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The Wood Elf Child

Posted: Wed Nov 10, 2004 8:21 pm
by Guest
I remember my first memories as a child. Being able to open my eyes, and look out upon the trees from my window. The sun glistening in to wake me, whilest I could watch the wild life crawling amidst the dew covered leaves of the Great Forrest. The Mother has been gracious to us, and gracious to me.

My parents were loving in every way. My Father, a Great Warrior for the Sky City of Kelethin, my Mother, the Rose of every flower. Her red hair glistened in the sunlight to greet me, and shined in the moonlight with every kiss goodnight. Things were calm and peaceful then, And I ran across the bridges with glee. Meeting every guard with a cheerful grin, and every merchant with a friendly smile. My people made me happy.

As I grew older, I learned of how life was, and how it wasn't. The dreams I dreamt were no longer so when I learned of how Norrath was. It was something that almost killed me... inside.

My Father guarded the Sky City in the night time. His job was simply to lead and direct others, and guard the city from an invasion from Crushbone. I had heard stories of these orcs. Mean and nasty they were, they made gibberish speech from pigish sounds. When I had heard the guards talking about them, I became instantly frightened. The Crushbone orcs were moving insistantly closer to what I called my beautiful home. They feared there might soon be an invasion of the foul beasts, and they feared for their families, loved ones, and themselves.

The orcs had become increasingly strong in numbers. Emporer Crush and a devlish dark elf they called D'vinn had been producing more and more orcs. These orcs were stronger, faster, and more fierce than any the guards had come across.

There were times we would see our kind carrying Wood Elf's in from patrol. They had been the unfortunate recipiants of seeing these orcs, and had fallen in battle. I could see the look in my Father's eyes. Filled with rage they were, unlike any I had ever encountered before. It frightened me at times with the way he would speak. He never yelled, just spoke very sternly. And every night he would kiss my Mother and myself Goodnight, for hopes it would never be good bye.

I was the young age of 57, and studying the ways of the Minstrel. I excelled in my studies, as I enjoyed music, and all the benefits with it. I swore one day I would be out, side by side with my Father, fending off foul beast from invading our Glorious city. If I spoke of my dreams, my Father would never put me down, but yet chuckle and smile. I don't believe he would ever want me to be side by side in battle with him, but he was glad I was learning an art that could save us.

It was upon one night, My father was just having his breakfast after his meditation, before heading out on his nightly duties. It was a peaceful evening, and I watched the Lightening bugs flicker around our tree home, and the trees. The ground seemed lit in a flourescent coloring of them, which always calmed me. That is until we heard it..

The call went out to bear arms! The orcs were approaching hard and fast. My Father jumped out of his chair, and began to throw his armor on. My Mother frightful, and almost in tears. I ran to my bedroom to look out the window, to see if I could see anything in the dark of night. I could see the light from the lightening bugs that so calmingly lit the ground growing dark quickly. I jumped to my feet in sheer alarm, and ran into the main room to find my Father in full armor, and ready to leave.

"Papa! I can help you!" I said in a startled voice. I was afraid but ready to face battle with him!

"Alas, my young sweet child, you are too young to go along on this adventure," he said. With that said he kissed my forehead, and walked out of the open door. I looked to my Mother, tears streaming down her face. She was as frightened as I was. She knew the risks my Father faced every time he went out, and what horrible dread maybe awaiting him.

That night I could hardly sleep, awaiting the welcoming sound of my Father's footsteps, as I listened to a battle rage in the west.

*More to come, I'm just tired, :)*

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2004 2:50 pm
by Saphirone
I don't know how I got to sleep that night, but I did. My dreams, restless in nature, and highly frightening in another. They consisted of things gone completely wrong in all senses of the word.

In my dreams, I could see the light in the West from the Castle of Crushbone burn brighter. My people feared for their lives, and most could not keep their composure. The guards were bringing in more dead than alive, and in my dream, my Mother searched all the corpses for my Father.

"I do not see him here. Where is he?" She asked herself over and over. It was almost as if she had gone mad, not quite knowing real life from fantasy. She walked around with a shawl on, and then every once in a while, she would complain of being too warm.

"Mother, why don't you remove your shawl. For it isn't cool out this day," I told her.

