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Mighty Keegan's First Lumbering Steps

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 10:09 am
by Freyalafey
A somewhat dispointed Barbarian walks with heavy steps about her cabin which lay in the icy slopes of Everfrost. She lays down her stachels and unwraps the swaddled boy, still sleeping in her arms. She lays him down on the mat to continue sleeping while she reviews the days spoils. The piercing winds of EverFrost have made it difficult for even the most seasoned Barbarian to face the freezing elements today. Lo, after hours of hunting for skins, she comes back to the cramped cabin she built earlier that day. Finding that she has only a few skins for her troubles, she settles down to make some leather padding. In the distance she hears the muffled cry of her mighty son. When she turns her head to see if he is alright, she sees that the proud lad , of only 9 full moons, is standing tall with his arms raised to the ceiling!
"AH! My son! My strapping son! What mighty prowess you show to wield your legs! As all noble Barbarians do... Ah it is good to see you taking after our proud heritage! What ho? is that a step you just took?! Aye, Aye it tis! Your sure to be out running me by the next moon! "
She takes the boy in her arms and swirls him about. Then suddendly a bit of sober mood overtakes her.
"Aye it tis too sorrowful that your father could not see this day. Lo he be a slender man of the Grove, even his people, the Druids of the Southlands, value a steady foot. We must send word to him! But how? Tis too cold to attempt a trip to the South this time of year, and surely no southlander be this far north for with to send a message. Aye it tis up to our trusty wolf companion to find the way lo again."
She calls for Prowess, the faithful and loyal guardian spirit wolf of her tribe, and attaches a note addressed to Storm Warden Pallistous Ultornatura of the Surefall Glade.
"By might of the Heyokah I command you, proud and ancient spirit Prowess, to seek out this man and deliever unto him this message. Fail me not as you have never done so before!"
With those words the spirit quardian went with the bitter winds to the South.
"Aye my son, my noble Keegan Fyrebraid, this day you claimed your first true footing in the snowy lands of Everfrost, the land of the mighty Barbarians, and tis this day that your mother Freylafey Fyrebraid, Oracle of the Heyokah shall never forget!"


Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 12:38 pm
by Freyalafey
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Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 1:11 pm
by Pallistous
A cool day no doubt this day in Surefall Glades, but beautiful as everyday always is being protected from the terrible weather by a combination of the magic of The Great Bear and the steep peaks of the Everfrost Mountains. Pallistous is just returning home from one of his many daily chores, as he has many due to his vast knowledge of so many skills. Encumbered he drops his bags to the floor and looks to sit in his favorite chair. Spending his time as he does so many an evening relaxing in his chair, sitting before the many pictures of his beautiful son Keegan. Looking at each one with a smile, he thinks about the last time he saw his son. Reliving each moment of the time that he spent with him, lost in the memories, and in love with the idea of the next time he will get to see his strong young boy.
"HHOOOWWWWLLLLLLLL!!!!!" He hears from outside the walls of his home. "A wolf?" He thinks to himself. "That is truelly odd, as there are not any wolves that live with in the confines of Surefall Glades. Bears and fish a plenty I have seen with in these trees, but never a wolf." He says as he remembers that wolves are not held as to be valued by the residence of Surefall, and typically don't make it past the guards of the Surefall cavern. "I should look into this and see to this wolf in our glades."
He quickly rises and moves across the room grabbing his Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl and Nature Walker's Scimitar. Opening the door to his house he sees at his very step not a wolf, but the spirit of a wolf. "Prowess?" He questions.
The wolf stands there staring at Pallistous with an easied disposition. The frost and snow still heavy on his back. He begins to pant at Pallistous letting out a small "aurrroowwrraaa" letting him know that it was in deed him.
"Where is Freyalefey? Is she hear Prowess?" He asks the guardian spirit.
Prowess shakes his head, and begins to loosen the snow from his coat. As it falls to the ground he reveals a note that had been attached to his back. Slowly Pallistous begins to pet the wolf on the head working his way down its back so that he can remove the letter without startling the wolf spirit.
"What is this Prowess?" He questions as he opens the letter. Taking a moment of silence to read the letter, his eyes slowly open wider and the smile on his face grows larger. With great excitement he runs out to the middle of the glades and yells into the air "MY BOY HAS TAKEN HIS FIRST STEP!!! " With tears in his eyes he slams open his spell book and begins to memorize every teleportation spell he can find. "I must tell all the world of Norrath of the greatness of this day and the mighty strength of my son Keegan!!!"

