to try WOW planning to all go to the same one to continue a " cn" there?? I know that I am going to be trying WOW when it comes out. I am hoping my computer can hendle it better then EQ.

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Post by Rendus » Thu Nov 04, 2004 8:40 pm

Yeah, there are servers, geographically divided. We'll all eventually agree on a server, and setup there.
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Post by Nebbie » Fri Nov 05, 2004 5:41 am

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Post by Teory » Fri Nov 05, 2004 7:12 am

Yeah, ok, it's a little bigger than the dragons I saw last night. But they were still dragons I tell you. Just because they're short, doesn't mean they aren't dragons. If they claw you, do you not bleed? If they roar at you, do you not instantly need to go for a pee? If they blow fire on you, do you not become a little clump of scorch? A dragon by any other name will still kick my bootie.


Ah Shakespeare for breakfast :)
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Post by Nebbie » Sun Nov 07, 2004 2:49 pm

The PATCH is here! Downloaded and ready to get back in game.

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Post by Nebbie » Sun Nov 07, 2004 3:04 pm

- World of Warcraft Client Patch (2004-11-07)

Racial Traits
Racial traits are now available for all races. Each race receives at
least 4 traits (several passive and at least one active trait per
race). Undead racial traits have changed to be more consistent with
the new traits and Undead players are now considered Humanoid targets
rather than Undead targets. The following is a full list of traits:

Stoneform: Activate to gain immunity to poison, disease, and bleed
Gun Specialization: Increase Gun Skill
Frost Resistance: Increase Cold Resistance
Treasure Finding: Activate to see treasure chests on mini map -
lasts until canceled - no cooldown

Escape Artist: Activate to break out of a Root or Snare effect
Expansive Mind: Increase Intelligence
Arcane Resistance: Increase Arcane Resistance
Engineering Specialist: Increase skill bonus to Engineering

Perception: Activate to increase stealth detection radius
The Human Spirit: Increase Spirit
Diplomacy: Bonus to faction point gain
Sword Specialization: Increase Sword skill

Night Elf
Shadowmeld: Activate while immobile and out of combat to enter
stealth mode
Quickness: Dodge chance increased
Wisp Spirit: Become a wisp when dead with movement speed increase
Nature Resistance: Increase Nature Resistance

Blood Fury: Activate to increase Strength
Hardiness: Increase resistance to stun & knockout effects
Command: Pet melee damage increased
Axe Specialization: Increase to Axe skill

War Stomp: Activate to stun opponents
Endurance: Max Health increased
Cultivation: Increase skill bonus to Herbalism
Nature Resistance: Increase Nature Resistance

Berserking: Activate when "Wounded" to increase melee &
spellcasting speed
Regeneration: Increase health regen bonus
Beast Slaying: Increase damage bonus to Beasts
Throwing Weapon Specialization: Increase Throwing Weapon skill.

Will of the Forsaken: Activate to become immune to fear, sleep,
and charm effects
Cannibalize: Increase health regeneration while consuming a corpse
Underwater Breathing: Underwater breath increased
Shadow Resistance: Increase Shadow Resistance

New Raid Encounters
Rumors of Onyxia, an enormous black dragon, have been heard through
out Azeroth. Be sure to bring many brave warriors for she won’t
take kindly to intruders in her lair. Both factions will need to
complete unique, and challenging quests to gain access to the
Onyxia encounter. **During the beta testing there will be a
temporary placeholder vendor who sells keys to Onyxia’s lair for
testing purposes.

Discovered in the heart of Blackrock Mountain beyond the Depths,
lies the Molten Core. Within the Molten Core lives a multitude of
ancient and powerful evil. Adventurers be ware, for the dangers found
within the Molten Core are many and takes many forms.

**Raid loot is being worked on and temporary loot has been placed in
raid encounters

New Kodo mounts!
There is but one creature in all of Kalimdor that possesses the
strength and stamina to bear a tauren rider into battle: the
majestic kodo beast. Swifter and slightly smaller than their
wild cousins, kodo mounts nevertheless demonstrate the same
resilience and fearlessness found in their untamed brethren, traits
that serve them well when bearing their equally resolute riders. It
is said that only the most virtuous of tauren can win the affection
of a kodo war mount, for these mighty beasts only serve those that
approach them with honor and respect in
their hearts.