"Child!" She yelped. "It is even too cold for you! Why are you out here?" Her voice was cold and unfeeling. I could feel no love from her. It was odd. I had never felt such distaste from someone for me in my entire entity. It was almost as if the world were dying, and the God's had turned their backs to us. With that, my Mother turned away from me, and continued to stumble accross the bridges of our Sky city, unknowing where her love was.

I looked around. The bodies seemed endless, as if they were multiplying like flowers in the spring. Except these bodies were not flowers.... they were bloody, limbs hanging out from underneath blankets and capes. Some limbs were put on top of the bodies they belonged too. My people are usually very particular about approaching and dealing with the bodies of dead, but now it seemed as though they were just doing anything they could just to keep the filthy pigs from ripping my people's bodies limb from limb to hang as trophies.

I began to feel sorry for my Mother, in her aimless attempt to find my father, as he had not checked in, so I began to assist her. I sang the song of the dead, giving my respects as I looked under the items covering the bodies, searching for the one who helped give me my life. I saw friends, and distant family, and tears began to fall unwillingly down my cheeks as I continued to sing.

I don't know how long I looked or how many bodies I had looked over, while I could still hear swords clanging in the west, ever drawing closer, and never ending. I began to look under one body, I saw a sword fall out that I recognized. It startled me so, I awoke in a startled gaze, as I could hear my heart pounding.

I looked out of my West window, and I could see the light in the West grow. The sun had not yet rose, and I was losing faith quickly.

*Ok Guys, more later, LOL*

Posted: Sat Nov 20, 2004 9:25 pm
by dakukimonster
sapphhy i want somethig to read before monday =p so i will have something to read in 3rd block

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2004 7:44 pm
by Saphirone
sorry Got busy again, more soon.. (Just as soon as my fingers unfreeze from this blasted weather!)

Posted: Mon Nov 22, 2004 8:01 pm
by Secksiee
Loving the story Saphi.. really got me wanting more *grin*

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 5:11 am
by Saphirone
I tried desperately to go back to sleep. Even with my eyes shut, my imagine ran wild, and I could see the fight taking place, as if it were right there beside my bed. I tossed and turned, but to no avail was I able to sleep. With my eyes open, I could see the light in the west grow ever more brighter. It was no ordinary light, nor that of any good, but yet it was eery. As if it were filled with death, pain, and constant strife.

Thru out the night, as I laid in my bed, I could hear the call, almost upon the hour, to bring out more men, as the my kin were dying almost as quickly as they could get more out. I sat up in my bed, and I could see the bright eery light from the west shine, but I saw also torches, coming and going from my city. I could see the ground, and I could see the bodies of my kin. "Oh Tunare, this can not be happening!" I whispered to my Goddess, as tears welled up within my eyes. I could not swallow the lump that had permanently embedded itself in my throat, nor could I get the pain of the knot in my stomach to ease. I prayed, and prayed more, but I felt no relief. I was now no longer tired, but upset. My peaceful ways were quickly becoming filled with chaos around me, as my imagination ran in different directions, with different scenerios. I could only imagine what the beautiful city would look like after daylight rose... If it would rise at all.

I tried desperately to pull myself away from the site in my window. The room was dark, and the light seemed almost blinding. But my body would not budge. As if it had wanted me to see this for some strange reason. I know not why, only that it is. My eyes grew wider with every call, and then fear took hold of me. I went into a frantic frenzy, when the realization that my father was still out there took hold. I lept up from my kneeled postion by the window, and began to put what armor I had on. I knew not of what I was going to do, only that I had to do something.

The breastplate, the gauntlets, my instruments.. All of them into my bandolier so they could be easily used at a moments notice. My boots, my helm, my plated leggings... All upon my body to keep me from what harm I could. Then I felt a hand upon my shoulder.. "Child," I heard a faint whisper, and it startled me so that I turned around as quickly as I could!

"Mama! What are you doing awake?" I asked my Mother. Her red hair was down, and a shawl wrapped around her shoulders. The lump in my throat grew tighter, almost cutting off my breath as I felt that I had had a vision more than a dream. Her soft eyes could not console me this time, I felt.

"I should be asking you the same, child, for I wish of you not to wonder outside our home, but yet to sleep. You are still too young to be facing the wrath of war," My Mother said, choking on almost every word.Her face, I could see, was trying to be strong, but I knew she was as ready to break at a moments notice, like myself.

"I have to do something," I spoke softly. Tears fell from my young peeked face, as I could not control them. I looked away trying desperately to hide them, but as any Mother, Mama knew what I was thinking, and what I was doing.