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 1:29 pm
by Saphirone
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Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2005 9:55 pm
by Ryanakris
The druid Ryanakris has been slumbering close by under a tree and hearing the great comotion of Pallistous, jumps up to see what may be amiss. Shaking off sleep, she is delighted to find that this is an occasion of great joy and congratulations! She dances on her tippy toes as she gives Pallistous a HUGE hug and sends a tell to Freyalfey: (soon as I get on hon!!! ) HUGS as well!

How incredible to be blessed with such a beautiful son; and now he's taking his first steps into the great world around him! She ponders the wonder of the babe's first venture into new territories and is proud and happy to know his loving parents; and knows they will always be there to provide the gifts of love, honor, humor, discipline and integrity for him.

She strides out into the day with an inner glow from the love of this family and their new adventures into parenthood, and knowing that they are truly blessed as they venture into the grand new world of discovery with their son! She knows in her heart that they will take the time to look at every day things through their son's eyes, as if they were seeing them for the first time! What a mighty gift our God has given us!

Posted: Tue Mar 08, 2005 9:27 pm
by Freyalafey
Meanwhile back at the icy peaks of EverFrost... The sun has sunk below the horizon and the full night sky has covered the land. Freyalafey has put her son down to rest for the evening and begins to resole her Black fur boots with the bits and pieces of the remaining leather padding. After the boots are resoled and tried on, she gets up to stoke the small fire with a broken goblin bone and throws a few chunks of meat on the spit for supper. Sitting down on a stack of ruined bear pelts, she swigs down some honey mead. Suddendly, she hears the unmistakable rumbling "HOOWWWWOOLLLLLLL" from outside. Instantly she knows that it is Prowess.

"Ah come in my faithful ancient friend, come in!" she cheerfully says as she lifts the leather cloak covering the entrance. "What news do ye bring for me this night? Was the message I sent well received?"

Prowess shakes the snow loose from her fur and sits down. "YaaaPPP, WOOHOOO, HOOOWOOLLL, YaaaPPP, HAAAIIILLLLooDDD!"

"Ah that tis good news indeed! I am proud to know that Keegan's mighty name will be hailed throughout the lands... as is only fitting for such an exalted Barbarian as he! Come now, warm your spirit by the fire I have a bit of a treat roasting on the fire."

Freyalafey moves towards the fire and bids Prowess to join her. But Prowess makes no move. The spirit wolf gazes hard at Freyalafey and then lets out a soft "YEEEPARRR... HEYOOOOKKKAA."

"What's this... a message from the Elder's? Why did you not say something sooner? Aye I hope it tis not too urgent. Well come here so that I may read it."

Freyalafey takes the note from the back of Prowess and finds that it is indeed from the Elder's of Halas, the symbol of the Heyokah sealing it.
The note reads:
Honorable Oracle Freyalafey of the Fyrebraid clan,
The Elder's call on your pledge to the Heyokah to assist in securing
a secret outpost in Nedaria's Landing. You are to meet Guildmaster
Shamus Felligan as soon as possible in Halas at McQuaid's Dark Stout
He will have further instuctions.
Signed an Elder Spirit

She takes the note and tosses it into the fire. Stroking Prowess, who is now tearing apart a chunk of meat, she thinks about the task at hand.

"This is a strange request. And what an odd time for it indeed. But no time to ponder such things, I must make haste to Halas. Traveling with a young one in such weather is no easy chore. "
Freyalafey begins to gather her items, making a quick polish of her Spear of Fate, and then calls to Prowess.

"Noble spirit, send word to the Guildmaster that I am in tow and then on to Surefall Glade to send word to Pallistous that I shall be near to the Glade in but a few days time. Take this note to him that he should make ready to meet me and his son at such time that I call on him."

With that the spirit guardian leaves and Freylafey, scarfing down a bite to eat, searches through her medicine bag for the approprate alchemy supplies to make a warming potion to cover her child's swaddle.

