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Time for Reflection and Resolution

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 12:36 am
by Tsekande
Tsekande sprawled out, laying on his stomach on the roof of the shops in the Plane of Knowledge, resting his chin on a fist with the other hand absent mindedly scratching Trouble's ears as he watched people below him go in and out the main bank within a stone's throw of him, inquire about various services, and the fellowship among friends.

Granted it took quite a climb up the cliff face where the Library was on top of directly behind this building - and a levitation spell to run across space to the roof - but it was the best place in this plane to watch people. Most people never looked up to see him there; the only time they probably would have if they could hear Trouble's content purrs over the dim of merchants and people. But Tsekande figured out if one of the Fier'Dal couldn't discern Trouble's purrs in this racket, then no one probably could.

"But it's funny how when you're watching life, how I start thinking about my life", mused Tsekande quietly. As he watched the ebb and flow of people, he saw the faces and smelled the scents of people he knew among the strangers. With that brought back memories - memories that were good and bad, some that still caused a stab of pain.

Sensing a change of mood in Tsekande, Trouble rolled over and looked at him. Their eyes met and Tsekande sighed. It was impossible for a beastlord to hide his feelings from his warder; the bond between them went past life and death, an mystery that an Eurdite scholar could not explain. But it was something however that was accepted by the Vah Shir, for some engimas are meant to be known only to the ancestors.

Tsekande remembered his suicide, the result from the pain of betrayal by those who he once called friends complicated by the feeling of being haunted by the past of how things were when he was young. He joined the guild of his friend Izzumn was part of, only to have the fusteration of not feeling he belonged there eat away at him. It was in those dark times he gave away his belongings to a friend he had known since cubhood; Fleurlin, and then went back to the wilds of Luclin to end it all.

Rolling on his back and closing his eyes; he recalled when he met the spirits of his father and mother, and his family's matriach in the place of mists and darkness. They had deemed that it was not his time to take his place among them and that there was a purpose for his life; but they could not tell him what it was. Only Tsekande could discover it and fulfill his destiny.

Then he recalled waking up. Waking up to discover that a long time has passed since he was dead; that the world has changed alot since his absence....


Tsekande rolled to his side, clutching his stomach, tears welling up in his eyes. It smarted good to get the wind beat out of him like that - a sure sign that Trouble had more then enough of those emotions and obvious with Trouble having his ears layed flat with his fangs beginning to be bared, as the warder loomed over him. " Warders are sometimes wiser then the person they've bonded to", thought Tsekande, recalling the words of advice one of his elders said to him when he started his avocation.

Sitting up, Tsekande placed his hands on Trouble's shoulders and looked him in the eye. Tsekande managed a weak smile and told his faithful friend, "Okay, Trouble, I cut it out being that moody - so relax! Granted I'm not too sure what to do next save to take up on some advice some friends gave me a long time ago and check out the Celestial Navigators guild, and hope I'm not too late."

Tsekande then put his tiger warder in a headlock and rubbed his knuckles on the top of Trouble's head. "But I know one thing for sure: I have no excuse to give up on myself if you still think there's hope for me. So I'll make this pact with you, bud: I won't give up on hope, unless you give up on me...which is never with you, huh?" Tsekade said, grinning, back to his usual sunny demeanor as he released Trouble before the warder would demand it. "C'Mon, friend, let's get down and see what's to be seen today, eh?"

Tsekande chuckled as he leaped down and startled the merchants and thier customers as he landed almost perfectly - only to be shadowed by a huge tiger that had flawless grace in doing the same action. As he took a few wobbling steps with his arms waving wildly around to regain his balance, Tsekande laughed as he nearly tripped over his feet again. When he managed to regain his composure he walked off with Trouble following him.

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 3:36 am
by Venayven
WOW .. MAN WHAT A COOL STORY ! ! Tsekande , I hope to meet you and your kitty friend ..

Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 4:20 am
by Saphirone
Saphirone had just stumbled out of the guild hall, with her sister, Sevi, close behind. The two spoke about the child of Pallistous, and Freyelafey, and Saphirone's adventure with the Paladins of Celestial Navigators. The two spoke about the issues that had arisen within thier family, and of course how Saphirone did not approve of having Iksar within thier blood. Sevi seemed to laugh at Saphirone, thinking her older sister would never be as open minded as she.

As the two strolled past the common hall, and thru the corridors of thier beloved home, they stopped by the registrar's. "I have not looked upon new family members wishing to come home in a while, I think it is time to do so," Saphirone said to Sevi and she wondered to the board of applications. With Sevi following behind, Saphirone looked over the boards, sometimes simply browsing, and at other times, reading intensly, when she came across an application. "What's this?" Saphirone stated as her eyes widened.

"What is it? Sevi whispered as she looked over her sister's shoulder to read. "What's wrong?"

Saphirone looked more intensely at the particular application. "Oh sweet Norrath!" Saphirone exclaimed as she read more.

"What is it?! I demand to know, sister! Keep me not in the dark, for I wish not to be blind!" Sevi exclaimed with a bit more worry.

"Be blind not, sister, for I am not in peril," Saphirone whispered as she looked upon Sevi's pale face. "A friend... has come home," she stated with a happy smile upon her face.

"A friend? Who is this friend you speak of that I know not of. For from what I have seen, you have no friends, but only family," Sevi smirked.

Saphirone looked back at the application to make sure of her eyes. "Tis true, sister, but this friend has been my family long before you ever opened your eyes to the trees within the lands of the Greater Faydark."

"Oh?" Sevi smirked again, not believeing her sister. "How can this be? For I am almost as old as you are!"

Saphirone smiled at her sister. "Young one, where as you may be almost as old as I, and just as traveled, You have not known this Vah Shir, for he was a childhood friend of mine, whom showed upon me wisdom, love, and unconditional assistance in everything," Saphirone giggled as she turned away from her sister, to once more assure herself that she was seeing exactly what was before her.

Sevi began to read over her shoulder. "A Vah Shir that makes you giggle? What is this sister? You have prejudices against Iksar's, Human's, and constantly threaten gnomes and halfings, yet a Vah Shir makes you giggle? I believe you not!" Sevi thought she had made herself quite clear. Saphirone put her hand upon Sevi's shoulder.

"Sister, you know not of Tsekande. But soon you shall," Saphirone smiled, reassuring her sister. "You shall know that there are still some people wondering this realm that still believe in the old code."

The two continued speaking thru out the afternoon, as they began to wonder within the halls of the Celestial Navigators again.

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2005 7:06 pm
by Tsekande
Tsekande as he wandered through the Plane of Knowledge after coming back from a good fight to relieve the grimlings of thier acrylia and thier runes - his people could always use acrylia and some runes sold very well due to the higher quality of acrylia they were scribbled on - he had to satisfy his curousity. Has anyone in the Celestial Navigators looked at his application? Did anyone notice how much work it was for him to write so neatly and legible...

"There was only so much a Vah Shir can do before he has to find out what is consuming his curousity," Tsekande mused outloud,"before he has to know the answer!" Tsekande looked to Trouble and grinned. "We'll know sure enough old friend, if anyone read it. I won't have to touch it, I can probably tell who did look at it with a good sniff. After all, it wouldn't look good if I picked it up and pinned it in another spot, now would it? But just a little scent on my application should help satisfy my curiousity."

Tsekande entered the Celestial Navigator's hall, and sneaked to the application board, trying not to draw too much attention to himself. Trouble has no trouble padding quietly down the hall and into the room; Tsekande had some difficulty keeping his feet from tripping him up. A few times he stumbled, knocking into the wall with his shoulder - he was naturally a klutz, and didn't need any ale to improve on his clumsiness. But being nervous and on edge, did make matters worse though.