"The dead are coming in, there is no hiding that from you. But I beg of you not to be one coming in, never to speak to me again." Mother spoke softly, but her voice shook, almost in terror. She was just as afraid as I, but trying just as depserately as I to hide it. "Child, please. Try and sleep. Morning will come, and all will be well," she tried to console me. But take it would not.

"How can I?" I almost yelled out. It startled my Mother, for it was not within my nature to be angry towards her. "Our people are dying, how can you sit here, and do nothing! You know the ways of the Ranger. Yoa re highly skilled! Are you not compelled to go out and protect our home with your arrows, and your spells?"

My Mother then looked away. Tears were falling from her face. She looked out the West Window of my room as she spoke. "Yes, compelled I do feel. But my wisdom takes over me, and I know it is better to stay here." She looked to me yet again. "Your Uncle has told me that reserves have been called from all the good people of Norrath. The only healers we have had so far are the druids, and they are coming in droves as quickly as they can. Clerics are coming from Rivervale, and even the Humans are sending thier best Paladins to aid us. The warriors of Halas have sent word that they will be here by morning. We are not alone in this fight."

"Then I should be out there as well, to fend off what I can until they arrive," I stated, as clearly as I could. I now had hope where there was none. "I should be out there helping Papa!" My mother hugged me, and held me strong in her embrace.

"Not this time, I beg of you child. You are still too young." And that is when I felt the harmony of the Mother over come me. I was relaxed, and felt calm. It was almost as a trance, as I felt my mother lay me in my bed once more.

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 9:41 am
by Saphirone
As the sun rose within the east, the warmth of it filled my room, as I began to come out of my trance. I was still a little groggy, and noticed I still had my armor on.

I could hear halfing clerics in the Glenn calling out for more dead. Thier voices were high pitched, with a slight accent to them. As I began to get out of my bed, my head ached a bit, and I stumbled over my bandolier. I made my way to the west window, and noticed the light in the west was not brighter than I had remembered it during the night, but rather the same. However, the blue sparkles of healing spells were catching more of my attention from around the sky city. "Get this one up and ready, he's good to go!" I heard a voice squeal from outside my tree home. I could tell it was a halfing per her accent. I looked desperately around outside to if I could see her, but to no avail.

"Ahh, it is time you rose, child," I heard my mother say as she entered into my room. As I looked to her, I could see her eyes were weary from looking into the candlelight of the night, as her usualy soft look had turned to utter worry during the night. "I'm very sorry for having to stop you last night, but I'm afraid I could not lose you into the night as well."

"Papa.." I said to myself. I rose to my feet in a stumble. "Where is Papa? Has he come home?" I could feel the lump building in my throat again, along with the knot in my stomach. Tears began to well in my eyes. I feared the worse had happened.

"Child, did you fear I would not be here to wake you this morning?" My father's voice brightened the room as he walked in. His armor dity and stained with blood from the battle. He looked upon and smiled. "Did you think you were not going to see me again?" He asked again as he kissed my forhead.

"Papa!" I exclaimed. I was overjoyed! I had so feared my dream was a vision, and that I would not see him return. I jumped up from my spot in the window, and thru my arms around him. I had never in my whole life been so happy to see my father return in the morning light. Tears fell from my face, not from sadness, but from joy and happiness. "I wanted to fight with you, Papa. I wanted to protect you!" I sobbed onto his shoulder.

My father held me near, as he tried to calm me. "Child, I would not have wanted you out there. And I would have worried more if you had been. You were safe here, and your Mother was right to keep you here" he calmly yet softly spoke into my ear. "This war is not yet done, and I will not have you out defending our home unless absolute need be."

"Please tell me your not going out there again? Please, Papa, please tell me you won't leave again," I cried as I hugged him tighter. It seemed ike an eternity, but yet only a second before he answered me.

"I'm sorry child, I will have to. There are many others who need protection as well. Our kin as well as other Norrathians. It is my duty to protect not only our family, but other families as well," he said as he held me tighter.

That is the morning I cried to Tunare to banish the evil ones from our land. I felt so violated that my Father had to go out and battle, and leave me behind...