"Where is it.. I know it is here somewhere... GRRRR... I have the Fennel, the Sandalwood, but where is the Oakmoss and Lady's mantle? Aye and I must not forget the wolf's blood. Ah, there they are... "
And she begins to mix the potion.

She carefully wraps her son in the now magical swaddle and then says a quick prayer to The Tribunal and leaves in Greater Bear form to Halas....

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2005 11:09 am
by Freyalafey

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2005 11:05 am
by Freyalafey

Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2005 1:18 pm
by Saphirone
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Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 12:38 am
by Ryanakris
Ryanakris, in her travels, stops in to see how Frey and Keegan are getting along. Finding them gone, she sends a tell to Pallistous and heads for Surefall Glade, hoping to catch them all there. In case she misses them, she asks the Druids of the Glade to pass a special blessing onto Frey and Keegan that they may travel in peace and comfort. It's only a matter of time before the mighty druid, Pallistous catches up to them, and Ryanakris would like to still be there if there is need. She has taken a fancy to this lovely family and would like to help if there is anything she can do!

She turns to Kibbles, her little bear and hugs him close to share his warmth. She sends a tell to the mighty ranger, Akgriz, in the shadows of the retired, , letting him know of the new turn of events. He sends back a blessing and congratulations on the new path Keegan is taking. His joy is evident as he wishes the best for Pallistous, Frey and their son Keegan. He drinks an ale in a mighty gulp in salute to Keegan's first steps, and is happy to be even a small part of such a huge event.

Knowing that is all she can do for this day, Ryana makes her camp and snuggles down into her furs with happiness and anticipation. hoping to meet up with them all in the morning!

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 6:43 am
by Pallistous
The word of events travels fast through the lands when one is blessed with the magic of teleportation. As it was Pallistous made way to many lands, cities, villages, and even alternate dimentions passing the word of his son's great strength. He made sure that he reached as far across the land as he was able. If he could not teleport there, then he would call upon the spirit of the eagle to lift his feet and move him with a stealthy quickness across various terrains. His news would be heard.
Of course he had help in spreading the word. Pallistous was not without friends, but in fact he had friendly contacts of nearly every sort. He traveled each land of Antonica. It was while crossing the Southern Desert of Ro that he ran into Saphirone at the Wayferor's camp. "Hail, Saphirone. Mighty and beautiful wizard of Felewithe. I see you have gained yourself a title. They must not have known you as if they did certainly they would not have chosen the adjective noble to describe you my lady?" He laughs to himself as he looks at Saphirone's annoyed face. "I am only kidding my lovely friend. I have news of my son's first step in this world and I am travelling the lands telling all whom I pass of his mighty feet" He explains to her as he sits down on a stump and begins to tell of the news that he had received from Freyalefey.
"I must ask a great request of you Saphirone the Noble Lady?" She looks at him with a puzzled face. "The elves are known for being some of the wisest of all beings in Norrath. In fact I hear they even have an amazing library with in the High Elf city. I need to find the greatest shoes that have ever been discovered for my son. He deserves nothing else but the best and I must search these out and have them for him. Could you help me find these shoes?" He requests as he looks at Saphirone for a responce.....

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 10:10 am
by Saphirone
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Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 11:14 am
by Silly
Drake intestines...hhmm sausage casing? Drake wing bones, ahhh, to be used in the crafting of some fantastic arrows, I bet our rangers would love to get their hands on a few of those.... I return the cook book to its shelf in the guild hall and begin searching in my rallic pack for the remaining arrow components when Saphirone comes rushing into the guild hall, breathess and blushing from exhaustion.

I look up from my pile of fletching goods and smile, "My, noble lady! What has thee so excited? Is someone hurt? Hath the evil vile of Norrath slain yet another of our brave warriors? Someone need a ressurection?" Saphirone just giggles in glee and pounces on me with one of her big trademark hugs, scattering griplan feathers, drake bones, geerloks and other assorted miscellania around my feet, and whispers news of Celestial Navigators youngest taking his first bold steps!

This is fantastic news indeed! I jump up from from my seat, nearly tripping over my fletching kit as I fall to my knees thanking the gods and goddesses (with special regards to Tunare, of course) for bestowing such profound joy on the families of our beloved guild.

