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Dearest Sir Knight Kaldolur...

Posted: Sat Oct 09, 2004 3:25 pm
by Saphirone
I am inquiring as to the cleaning solution you may use in Paladin Hall. I see it makes your armor very nice, and before each battle as well. Would you be so kind as to give us a secret or two of yours?


Mistress Saphirone Twopoint'o
Wizard Hall of Celestial Navigators

*ok Ok I had to try it out, ROFL! I didn't know what it MIGHT be for and who actually might post here, but I know Sir Kaldolure does a lot of roleplaying, so I thought I might just give it a shot, LOL!!*

Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2004 8:26 am
by Saphirone
*Role play Bone, Roleplay, LOL*

*Saphirone walks into the Wizard Guild Hall with a couragous stride. As she gently places her staff in the Staff and Weapons holder by the well lit fire, she goes thru the messages of the Hall.*

"Junk mail, Junk Mail... Oh Blast it all! More Junk Mail!! I wonder when Fenwig will ever come and get his adorning fans letters. Silly Gnome..."

Seeing that she does not see anything for herself, Saphirone slumps towards her room in disappointment.

Posted: Wed Oct 27, 2004 2:21 pm
by Kaldolur
Sir Kaldolur sits, unceremoniously, in the middle of the common room floor of the Paladin Guild. He is surrounded by a cascade of various armour pieces (all dwarf-sized), several empty mugs of ale, an old stained t-shirt and a small, unlabeled jar of grey-silvery paste. He wraps his fingers with the t-shirt and dips it in the paste, hoists up a greave and begins to rub an area of the armor with small circular motions. As he works his deep voice can be heard as he begins to hum to himself...

"It's a-stounding... time is flee-ting..." His head bobs from left to right.

"A-hem... excuse me, sir?" A messenger stands in the doorway, trying (without much success) to keep from smiling.

Kal coughs loudly, wipes his mouth quickly with the t-shirt leaving a silvery-grey trail across his nose and cheek.

"Umm (cough) yes? How may I help you?"

"I have a message for you from Lady Saphirone, sir."

"Well don't stand there boy, let's have the message!" As the messenger crosses the room Kal mutters under his breath "That's the problem these days... you just can't find good help any more."

Kal snatched the note from the messenger, reached into his pocket and pulled out a coin for the man's troubles and took a step toward the roaring fireplace. He already had the note open and was reading by the time he grasped the coin. As a result, he absentmindedly tossed the man the dirty t-shirt with a hearty "thanks" and moved away, lost in the flowing elven script of the missive.

The messenger sighed, dropped the t-shirt to the floor with the rest of the clutter and slipped out the door silently. Kal, reading, began to speak to himself.

"She wants to know what we use to clean our armor! HA! Not some fancy elf-magic or brewer's potion to change the colors or repel the dirt of adventure, but good old fashioned elbow grease! That's the problem with high elf women being so pretty..." Here he shook his head with a grin. "...probably never heard of Brasso. HA!"

Kal folded the note with special care and tucked it into his shirt pocket. He moved back to his project on the floor and plopped himself back down in the middle of his mess. He hoisted the nearest mug, and glared at it's empty bottom. He was just about to roar for the butler to bring him some more when the elder dwarf appeared in the doorway carrying a tray of mugs foaming with Trumpy's finest.

"I'll just finish here and pay a visit to milady's wizard hall. Not sure if we can get that blue armor of hers to shine, but at least the company will be pleasant." He eyed the greave he had finished and then, without warning, picked up a full mug of dwarven ale and poured it over his work.

"HA! Never forget the secret ingredient!" And with that, he continued with his work, humming loudly to himself.

Posted: Sun Oct 31, 2004 4:12 pm
by Saphirone
Saphirone walks thru the Wizard Hall, aimlessly as usual, her long white hair waving about her head from her pony tail. As she approaches the fire a heavy knock is heard upon the Wizard Guild Hall door.

Saphirone turns to looks as she calls out in a meek high elf voice, "Who might be at my door?" A smile crosses her face as she hears the reply.

"Milady Saphirone, It is Sir Kaldolur, You sent word of cleansing armor?" Sir Kaldolur deep voice seemed comforting to Saphirone as she walked briskly to the door. As she opened the door, her slender hand welcomed him in as she bowed to his presence.

"Tis been a long time, Sir Knight, I have awaited a reply to my letter I sent. Were you able to answer my question, Sir Knight?" Saphirone asked with curious eyes and a welcoming smile.

Kaldolur begins to walk over to a chair by the fireplace, while he spoke. "I have Milady Saphirone, but I ask of only a drink before I begin."

"And a drink You shall have! We here have prided ourselves upon the Finest of brews in Norrath, Sir Knight," Saphirone exclaimed as she ran into the cellar. "Wait there, Sir Knight, And I shall be back!"

As Kaldolur finds his seat by the fire, he begins mumbling to himself, "That darn High elfie! Always as jitterly as a jitter bug! I have never known her to calm down!" He sits just as Saphirone is calling out one of her 'WOOTS!' and finds himself a bit unnerved, as it caught him off guard.

"Sir Kaldolur I have found some Short beer You may like!" Saphirone begins to run back into the recreation room of the Hall. Sir Kaldolur looked to her before she could get all the way thru the door.

"Short Beer?! Is that some kind of joke?" Kaldolur's eyes were kind, but stern at the thought of having to drink short beer. "Doth thou have any Monotaur's Brew, Milady?" Kaldolur had calmed down just a bit.

"Why, yes, Sir Knight, I was unaware you had a distaste for short beer," Saphirone said. Kaldolur could tell her feelings were hurt.

"My Apologies, Milady," Kaldolur said in a calming tone. "Short beer is fine, Milady," Kaldolur continued as he sat back into the soft chair by the fireplace.