*More to come later, just forewarning, it may be a while. Took me almost a year to pick this story back up again, hehe*

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2005 2:35 am
by Tsekande
With arrows, elemental energy, and Tunare-knows-what-else flying through the air in the battlefield that was her homeland, Mita was keeping her head down low to avoid getting hit by them. For she knew from experience that some casters are pretty wild slinging thier spells. Infact it was darn near impractical to stay in elf form - so she ducked behind a tree and said the ancient words to take on the form she revered the most: the wolf.

A whole new perception met Mita's senses now that she was in the form of the predator - she could the whispered petitions of the clerics to the various gods that were healing the wounded a good distance behind her; smell the different types of blood that was spelled - Mita was surprised to learn that blood-scent was different for different species; and she could feel the energies of this war much more keenly on her fur then she could have in her elven skin.

The yells, screams, and cries were much more sharply defined in her lupine ears - and some of them made Mita wince. As she turned her gaze of the battle to find an high elf paladin fighting three orcs...he was gallant, sure, credit to that uppity racial cousins of the Fier'Dal, but Mita figured it was time to even the odds. With a whine, she casted a long lasting heal on the Koada'Dal; with a snarl, she called for the plants of the forest to entangle the orcs; and with a full howl, she called upon the rage of the skies to strike down one of the orcs, killing it instantly. While the paladin dealt with one, Mita charged at the other, leaping to place her fangs deep in the orc's neck.

The orc was surprised; he must've not have expected this attack and that gave Mita a few seconds to put more strength in her bite - before the orc slammed his club in her ribs, dislodging her. She yelped as she landed on her side, struggling to get up as fast as her broken ribs would allow. She barely got up and moved out of the way of the club's path - Mita realized while this orc was stupid as he was persistant - and dodged again. But she was more determined then he and she proved it with a spell she snarled that set the orc ablaze with fire, ending his life. A few seconds later the Koada'Dal paladin finished off the other brute and turned to give Mita a quick salute with his blade as he ran towards more orcs.

Mita mentally sighed at the paladin as she spit out blood. "Well, at least the taste of my own blood took out the taste of orc." she thought, as she casted a spell to heal her busted ribs. After a few fleeting moments in meditation and a prayer of thanks to her goddess, Mita felt alot better and ran to the front lines, casting heals to the ones fighting for her homeland, and staying out of plain sight - something that any Fier'Dal worth their salt knew how to do - melting in the forest came natural to her.

As she approached a group of human paladins bearing the symbol of Mithaniel Marr on them, she was startled by a yell from a particular man. The sound of man's voice froze her in a grip of rage and fear, for it harkened her back to that night she once spent in an inn in North Freeport. The night she was contrary to the idea of sleeping in the open like it was in her custom to do; so she went to the Jade Tiger's Den to spend the night.

She was enjoying the small talk and atmosphere of the inn, they also served excellent ale as well. It was clear in hindsight that one man had an creepy interest in her, but with her mind abit muddled by ale at the time, Mita thought he was harmless, just overly friendly perhaps. It wasn't until she was awake suddenly by a hand over her mouth in the small hours of the day being overpowered by him and then the horror that happened...Mita shook her head to clear her head. How in the name of the God of Justice can he be in Mithaniel's service?!? She had told no one about that night for she was too ashamed that happened...but mercifully there was not a child conceived that night either.

Mita focused herself back to the present and the battle at hand. It would be stupid of her to outright kill him in the presence of his peers; but on the other hand no one would question her if she did not heal they were overwhelmed by orcs, Mita kepted healing the other humans but not him. But to her annoyance, he was healing himself; but the rest of the humans with thier numb senses could not pinpoint their benefactor in the underbrush nearby. Soon they succeeded in killing those orcs, and the horns were heard on the orc's side calling in was a temporary, Mita knew, they were husbanding thier strength for the next night. But as the humans were walking off the bloodly battleground, Mita gathered her courage and snarled a plea to have the plants of the forest to ensnare the man responsible for her pain.

A gasp of surprise came from him, and the rest of his squad turned to face him. Mita growled a spell to retake her elven form, grateful for duller senses then the wolf for once and stepped out in plain view.

"What's the meaning of this?" demanded the leader of the Mithaniel Marr paladins. "We lended aid to you, and this is how you treat us?!?"

"Oh, this isn't about ingratitude, Knight of Mithaniel," answered Mita, her eyes wild with rage. "This is about an injustice that happened to me by that man. How can you have favor of your god while being in company who by his actions spits on everything you hold sacred?"

The leader looked at the knight in question and saw as Mita saw, the fear in her perpetuator's eyes as he recognized her. "I don't know what this wild elf wench is talking about!" He denied, his face flushed.