I carelessly stuff my fletching goods back into my packs and bank and run back over to the bookcase, frantically looking for an appropriate cake recipe.

"This is truely a grand celebration! We must have cake and ale!" I shout across the hall. Silence.... "Saphirone? Noble lady Saphiroooooone! Where has thee gone?" I chuckle to myself, tuck the cookbook back under my arm and return to my chair to find a note: "Dearest Silly, my most sincere apologies for parting so abruptly, but I must share this news with all of the guild! All hath been so fond of Pallistous and Freya bearing a child unto Norrath, that they must know the welfare of the little one and his strong first steps into a noble life of excitement and adventure! Best regards, Saphirone"

"Well, the life of a wizzard...go go go!" I mutter to myself as I flip through the pages still searching for the recipe of a perfect celebration cake to share with the proud parents on this glorius day.

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 12:43 pm
by Freyalafey
After meeting with the Guildmaster of Shamans in Halas, she learns that she will have to make the journey to Nerida's Landing alone. The mission is one of ultimate secrecy and she alone is entrusted with the vital mission. However, there is enough time for her to make way to Sure Fall Glade to ensure the safety of her son into the capable and loving hands of his father Pallistous. Freyalafey makes way through the south passage of Everfrost Peaks into the wells of Blackburrow. She tells her son of a time when the Gnolls of that land were some of the best hunting for a Barbarian, and that one day he too will hone his skills deep within their lands, but that today, it is merely a passage they must take.

Then on to the thick forest of Jaggedpine, where they make sure not to linger too long, the animals of these woods have a deep hatred for the Barbarian kind or atleast for Freyalafey. By night-fall they enter the calm caves of Sure Fall Glade. Freyalafey takes her son from his swaddling and carries him infront of herself. She points to one of the many bears in the tunnels and says to her son
" Lo I know not why, but be sure not to take these bears into the point of your spear. The Druids of this land hold them as sacred. I do not know why that should prevent the usage of their skins, but we are friends and visitors of the Galde and we shall respect their senseless customs."

After clearing the caves, Freya comes under the canopy of the Galde. The weather is, as ever, mild. The air is a bit more damp than prefered by a Barbarian, but tolerable. As she walks about, pointing out the different foliage that is growing, she almost stumbles over what appears to be a stack of furs.

"What Ho? Aye, it is the lovely Druid Ryankris! Harken thee, Keegan, we need not wake a slumbering Druid, they are quick to startle and even I would dare not grant a Druid as mighty as Ryankris a chance to cast a spell of harm. Hush and let us leave her with a message of joy and wishes to be seeing her soon."

Freya walks a lightly as she might, being a Barbarian, over the sleeping Druid that is Ryankris and walks on to the halls of the Glade in search of Pallistous. She has yet to hear any word back from her honorable spirit guardain and is further troubled by the apparent lack of Pallistous within the Glade. No one has seen him in the Glade since his joyous outbreak of jubilation about his son's first steps. It is then that she realizes that he must be using his wild magick of the teleportation to be traveling, hince even the spirit Prowess is having trouble keeping up.

"Well we must head for the Guild Hall then, we are sure to be able to meet up with him there, and it is time too for me to present my son to the Honrable Guild of Celestial Navigators. Perhaps we shall try to wake the slumbering Ryankris after all; we have not the time to trek to the Plane of Knowledge by a Barbarian's means."

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2005 3:28 pm
by Ryanakris
Ryanakris sweeps Freyalafey and Keegan into her arms for a huge, joyous hug, startling Frey mightily! "Do you not know my dear Frey that no one enters the glade without the druids being aware, even in their sleep! I have been following your steps since you took such care not to wake me to surprise you! I was hoping to meet with you here!" Freyalafey laughs merrily and pokes Ryana. "That you did, Ryana!" As Ryana admires the mighty Keegan and gives him another hug, Frey speaks of her wish to go to the Guild Hall and Ryana agrees that would be an excellent idea. Surely Pallistous will eventually land there to let his Guildfamily know of his news. They were sure to meet up with him there.