Tauren players will no longer have the Plainsrunning ability, due
to the availability of Kodo mounts! Tauren players can purchase the
Kodo mount at Bloodhoof village.

**Currently there is an active bug that prevents players from
purchasing mounts from different races regarding of reputation, this
bug will be addressed in the next patch.

- Higher level dungeon monsters (level 30+) have had their experience
values increased.
- Experience needed to gain levels from level 30+ has been increased
(to compensate for the dungeon monster change).
- On death, all eqipped items will lose 10% durability.
- Durability loss through fighting has been decreased (mainly to
accommodate the new penalty for dying)
- The penalty for using a Spirit Healer has been changed - there is no
longer any experience loss, instead all items (equipped and
inventory) will take 100% durability loss and the character will gain
resurrection sickness for a duration that scale according to level.
- Spells that activate (proc) on kill will work on all players, but only
monsters that would give experience points.
- All spears are now polearms.
- Polearm proficiency can now be learned by Hunters, Paladins,
- Spear proficiency has been removed.
- Minimum range on abilities now account for size of target and
- Armor can't be swapped out while in combat. Other equipment
such as weapons and accessories can still be swapped out.
- Shift-click item info linking has been added to the auction
- You now get a 10% discount at high reputation for buying items,
item repair, training costs, and taxi flights.
- Line of sight calculation takes into account creature size.
- Creatures should be more adept at chasing players.
- Spawn animations for game objects are now visible.
- Skills will not increase from use while dueling or engaged in
- Texture linear filtering is turned on for the user interface.
- Escort NPCs will assist players more often.
- Escort NPCs and guards will no longer follow enemy players
- NPCs which are performing work emotes will pause them and turn to
you when you interact with them.
- The Reanimated Corpse actually falls down now when it plays dead.
- New graveyards have been added to many zones.
- Players will not be able to train and purchase non-race specific
mounts. In the next patch, we plan to implement a system in which
players can obtain mounts from other races once they have reached a
certain level of reputation with that race.

- Onyxia Key Quests for both the Horde and Alliance are in and
fully functional.
- Eastern and Western Plaguelands have dozens of new quests.
- Tirion Fordring's questline is now complete.
- New PvP, Raid, and PvP Raid quests are live.
- Quests for Molten Core have been added.
- The completion of a quest may now result in a reputation
adjustment of a faction or a group of factions.
- More quests added to Desolace, including several Horde
specific quests.
- Horde quests added to Ashenvale, ranging from levels 19-30.
- Hemet Nesingwary and his companions now like Horde players in
addition to Alliance players.
- More quests added to Stonetalon.
- More quests added to Blackfathom Deeps. Blackfathom has been
moved to Ashenvale and now has Horde quests.

- Mind Control and Hunter's Mark flag you for PvP when used on
enemy players.
- Healing and buffing NPCs will not flag you for PvP unless those
NPCs are in combat.
- NPCs no longer tap creatures they are fighting.

- Paladin talents are now available.
- Hunter talents are now available.

- The current high-bidder's name no longer displays in the auction
- Each time a bid is made on an item, a small amount of time is
added to the remaining auction duration.
- Items you are the high bidder on will be indicated as such in the