"Wonderful!" Saphirone squealed with glee! The excitement had come back into her eyes as she hurriedly walked to Kaldolur, handed him his Short Beer, and sat in the chair beside him.

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2004 1:39 pm
by Pohl
Pohl walks through the Paladin common room, tripping on a dirty T-shirt and knocking over a jar of some sort of grey paste. The butler then enters and starts to pick up discarded empty mugs and steins.

Pohl asks the gnarled old dwarf, "What are you about my good man"

The dwarf answers, "Pardon, Sir I will just be a second. I am just tidying up here. Would you care for a mug of Trumpy's Ale?"

Pohl scratches his head and wonders when and where the Paladins aquired a butler. "Sure, my good man an ale would hit the spot rather nicely"

Pohl then notices a letter on the mantle. Not one to read other peoples correspondencence, he glances down anyway to see high elf script. Curiosity gets the better of him and he picks up the note and reads cautiously that someone might see him prying.

"Cleaning solution for armor..." He thinks to himself. That's odd. I always thought the best cleaner was the blood of your foes. Unless its dragon blood, that stuff seems to etch even good metal a bit.

Pohl walks over to the jar of grey paste and picks it up. Smells its contents. He then removes a bracer and picks up the dirty rag and begins to polish his bracer. After a few min the butler returns with a large mug of ale. He thanks the old man and continues to work on the bracer. Not sure if this is really worth the trouble tho, Im sure I will be replacing this old thing soon enough.

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2005 7:25 pm
by Fuddara
(Bored at work and finally reading this, I figured I'd add a bit to it.)

Sneaking around the various guild halls as usual, Fuddara spots a messanger walking away from the Paladin Hall mumbling fairly loudly about "stingy drunk dwarfs."

"I don't know," thinks the rogue to herself, feeling the weight of her coinpurse, "I've always found them to be quite generous when they are drunk."

Thinking there may be a drunk dwarf in the Paladin Hall, and always looking for an oppurtunity to make some money, she slinks through the still open door. There she sees Kaldolur, standing near the fire, saying something she cannot quite hear. As she starts to walk closer, he turns and starts walking in her direction. Thinking she has been spotted, she stands perfectly still... what would the others say if they knew she spent her nights exploring all the little areas of the guild hall? As she sees the dwarf sit down and continue the cleaning of his armor, she breathes a mental sigh of relief.

At this time, she spies a dwarf she has never seen before, walking towards the Paladin with a platter full of beer mugs. Paying careful attention to this new dwarf, she notices the way he moves, and the cautious look in his eyes. This is no ordinary butler, as a rogue herself, she is trained to recognize another who practices the craft. "This one might be dangerous," she thinks to herself. "I may have to talk to Qmaus, when he returns, see if he knows anything of this rogue from his homeland."

A noise breaks her concentration, and thought process. She realizes it is just Kaldolur, talking about a trip to the wizard guild hall, to teach someone to clean their armor. Pfft, who would want armor so shiny that they attract all that attention? Especially not the wizards, they attract enough attention with all those flashy spells! Soot from the fireplaces dulls armor just enough that you can fade into the shadows without a moments notice. If only others would realize that... maybe they wouldn't spend so much time in the hospital wing, with the priests attending to them.

Taking one last look around the hall, she watches Kaldolur poor Ale over his greaves, and hears him say: "HA! Never forget the secret ingredient!" Shaking her head at the dwarf's behaviour she leaves the hall, thinking it might be entertaining to watch him teach the wizards how to clean their robes. She decides that later on, she must follow him to the Wizard hall.

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2005 7:56 pm
by Fuddara
*later that evening*

Fuddara, from her vantage point in the rafters, spies Kaldolur leaving the Paladin Hall. "Awww, he must be on his way to the Wizard Hall," she thinks. Having not seen any suspicious activity, she decides it will be ok to follow him, and get a good laugh. Besides, it is time to take a break from patrolling, she was starting to get a little stiff anyway.

Just as she is about to drop to floor, she sees Pohl returning to Paladin Hall. "I wonder what he was doing out so late?" Oh well, that is something to ponder another time, I have other business to be about now. As he disappears through the door, she drops silently to floor, and pads off towards the wizards hall. On the way, she decides she has time, as the dwarf is strolling leisurely along, to make a quick check of the door to Rogue Hall. With a new, unknown rogue about, she must make sure the door is still securely closed, and the traps are still intact. A quick search of the blank wall assures her that all is well. The door is hidden so well, that even she sometimes has problems finding it.

She marvels, as always, at the grandeur of the Wizard hall. Even the entryway and doors are something to behold. Those wizards sure do know how to go all out. A short time after Kaldolur knocks thunderously on the doors, she hears a voice ask who is at the door. Awww, so it must have been Saphirone who sent the messenger to Kaldolur. This should be very entertaining indeed.

Fuddara slips in right behind Kaldolur, barely in time to miss being smushed by the doors closing. It's so bright in here, I will have trouble keeping myself hidden. As she looks around for a good hiding place, the high elf scurries off to find a drink for the dwarf. "Been drinking all night, and barely even tipsy," she thinks to herself, "those dwarfs sure can handle their liqour!"

Deciding her usual hiding place in the rafters will work well for tonight, she begins to scale the wall. The exchange between Kaldolur and Saphirone that ensues when she offers him a short beer is almost enough to make the rogue lose her footing. If the rest of the evening continues this way, she may laugh herself out of the rafters yet! Making it to the ceiling, she finds a comfortable perch and prepares herself for a fun evening.

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2005 4:32 am
by Saphirone
/ooc Weeeeeeeeeee!! I shall be attending to this later this evening, hehe