Posted: Thu Mar 31, 2005 4:21 pm
by Freyalafey
Freyalafey grabs her son into her arms and whispers to him to hold on as Ryana incants the teleportation spell for Plane of Knowledge.
"My son, we are about to travel to a place that is filled with wonderous beings that you have never seen before, fear not and know that you are safe among the extended family of the Celestial Navigator Guild. Now, hold on!"
And in that flash the world became a swirling blur and all senses were numbed. With a sudden "swoosh" there the three stood in the green grass of the Plane of Knowledge courtyard outside the Guild Hall. Beings upon beings swarmed the courtyard, voices where heard everywhere, questions being asked, things for sale... it was all so much that young Keegan buried his head in his mother's chest, making sure to leave an eye open to the happenings of the area.
"Be tall my son! You have no worries being so close to the Guild. In a flash, were any threat to appear, a hundred guildsmen would be here to protect us. Here, stand tall, and walk with me and Rayna into our mighty Guild Hall... we are sure to be greeted with warmth and plenty of nurishment! And no doubt your Father should be here within the hours!"
She places her son on the ground and leading him by the hand, they walk through the great doors of the Guild Hall.....

Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2005 9:53 pm
by Pallistous
As the doors of the great guild hall sway open, the image of Freyaley and young Keegan become visible to the members of the Celestial Navigators. They are all there, one by one, standing next to each other awaiting to see Pallistous' strong young lad. As if they were in a chorus the guild awed at the magnificent beauty of Keegan. With a smile on his face and an unexplainable sence that he was truelly loved by so many strangers, he stood there with an unimaginable grin on his face. His grin was only a mouth full of gum with but a few teeth shining through. However the smile, as incomplete as it was, should have been placed in the books of the Great Library, for it was the cutest thing that any of them had ever seen.

As Freyalefey stood in the hallway of the guild hall, and looked around at all her friends who had gathered there to see her son for the first time. A tear came to her eye and she looked upon Saphirone, Jhereg, Szork, Balzzodar, Janor, Galarina, Lealann, Silly, Samane, Pohl, Kahlyla and all the other members of the Celestial Navigators. "Heya, any of you guys heard from Palli?" She asks her fellow guildmates. Without a word the clan divides into opposite sides of the room. As they move they reveal behind them Pallistous standing there before her with a small pair of shoes in his hand. He slowly walks up to his young son, and looks down at him standing there before him.

As a tear rolls down his cheek, Pallistous smiles as he kneels down to look his son in the eyes. "I have brought you a gift my son. I have brought to you a pair of shoes that will not only help you to walk stonger and better, but will add to your feet the quickness of your mother and father. They are the long sought after Fabled Journeyman boots. They are boots that many people seek to possess as their own, for as of recently the gods have blessed them with greater ablilities. As you grow older you will come to understand and enjoy the benefits of these abilities. For as you grow so shall they grow with you and make you stonger and faster with age. These are my gift to you my beautiful young man." With those words he picks up his son and holds him in his arms, with each look he takes of him placing a kiss upon his forehead. "I love you above all others my boy." Pallistous says to him with a loving smile on his face.

Pallistous sits down in front of the boy, and as he looks at him with a smile that only a loving father could he says "So you want to try those shoes on and see if you can beat your old man in a foot race?"

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 11:00 am
by Saphirone
"Oh Dear me!! I have wasted so much time!" Saphirone exclaimed as she passed from Portal to Portal, finding Books from all over the lands. Her gates had led her to the Guild Hall, Erudin, Kelethin, Kaladim, and she even managed to slip by the Guards in Rivervale without being noticed. That was extremely hard for her, but in knowing the Druid Guild Master, she was able to get some stories from little halfings themselves. She even got caught up in a Conversation there about Mighty Pallistous and Freyalefey's Son's first steps that she had lost all track of time and where in also her mission of promise to Pallistous.

"Oh My! This is unlucky in deed," Saphirone said as she began to cast the last Gate for Felwithe, as she dared not to go into Freeport, Qeynos, Grobb, or Neriak, for she couldn't hide her pale elvin skin from the dark eyes of the dark places, and few rather enjoyed Elvin company, even on a good day. And then all of a sudden...


Saphirone picked herself up from the green luscious grass. As her eyes focused, she saw two Antonius Bards across the way, singing of messages to loved ones during a time of need. She energized sound of the Scions were buzzing in her ears, when she heard the voice...