- Leatherworking is now complete, you can make up to 300
leatherworking skill items.
- Enchanting is now complete, you can perform enchantments that
require up to 300 enchanting skill.
- Engineering is now complete, there are engineering recipes that
require up to 300 engineering skill.
- Epic player crafted items that require raiding are now available.
- Skeleton Keys added to blacksmithing. Smiths can now open locks
(though the keys are consumed)
- Expert and above skill tiers for secondary skills are no longer
available on trainers, you need to find the books to teach you them.
Expert level is on a vendor somewhere in the world, artisan level
requires a quest to be completed.
- Elixirs no longer stack with player spells that improve the same
- Enchanting recipes generally require more reagents for 200-250
skill items
- Limited Invulnerability Potion Re-added to Alchemy, but at a higher
level than it was previously.
- Leatherworking recipes added to let light leather be turned into
medium leather, medium leather into heavy and so on.
- Light leather requirements for some 15-20th leather level items
reduced to allow for faster skillup in that range.
- Leatherworking Scorpid Recipes now require 2x the scorpid scales,
but scorpids now drop the scales 4x as frequently.
- Light leather now only takes 3 scraps to make instead of 4.
- Starting Leatherworking recipe items improved.
- Medium and Heavy leather now sells for less to vendors.
- Pick pocketing now has a chance of getting you a locked Junkbox,
which is a locked item that generally has money in it.
- Ironweb Spider Silk now drops more often and some Tailoring
Recipes require less.
- The ingredients required to make some gnomish engineering items
were changed.
- Elixirs effects reduced somewhat for the higher level elixirs.
- Dark Iron Armor stats have been changed.
- Living Essence and Essence of Undeath drops decreased.
- Silk and Mageweave cloth now sell for less to vendors.
- All remaining profession trainers who train a single recipe
have been turned into vendors.
- Catseye Ultra Goggles and Catseye Elixir reduced in effectiveness.
- Requirements to make blacksmithing recipes annihilator and
invulnerable mail increased.
- Artisan Level Fishing, Cooking, and First Aid quests are in the
game. Trainers will no longer train artisan level in the
aforementioned professions. Players must complete quests to gain
artisan levels.

- Pets, summons and guardians are not susceptible to charm.
- Pets should be much better at chasing moving targets.
- Pets and summons will use their combat abilities as often as
- When your pet or demon learns new spells and abilities they will
show up on the pet action bar.
- Charmed creatures will no longer use their summon spells while
- The pet action bar is greyed out while the pet is confused or fleeing
- Imps no longer run around aimlessly if you turn off auto-cast for
their firebolt.

- Removed facing direction requirement from Entangling Roots, Faerire
Fire, Hibernate, and Soothe Animal.
- New Spell: Rebirth (Level 20).
- New Ability: Feline Grace (Level 40).
- Bear Form abilities that target one or more enemies now generate
additional threat.
- Enrage: Cooldown increased.
- Growl: Now gives the target enough threat to attack you, cooldown
- Hibernate: Increased the chance of breaking early.
- Mark of the Wild: Ranks 5, 6, and 7 now require reagents.

- Glimpse of Instincts: Removed.
- Outdoorsmanship skill line renamed Survival.
- Ranged Combat skill line renamed Marksmanship.
- Removed facing requirement from Hunter's Mark and Scare Beast.
- Aspect of the Cheetah: Speed increased.
- Aspect of the Pack: Speed increased.
- Concussive Shot: No longer causes additional threat, duration and
cooldown slightly increased, mana cost reduced.
- Disengage: Effect boosted, cooldown added.
- Hunter's Mark: Duration increased, dispels itself if the Hunter dies.
- Mongoose Bite: Damage increased, mana cost increased.
- Scare Beast: Increased the chance of breaking early.
- Wing Clip: Slow effect now scales with level.
- Feign Death: Duration increased.
- New Spell: Track Beasts (Level 1).
- New Spell: Track Humanoids (Level 10).
- New Spell: Track Undead (Level 18).
- New Spell: Track Hidden (Level 24).
- New Spell: Track Elementals (Level 26).
- New Spell: Track Demons (Level 32).
- New Spell: Track Giants (Level 40).
- New Spell: Track Dragonkin (Level 50).
- New Spell: Distracting Shot (Level 12).
- New Spell: Aspect of the Wild (Level 46).

- Blink should work much more reliably and will not stop your movement.
- Removed facing requirement from Counterspell, Detect Magic, and
- Polymorph: Now dismounts the enemy target, increased the chance of
breaking early.
- Blizzard: Deals its damage in more frequent intervals.
- Arcane Intellect: Ranks 4 and 5 now require reagents.
- Teleport: Now requires a reagent.
- Portal: Now requires a reagent.
- Slow Fall: Now requires a reagent.

