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Legends of Norrath

Posted: Fri Jan 18, 2013 10:12 pm
by Serano
Hey - I don't want to violate any CN board rules, so shut me down if I have.

I have a few LON rewards I am trying to get sell - including a Naggy familiar, and some of the current expansion Choose a loot cards - which can grant you the nifty rare Flying carpet mount. Each for $50 each. find me here with PM or the Tribal Fury boards if interested. IF CN doesn't allow this type of post, I figure the mods will nuke it, and I will not post this type here again.

Re: Legends of Norrath

Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:15 pm
by Rendus
So long as it isn't exploitative, I don't have an issue with it.