Thoraz waves hi :)

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Thoraz waves hi :)

Post by Thoraz » Mon Sep 05, 2005 5:45 am

Hi folks.

I popped into the forums this morning and found the heart of Cn is still in full gear here and it warms my own heart.

Talk about relief efforts, the raids and all the helpfulness that has always been Cn make me glad to see it live and well.

I miss all of you folks.

My summer was quite turbulent and has finally settled down over this past month. I have a new girlfriend again and hopefully this time (fingers crossed) I can keep her. haha!

We started playing EQ2 Trial of the Isle this past weekend and she is a complete newbie with any kind of computer games, but she loves it. (She is a LOTR fan, big time! and the rpg version comes out next year.)

Thoraz is 59 and 3/4 in WoW, but for me that game is done. I will get him to 60 there and try out battlegrounds a time or two just to say I did. But my time there is done.

I tried out EQ1 again back a few months ago, but found it really frustrating switching out to desktop to look stuff up as I only have one computer on my home desk atm. And I always have emails and chat running nowadays with my company being global. The only problem with global is all the different time zones and I do need sleep sometimes. haha

So I think for my future I see Thoraz the Dwarf Paladin wandering in EQ2 this coming fall and winter. Tami the Halfling Rogue will be wandering the zones with him.

You folks all take care in here. :)
Thoraz - Ancient One from the frozen North

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