"Wench? That's how you think of women?" countered Mita hotly, "Women are nothing to you, just something for the taking for your own pathetic needs reguardless if they what they want? You think that women are weak?" Mita walked up to him, fury barely checked. He flinched.

When she was a little bit more then an arm's length away, she looked over her shoulder to his Leader. "So tell me, Leader of this noble man" Mita said with her voice dripping of sarcasm then changing to a tone of challenge, "are there any other accounts of him having his way with women by force? For these worms often are too cowardly to acquire a woman's affection properly."

"There were allegations of that and more," replied the Leader hesitantly. "But..."

"But what?!?" yelled Mita, "You allowed this injustice to spread like a plague by believing the words of this worm? By Tunare, the Tribunal, yes, and Mithaniel Marr, as my witnesses, I demand justice! Since you think a women's dignity has less value then a man's word, I demand trial by combat!" Then Mita backhanded the perpetator hard, sending him to the ground. "I will see him in the field of honor, in three days, for I feel it would be wrong to spill his blood after he assisted my people. But make no mistake, he is not welcome here. Send him home to prepare for his death!"

Then standing closer to him, Mita hissed, "You'll learn who's stronger then, fool."

"Your words have been heard and witnessed, milady," said the leader of the group formally, "and it will be heeded to the letter. As an knight of Mithanieal Marr is sickens me that a man in my company is found wanting." Murmurs of agreement came from the other human paladins, with gasps and whispers from the crowd that gathered. Mita inwardly cringed. She already had a reputation of sorts, and this little confrontation probably cemented the belief that she was a druid with an disposistion of an wildfire.

Mita sighed, and knew from past experience that this will cause her to be summoned again before the council at the Soldiers of Tunare hall. With that comes another round of debates of beliefs and proper conduct for a druid...

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2005 5:39 pm
by Tsekande
Tsekande and his tiger warder, Trouble, just got into the Greater Faydark courtesy of a wizard who humored him, for he wanted to travel "the old fashion way". The Eurdite wizard muttered something darkly that Tsekande didn't quite hear before he promptly left via some other spell. Tsekande just grinned at Trouble for it was always fun to pick on the geniuses of the humans for they often lacked a sense of humor.

"What ye laughin' 'bout ye overgrown tabby?" said a gruff voice behind him. "What's so stinkin' funny?!? The elves are fighting for dere homeland and ye are just standing around giggling?"

"Huh?" remarked Tsekande as turned around, looking surprised. Seeing no one there, Tsekande stole a look at Trouble and shrug. Who was talking to him?

"Down 'ere, ye blasted cat!" Then the dwarf smacked the Tsekande's shin by the flat side of his axe. Tsekande looked down and noticed the dwarf with red hair and a short beard, while rubbing the sting out of his shin. "Ooops, sorry about that." Tsekande apologized. "I just came here, and was laughing at the joke I played on that wizard. I heared rumors of the orc's war and came down here to see what was actually going on and see what I can do to help. I take it, mister, you know where they could use a good beastlord? After all, I am fond of the Koada'Dal people and attack on thier homefront might as well be an attack on mine! Oh, before I forget the manners my sire drilled into me, the name's Tsekande Troublepouncer, and that tiger friend of mine's Trouble."

"He's trouble?" asked another dwarf, with blond hair and his beard braided in two braids. "We got enough trouble already, doan need anymore..."

"No, no, no, Griff, that's tiger's not trouble, his name is Trouble. Have ye not heard of Tsekande and his warder? Och, man, ye deaf? Doan you hear the what the Vah Shir is sayin'?" interrupted the red haired dwarf. "Tsekande, we would be more then happy to show you the way - by the way you can call me Daemain."

Tsekande peered at Daemain. "You heard of me? How? I was not aware that I had a reputation." Tsekande sighed, for there's no telling what stories, if any, that the dwarf had heard...well, there's one way to get a dwarf to open up but that requires a lot of rounds of stout drink at a good inn. "Lead on, Daemain. I'll follow you."

Daemain shouted to his troops and they all started marching, double time, to the frontlines. Tsekande had no problems keeping up with them, but was relieved to learn that they were running almost the same speed as him - and he had called upon the wolf spirits for speed before coming here!