- Retribution Aura: Moved to level 16.
- Judgement: Moved to level 50, renamed Holy Wrath.
- Removed facing requirement from Hammer of Justice and Turn Undead.
- Cleanse: Moved to level 42, mana cost increased.
- Holy Light: Causes less threat, heal effect and mana cost increased.
- Purify: Mana cost increased.
- Turn Undead: Increased the chance of breaking early.
- Holy Strike: Removed.
- Crusader Strike: Removed.
- Seal of Reckoning: Removed.
- Healing Aura: Removed.
- Dominance Aura: Removed.
- Wisdom Aura: Removed.
- Redemption: Removed.
- Resurrection: renamed Redemption, no longer useable in combat.
- **All Seals renamed Blessings. Several new spells have been added,
which now use the naming convention "Seal".
- New Spell: Seal of the Crusader (Level 12).
- New Spell: Seal of Justice (Level 22).
- New Spell: Seal of Light (Level 30).
- New Spell: Seal of Wisdom (Level 38).
- New Spell: Flash of Light (Level 20).
- New Spell: Judgement (Level 10).
- New Spell: Blessing of Might (Level 8).
- New Spell: Blessing of Wisdom (Level 14).
- New Spell: Blessing of Light (Level 40).
- New Spell: Concentration Aura (Level 22).
- New Spell: Divine Intervention (Level 30).
- Resistance Aura: Split up into 3 new spells...Shadow Resistance Aura
(Level 28), Frost Resistance Aura (Level 32), and Fire Resistance Aura
(Level 36).
- Seal of Fury has changed significantly.
- Seal of Righteousness has changed significantly.
- Blessing of Sacrifice: Moved to level 46, now transfers a flat amount
of damage per hit, and has replacements.
- Blessing of Salvation: Moved to level 26, duration increased, cooldown
removed, effect reduced.
- Blessing of Freedom: Moved to level 18.
- Blessing of Protection: Moved to level 10.

- Resurrect spells now use the same timer as when reclaiming your corpse.
When a player is resurrected, they will have to wait for a set amount
before they can click the accept button.
- Resurrect now teleports you to the location at which the spell was cast,
not to the caster's present location.
- Removed facing requirement from Mind Control, Mind Soothe, Shackle
Undead and Shadow Word: Pain.
- Resurrection: No longer useable in combat.
- Levitate will now be cancelled if any damage is taken, now requires a
- Power Word: Fortitude: Ranks 4, 5, and 6 now require reagents.
- Mind Control: Increased the chance of breaking early.
- Shackle Undead: Increased the chance of breaking early.
- New Spell: Desperate Prayer (Level 10). (Dwarf/Human only.) (Quest)
- New Spell: Starshards (Level 10). (Night Elf only.) (Quest)
- New Spell: Touch of Weakness (Level 10). (Undead only.) (Quest)
- New Spell: Hex of Weakness (Level 10). (Troll only.) (Quest)
- New Spell: Fear Ward (Level 20). (Dwarf only.) (Quest)
- New Spell: Feedback (Level 20). (Human only.) (Quest)
- New Spell: Elune's Grace (Level 20). (Night Elf only.) (Quest)
- New Spell: Devouring Plague (Level 20). (Undead only.) (Quest)
- New Spell: Shadowguard (Level 20). (Troll only.) (Quest)

- Vanish will now cancel spells in progress and missiles in flight if
they are being cast at the vanished player.
- Poisons: Should now be resistable.
- Removed facing requirement from Blind and Pick Pocket.
- Lockpicking: No longer auto-ranks. It must be used to improve.
- Sap: Increased the chance of breaking early.
- New Poison: Wound Poison (Level 32).
- New Ability: Safe Fall (Level 40).

- Removed facing requirement from Purge.
- Rebirth: Renamed Ancestral Spirit, no longer useable in combat.
- Water Walking: Now cancelled if any damage is taken, requires reagent.
- Water Breathing: Now requires a reagent.
- Earth Shock: Now causes additional threat.
- Healing Stream Totem: Heals in smaller, more frequent intervals
(roughly the same total over time).
- Mana Spring Totem: Restores mana in smaller, more frequent intervals
(roughly the same total over time).
- Rockbiter Weapon: Now also makes your melee attacks cause additional
- Windfury Weapon: Much more responsive.
- Windfury Totem: Much more responsive.