Tsekande had a feeling that he was being watched, but looking everywhere he couldn't determine who. Despite this nagging sense ringing in the back of his head, Tsekande located his application. Placing his hands behind his back, Tsekande carefully sniffed his application for any scent.

Stunned, Tsekande plopped down, all pretense of stealth forgotten, as he looked at Trouble in amazement. "Saphirone's scent?" whispered Tsekande. "Sweet Saphirone? Oh my, it's been forever since I've seen her." Saphirone's scent was unmistakable due to her very distinct perfume as well as the delicate scent that seems to be the racial basis of the Koada'Dal. "Man, Trouble, don't know about you, but I am most anxious to meet her again." Tsekande made a low whistling sound. "Those Koada'Dal women can make any woman of Norrath green with envy for they got it all: beauty, grace, and most of the them the most divine personalities. Even the ladies I've known the longest time, like Vitala, envoke the urge in me to just worship them. When Tunare made the Koada'Dal race, she made the women to be held sacred, I swear."

Tsekande got up and walked out of the Celestial Navigator's hall, oblivious to anyone and everyone. "You know Trouble, I'll admit I'm hopeless. I get all starry eyed and I'm like a cub when I'm around them, always eager to do my best when I'm adventuring with them, and praise from a Koada'Dal lady friend is better then the best crop of catnip."

Tsekande made his way to the slope outside the guild hall and laid down on the grass, with his hands behind his head and one knee up, staring at the sky. "But darn it Trouble, I got a problem again....who was that other lady Koada'Dal's scent on my application? I don't know her, but I guess all my snooping around won't answer that question. I guess I could write a letter to...nah, man, that would be ackward, now wouldn't it? Asking her who else saw my application that was the same race as she?"

Tsekande let out a long wistful sigh...sometimes it seems for every question answered there's at least one more question to take it's place!

Posted: Sat Sep 10, 2005 7:50 pm
by Fuddara
From her vantage point over the entance to the Celestial Navigators guild hall, Fuddara had a good view of all the people scurrying around the Plane of Knowledge. She could also see the guild hall's main foyer where those who were visiting had to sign in. Spending as much time as she did up here, she had seen many people come in with applications, hoping to be accepted into the ranks of the Celestial Navigators. She had seen a few old faces, of which she was pleased, and some new.

Of those new faces there was one that intrigued her the most, a Vah Shir beastlord. She had heard excited talk of this Vah Shir, Tsekande, in the guild halls. The wizards, Saphirone and Roladena, had spoken very highly of this one. Of course, she thought to herself, I'm not sure I've ever heard Saphirone say a bad word about another person! Roladena, on the other hand... if she doesn't like someone, she lets you know it!

Speak of the devil! Here comes this Tsekande now. Fuddara carefully watches the Vah Shir, as he nearly trips walking into the guild hall. I've never seen a clumsier Vah Shir in all my interactions with them. Even those silly Ogres and Trolls are rarely THAT clumsy.

Fuddara watches as Tsekande looks around in an attempt to spot his hidden watcher. Giggling softly to herself, she watches him half walk, half stumble over to the applicant board. She watches him take a careful sniff of his application, and then plop to the ground.

She listens as Tsekande talks to his warder about High Elf women and how much he adores them. He talks about the scent of another, one that is unknown to him. Thinking back to earlier that day, Fuddara remembers seeing Saphorone's sister, Sevi with her when she was purusing the applcations. So Tsekande hasn't met Sevi yet? Hehe, he will be in for a surpirse then, when he does.

As the Vah Shir leaves the guild hall, Fuddara decides that she needs to get to know him better. He seems like he may fit perfectly in the ranks, but being a rogue, she knows apperances are often decieving. She quietly places her Mask of Deception over her face, and dons her robes. She then stealthly drops to the floor, chuckling softly to herself, and wanders off to pay a visit to the Wizard halls.