What a sight it was! From the tall levels of Kelethin that was closest to the battleground there was wizards, mages, and other practicioners of "The Art"; paladins in shining armor on horseback off to the sides lined up in perfect formation; rangers standing ready in the trees and on high ground bows cocked back and ready; berserkers could be seen mixed in the ranks of monks, warriors and beastlords; shamans, clerics, and druids behind the line of scrimmage calling upon the gods to favor them; and the howl of wolves, some Barbarian warders, others Tsekande suspected were the more combat oriented druids impatient for the battle to begin. Tsekande looked around and noticed the races: Fier'Dal, Koada'Dal, Dwarf, Barbarian, Human, Half-Elf, Halfling, Gnome and a speckle of Vah Shir and Eurdite.

"Wow," thought Tsekande, "For once I had perfect timing! This will be a battle I won't soon forget." Tsekande made his way to the middle formation made of warriors, other beastlords, and berserkers. Some people he knew and nodded to. Some folks he didn't know but trusted they'd be watching his back as he would be watching thiers. Tsekande heard a some grumbling from below to find an halfing warrior complaining about Trouble's huge size. Tsekande shook his head as he continued his focusing a spell that brought him into a near frenzy....then they came.

The orc horde came out of the mists, as moonlight illuminated the various sizes of orcs. The gibberish growls, and yowling from the thousands strong throats were disconcerting to be the least. Tsekande guessed that it was ten orcs for everyone that showed up to save the elven homeland from these brutes. Granted, they clashed the night before, but these orcs didn't care for thier weapons nor armor very well - Tsekande could smell old blood and rotting flesh from being downwind of them, making him want to gag.

But coming from one of the side formations of paladins, rode a Koada'Dal in the most impressive armor Tsekande has ever seen. His white horse was lively and spirited, complementing perfectly the gleaming armor that practically glowed in the moonlight. As his horse reared, he raised his sword - crafted by the finest weaponsmith in Felewithe and shimmering with magic, Tsekande thought - he rallied the troops:

"Warriors of Norrath, I thank you for coming to our aid in our direst hour. Tonight, we will show the forces of evil that the good people of Norrath will not be afraid nor shall we allow our cities fall and let choas be the rule of the day! By spell, by blade, let the orcs know that the good people of Norrath will not be swayed!"

There were the sounds of horns and drums as the orcs came closer...the were marching at first, then they started to run, screaming, towards the ranks of the defenders of Kelethin. The Koada'Dal Paladin brought down his sword and yelled for the charge, the two sides of battle crashed into each other like two opposing waves; the 2 flanks of paladins galloping off to the sides of the orc horde forcing them to compress in the middle. Meanwhile the air became charged with arcane energy as the wizards and other spell casters started summoning elements of ice, fire, and lighting on the orc horde, cutting down many as they stood. The ranger's arrows flew straight and true to their marks; the beserkers danced the dance of death slaying the orcs they crossed blades with, sometimes hurling thier axes to finish off a running foe; and many a warrior stood thier ground, falling many, screaming thier taunts for more orcs to come follow thier dead comrades.

It was exhilarating and insane at the same time for Tsekande as he was fighting; they were persistant despite thier poor gear. As Tsekande slammed his hammer in one orc, breaking his ribs and Tsekande's barbed knuckles crushing another orc's neck, killing him off - he smelt of burnt flesh, a victim of an wizard no doubt. Tsekande could hear the roars and snarling of Trouble; Trouble was having a little difficulty felling the three orcs on him despite his powess.

After Tsekande finished one off, he couldn't make it to Trouble for another one jumped in his way and had to be dealt with quickly as well. But Tsekande seemed to garner the attention of more orcs, finally dawned on Tsekande that he couldn't help his warder, he grew enraged. Snarling he called to the halfling warrior, "Hey you, yeah you shorty with the hairy feet and the pig poker, mind giving my warder a hand? For it appears you're not very busy at the moment!"

"Fine, I'll do it, but you owe me one!" yelled the halfling, running to the orc facing Trouble but his back was open to the dimunitive warrior. The halfling leaped and drove his blade in the back of the orc; not a bad plan if the orc wasn't so big! The orc screamed in pain and spun around trying to dislodge his attacker - but the orc wasn't successful in his endeavor and the halfing wasn't letting go of his family heirloom. Trouble reared up and gave a powerful swipe to the orcs head, breaking his neck. The orc felled on top of the halfling, now pinned by the weight of the brute. Trouble didn't take notice, he was busy finishing off the other orc, but Tsekande heard that halfing's swearing, along with some dwarves who could be heard laughing while swinging thier hammers and axes, falling thier ancient foe.