- Only party members can participate in rituals.
- Voidwalkers will wait for enemies in the area before casting Suffering.
- Target of summoning ritual must already be in the same instance if
caster is in an instance.
- Summoning gives a confirmation dialog to person being summoned.
- Ghosts can no longer be summoned.
- A bug has been fixed in the calculation of total mana for Warlock pets.
- Lash of Pain (Succubus): no longer requires the succubus to be behind
the target.
- Seduction (Succubus): Mana cost reduced, increased the chance of
breaking early.
- Soulstones: Now soulbound when created, are consumed to store the
target's soul. When that target dies, he may resurrect himself any
time up until release. Cooldown added.
- Removed facing requirement from Banish, Corruption, all Curses,
Enslave Demon, and Fear.
- Demon spells are now available as Grimoires from the Demon Trainers in
the world. Purchase the Grimoire and read it while the appropriate
demon is summoned to teach it the spell.
- Enslave Demon once again requires a soul shard, increased the chance
of breaking early if cast repeatedly on the same target.
- Howl of Terror: Increased the chance of breaking early.
- Fear: Increased the chance of breaking early.
- Rain of Fire: Duration, mana cost, and damage slightly reduced, deals
its damage in more frequent intervals.
- New Spell (Imp): Phase Shift (Level 12).
- New Spell: Summon Felhunter (Level 30). (Quest)
- New Spell: Inferno (Level 50). (Monster Loot)
- New Spell: Curse of Doom (Level 60).
- New Spell: Ritual of Doom (Level 60). (Monster Loot)

- Inner Rage: Removed.
- Pummel: Removed.
- Heroic Strike: Now available in all Stances, damage increased on some
ranks, decreased on others.
- Sunder Armor: Now available in all Stances.
- Shield Bash: Now available in all Stances.
- Hamstring: Now available in Battle and Berserker Stance.
- Rend: Now available in Battle and Defensive Stance, damage slightly
increased on some ranks.
- Recklessness: Moved to level 50, moved to Berserker Stance, can be
cancelled early, now causes the Warrior to take extra damage instead
of decreasing armor.
- Bloodrage: Available in all Stances, cooldown increased.
- Cleave: Moved to level 20, available in all Stances, damage reduced.
- Mocking Blow: Moved to level 16, damage increased, replaced more
- Shield Wall: Moved to level 28.
- Slam: Available in all Stances, damage reduced, casting is pushed back
when hit.
- Thunder Clap: Damage increased.
- Defensive Stance: Now reduces damage taken and damage caused instead
of increasing Defense skill.
- Intimidating Shout: Moved to level 22, no longer causes the targeted
enemy to run in fear, but will cower in fear. The cowering effect is
broken by damage.
- Warrior abilities that target one or more enemies now generate
additional threat.
- Taunt: Now gives the target just enough threat to attack you.
Cooldown added.
- Berserker Rage: Moved to level 32.
- New Ability: Retaliation (Level 20).
- New Ability: Execute (Level 24).
- New Ability: Intercept (Level 30).
- New Ability: Whirlwind (Level 40).

Shader based options are still disabled on the Mac client and are
awaiting release of driver bug fixes from Apple and GPU vendors. We will
release a patch to re-enable shader based graphic effects in Mac WoW when
that becomes feasible

Bug Fixes
- Monsters with extra dodge chances have been corrected.
- Abilities that activate off critical hits work off critical hits from
abilities as well (Blood Craze, Enrage).
- Blessing of salvation correctly affects healing over time spells.
- If you tame the leader of a herd of Kodo with the Kodo Kombobulator the
whole herd won't follow you.
- If you close the disenchanting loot pane without looting the item, the
Dust or Essence or Shard is automatically looted for you. (You no
longer destroy the enchanted item if you close the loot pane with the
results of the disenchantment)

- Vocal emotes now display a normal emote to the chat window, instead of
the "Player says..." text. Voice Emote Audio is unchanged.
- There is now a checkbox to turn off audio emotes.
- Many boxes and crates ready to be looted have been added around the
- Many new rare vendors selling weapons/armor/potions have been added
around the world.

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Post by Teory » Sun Nov 07, 2004 3:30 pm

I can't seem to download - giving me firewall errors - but I'm still plugging away at it. I'm so not a cpu network guy though.
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Post by Nebbie » Sun Nov 07, 2004 3:32 pm


ports to open/allow

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Post by Teory » Sun Nov 07, 2004 3:44 pm

trying that, it's sort of working now but at 2kb per second.
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Post by Teory » Sun Nov 07, 2004 3:45 pm

trying that, it's sort of working now but at 2kb per second. oh, and it won't let me open a series of ports, just one number?
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Post by Nebbie » Sun Nov 07, 2004 3:54 pm

here are more used during the game/patching:


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Post by Teory » Sun Nov 07, 2004 4:03 pm

I think it's actually router not firewall problem - which is kidn of over my head - any where else that I can download the file? It's not huge and I have a pretty fast connection, but this is making me angry.