Tsekande started to make his way to the pinned halfing, dodging and weaving his way through the fighting masses. As Tsekande pulled off the corpse off the halfling, Tsekande offered his clawed hand to the guy, helping him to his feet; and quickly said thanks while murmuring a healing spell for his small friend. Then Tsekande took stock of Trouble's wounds and saw that they were already healing; Trouble was able to fight and more then willing to fight.

The fighting seemed to go on and on through out the night; sometimes Tsekande would direct Trouble to assist another warrior who had one too many orcs on him; sometimes Tsekande turned around to find a orc behind him falling dead by the halfling's blade with a big grin on his face. Tsekande would then shrug, grin at the halfling, and then attacked the next orc. Tsekande didn't cast many spells save for heals - ancestors know there were plenty others on the battlefield in need of the healers - so he kept his focus on keeping him, Trouble, the halfling and anyone else he noticed healed while the battle wore on.

Tsekande's mind soon became endless haze; he movements became unconcious muscle memory from years of training; in his ears sounds of battle sounded as if everyone was far away from him and distorted some how as if in a dream. When the orcs sounded the retreat for them to go back to their stronghold, Tsekande did not hear it, but kept chasing and killing the orcs until the halfing snapped him out of it by giving him a big yank on his tail.

"Wha-" mumbled Tsekande utterly exhausted, stumbling side to side until he collapsed. Before unconciousness overtook him he remembered the worried look of the halfing, his warder looking over the halfling's head, and in the blurred distance some Koada'Dal elves running towards him...

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 7:50 am
by Saphirone
My father was sipping tea, while standing by the door. The battle had calmed a bit, and the orcs had even sounded a retreat, which we had heard within the tree tops, but the look on my Father's showed me that this battle was still far from over!

My Mother's graceful movements around our home seemed mobilized, and I knew she desperately needed to meditate. But I dared not to speak, for fear of breaking the silence between the three of us. My Father and I were still clad in our armor, but while he was resting, I tried desperately to find a way to walk out the door, and protect our home.

Finally, the silence was broken. "We need some help gettin' dis ere' furry tang up dere'!" It was the voice of a dwarf! And soon followed the voices of a halfing, and several of our cousin kin. "Can we get a bard down here to make this any faster? This Vah Shir needs assistance!"

I stood up without a moments notice! My time had come to be of assistance, and I ran out the door, Bandolier in hand, and my Father following closely behind. I guess in his own way, he wished to protect me from everything, but knew that I was needed desperately. I came barreling out of our home, and down the ramps towards the lift of the Priest of Discord. I could see from high above the Priest look at all that was going on, but not offer a hand. I could also see all of the bodies below that still had yet to be brought back to life with the assistance of the cleric.

As I found my way to the lift, I began to sing the song of Selo's. It lit the area around my Father and I, as the lift began to descend. The ground was lit with beautiful blue stars as the clerics were hard at work healing and bringing those fallen back to life as soon as they could. That's when I saw something I had never seen in all my days! "Father, is that a cat? like a tiger cat?" I asked, absolutely stunned at the size of this beast!

"Aye it is, and mind you I don't like you down here, so do as your told, then back up home with you!" My Father scolded me a bit, which I didn't appreciate, but it was not within my nature to disobey, but to love, tolerate, and accept. Those are the things that my Mother had taught me, when she thought I might be a ranger with my nimble toes, light feet, and skill with a Bow and Arrow.

As the lift sat upon the ground, I continued to play my song, while our kin cousins and a halfing loaded the beast on to the lift. "Take it up, we need to get him up there. The clerics down here are too busy! Find us a druid!" I heard one of them call out. I recognized him as my Sylvan Cousin, Nimawaeyn. I could tell he had seen much of battle, as his armor was stained with orc blood, and also the blood of his own people. His face was no longer the noble Paladin Face which smiled upon me as a little girl, and that of a pupil, but hardened, and worried. He didn't look at me, but I saw him, and the rest of them, as they desperately tried to revive the Vah Shir beast. The lift began to reach our home, and I played as hard as I could for whenever the lift stopped, so the Norrathians could take the beast quickly to the Hall of Druids to be helped.

It seemed like an eternity getting up to our city, but yet only just a split second before the lift stopped. The occupants of the lift began to hurry thru the city, making thier way thru the wounded there. My Father stayed by my side the entire time, always as a reminder that he wished for me not to take part of this war, and he was Father protecting me.

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Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2005 5:52 am
by Tsekande
As Mita stormed to the lift in Kelethin that the Priest of Discord tend to favor, she heard Nimawaeyn's demand for a druid. So she walked up to the Koada'Dal and tapped him on the shoulder. "You were looking for me?" Mita asked. "Um, well, no..." hesitated Nimawaeyn. "Oh really? Did you not ask for a druid? Do you really have the luxury to be so choosy?" replied Mita, giving him a disarming grin. "Looks like you have your hands full with Tsekande, so who do I report to?"

As Mita looked at the Vah Shir she knew, she was glad it appears that the beastlord wouldn't need too much fussing by a cleric - hopefully - but a place to rest as he came back to the living. There was no spell to bring back the unconcious back to the light of day, something that Tsekande had to do himself. Mita hoped that he would recover swiftly. Mita bent over to pull one of Tsekande's ears to her as she whispered to him to return. She then affectionately tugged that ear a few times with a surprising gentleness.

"Mita, I didn't even know you had a heart." said a quite surprised Nimawaeyn quietly. "What, a heartless druid in service of Tunare?" answered Mita softly, half absorbed in her thoughts. "Nimawaeyn, you don't know that Vah Shir. He's the biggest softie you'll ever see. He'll make anyone who knows him for awhile to have a heart, even if they do choose to keep it hidden. Sometimes I think he knows me better then he'll let on."

Mita noticed a young bard and waved hello to her and nodded at her father. "Okay, Nimawaeyn, who do I report to?" Mita demanded, sounding much like her reputed self, the delicate side that was shown moments ago vanished. Nimawaeyn inwardly sighed, wishing that soft side of Mita was more predominant then the tempest that was her. "Jaeylina is the cleric in charge - she's somewhere on the battlefield, needing a druid to assist in healing so she can focus on bringing back to life the brave souls that she can. I'm sorry, but I don't know..."

"Where she is in that bloody battleground?", hastly interrupted Mita. "I'm a druid, remember? Got to love it, you demand services of a druid then forget what I am. I can track. Leave it to me to find where she is - it's not hard anyways since you Koada'Dal don't know how to properly walk in the forest anyways. Well, I'm off!" Mita then called on the wind so she could run in the air, and in the next breath recited the ancient words to become a wolf. After a moment of checking the wind, she was running off to the battleground.

Nimawaeyn sighed outloud, "How do the Soldiers of Tunare deal with such a maelstrom of a druid?" The warrior father mindful of his musically inclined child's presence replied, "Mita has a...unique...perception of Tunare - or so it's said - but it stills causes conflict in the Druid's guild." "Papa, why doesn't Mita believe in Tunare like the rest of us does?" asked the young bard as she looked confused. "Wasn't she raised like me and taught the same things?" "Yes, my precious child, she was.", replied her father. "But why her beliefs changed remains a good question I feel that will be revealed soon." Nimawaeyn looked at the Fier'Dal warrior. "The leaders of the Soldiers of Tunare are summoning her? Is she to be cast out of the guild?!?"

The warrior looked to his daughter and told her to go help the Koada'Dal and company to find a place for the huge Vah Shir to recover. After some protests, the bard followed her father's wishes and it was obvious that she wanted to stay to hear the reply of that question! A fellow Fier'Dal casted out of her avocation assembly?!? How scandalous!

After his daughter was out of earshot, he replied, "Rumors indicate that could be a distinct possiblity. But it'll be known for sure real soon. The elders of the Soldiers of Tunare are discussion what to do with Mita, especially since the spectacle she created after the last battle with the Knights of Mithaniel Marr. For that was very embarrassing to say that least, but if her allegations are true, that would put the elders in a very precarious position: for she's been home and checked in with her elders often and they never noticed her pain. That looks bad on them. For they failed to look after and nuture one of thier own."

Nimawaeyn agreed, "That would look bad on them - they might find that her beliefs are uncompatiable and banish her as an heretic; despite they had a hand in shaping her that way." Nimawaeyn sighed. "Even banished, she would always be a druid and probably serving The Mother of All in her own way with more zeal then I've seen in awhile. I sense she's a good person underneath it all, despite what might have happened to her."