I just cranked the cpu wide open to try it and it didn't help as far as opening the ports :(
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Post by EldCen » Sun Nov 07, 2004 4:07 pm

I downloaded the file fine, and it completed patching. But I can't log into the servers. I enter my user name and password, and instead of dumping me at the last server played with the last character played, it dumps me at the server select screen. When I choose Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific, there are no servers showing in any lists.

My guess is they let everyone download the patch, but the servers aren't up yet.

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Post by kathan » Sun Nov 07, 2004 4:17 pm

what the hell i cant connect to the tracker now

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Post by Nebbie » Sun Nov 07, 2004 4:23 pm

servers ETA 7:30 eastern

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Post by Nebbie » Sun Nov 07, 2004 4:24 pm

gimme email addy T, i'll mail it

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Post by Teory » Sun Nov 07, 2004 4:45 pm

I got it now! I feel so techno-uber :)

I did the port forward thingamajig all by myself and it downloaded super fast. Now just waiting for the servers to come up! Thanks though Nebbers!
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Post by kathan » Mon Nov 08, 2004 5:52 am

I Love the new paladin!!!! Holy Spec Talents make me damn near invincible , and the new seals absolutly rock!

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Post by dracozz » Mon Nov 08, 2004 8:27 am

has any of you been experiencing crazy lag since this last patch? aside from having the download problems...2kb itstill downloaded pretty fast. aside from that took forever to log in.
but my lag..sheesh....from like 125 to an avergage of 4-500 now..wth is up witht that? it still plays fine..altought i'v noticed my spells don't work quite as fast.
have any of you experienced this?
i think i'm gonna call my super geek friend my guess is its the router, and that beyond my understanding og techno geekness.

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Post by dracozz » Mon Nov 08, 2004 8:50 am

it just occured to me..does anybody know what will happen when the game goes live?
will we loose all our chars? will we have to start from scratch at a new server?there only like 2 weeks left.

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Post by Teory » Mon Nov 08, 2004 8:57 am

They haven't given an official answer yet, but I'd say it's about 99% certain that all characters will be wiped when it goes life.
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Post by dracozz » Mon Nov 08, 2004 9:01 am

oh well.. atleast now i know where and how to do it, first couple lvls, i'm just gonna run really really far and get exploration exp till i ding a few times lol. atleast to lvl 3-4.

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Post by dracozz » Mon Nov 08, 2004 10:29 am

hey guys i think i got our last signature, my friend from work finally downloaded wow this morning he sais he will log on this afternoon, i told him to go to cnwow, and to get in touch with you guys.
don't know what char or what name he will pick...guess i'll find out.
i gotta go to my first lamas or whatever breathing pregnancy thingy with my girl after work, so won't be logging on till late.

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Post by Ryanakris » Mon Nov 08, 2004 9:36 pm

Have fun with the breathing techniques Drac..they do help! As a mother that had two babies with no medical (drugs) assistance's nice to be awake to see your child come into the world. In the days I had my kids though, there weren't any fancy things to go with it, you got drugged or you didn't...LOL! I was my daughter's coach though for the birth of my granddaughter and I can tell you, it really works! Go for it! You'll thank yourself later and so will your healthy (not drugged up) baby! What an awesome experience!

Woops! /derail off!

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Post by EldCen » Tue Nov 09, 2004 3:58 am

As of last night, Open Beta sign-ups and downloads have begun.

Open Beta means anyone can sign up and play, of course, but to a point. Once the servers are "full" by Blizzard standards they will be closing Open Beta sign-ups. So if you are reading this, and are interested in trying WoW in open beta, I suggest you go to asap and sign up and download.

I did log in this morning, and noticed they added a bunch of new servers. I didn't count, but it looks like there are at least 32 servers. This is good, because for the second stress test, I think they only had 13-15 servers or so.

I bet WoW has more subscribers before the first of the year than EQ has...;)
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