"Get up child! From what thine ears tell me, thou has much to do, as those within the Felwithe Magic Halls doth look towards your calling," Nexus Scion Looked busy as she spoke those words. Saphirone quickly picked herself up from the ground, bowed, and ran towards Felwithe. As she ran, she cursed herself for not using the stones in the Plane of KNowledge because they were closer, however, she would make due as she grew up in these lands, and it had been a while since she had been home.

"ORC TRAIN TO FELWITHE!!!" She heard shouted! 'Surely there is time enough for one nuke,' she thought to herself.

"Bring it on!! I got it!! How many doth thou have so I may be prepared?" Saphione yelled out into the distance. Killing Orcs was a Hobby of hers that she had so missed. Hearing the orcs cry thier last battle, knowing that she was ridding the world of such hideous creatures, especially from a beautiful land, made her well up in pride, even if there were no match for her magic.

"I don't know, But they started beating me," the small voice called. She remembered that voice, from a long time passed, when she herself had started out in Greater Faydark after studing under her masters within the Halls of Magic in Felwithe. With That, Saphirone quickly loaded up a small Area Effect spell, and stood in a Proud stance at the Gates of Felwithe. She looked towards the guards, as she began to speak.

"You had best make way, Kinsman, for you shalt be burned if your within range of me," she said with a stern look upon her face. The guards immediately recognized her, and begin to run inside. They knew of the magic she possessed and dared not to feel the wrath of it. As they ran, she could see a Young wood elf, running with Bard speed towards her. She recognized her immediately as her cousin, Turtel. As Turtel ran closer, Saphirone made on the ready, staff and shield in hand, she began to speak the enchanted words of Jellyls Fire Spell. As the orcs approached, her words rang loud and true, as Flame spewd out from within being it seemed.

She could hear the orcs yelp in horror and fear as she made quick work of them, and thier corpses fell upon the ground in ash and dust. "That should do it. Turtel, what doth bring you within this realm this day? I was sure your studies had led you into the Paladual Caverns, to rid the world of those awful Bandits," Saphirone spoke as smoke steamed from her hands.

"Many apologies, cousin, for I had not meant for this to happen. I was on my way to the Hall of Guild's hoping to Catch Freyalefey with her son, as I have heard of these steps he has taken along the path of his adventures as well! I wished much to gather as much speed as I could for him, searching in all places for it," Turtel gasped out, as she was nearly out of breath. Saphirone laughed heartily at her cousin.

"Dear cousin, we do not even know yet that Freyalefey and Pallistous son might not walk the grounds of the Warrior, as both of his Parents are extremely brave, and well versed in many areas. Even from my understanding, Freyalefey has a cousin who is a warrior."

"I do know this, Saphirone the Noble Lady, as Imendrae spoke to me of the news in which this delightful event happened upon. The news has spread quite quickly thru out the lands of Norrath. Even Qarma knows!" Turtel exclaimed. Saphirone knew Qarma. Qarma the Paladin, cousin to Sevi Sarah'Veste. A human Paladin that was making quite a name for herself, especially in her hot pink armor.

"Well, Turtel, there is much to be had, and Pallistous has requested upon me that I bring books from Felwithe to aid his son within the stories of myth and legend," Saphirone spoke as the guards began to take thier posts again at the gates of Felwithe.

"But cousin, it does look as though your bags are filled with books already. Might I help?" Turel asked as she looked underneath Saphirone's cloak seeing bags bulging with books from Saphirones previous travels.

"I'm sure ya can, Little bard!" A Voice rang clear and true, of being none other than Qarma. "And I shall help to, as I do have access within the Hall of our Guild, and you are not yet old enough. However, your speed shall aid us upon our Journies," Qarma laughed as she walked up behind Saphirone. "Come on, Saphi, let's go get those books," she said as she patted Saphirone on the back.

"Second cousin, Qarma, Your manners leave a lot to be desired," Saphirone grumbled as she motioned for Turtel to follow her.

"Aye, I know, and that's why you have to get the books from her, and I can hold them," Qarma laughed as she hurried inside, followed by Saphirone and Turtel.

Posted: Sat Apr 02, 2005 11:49 am
by Saphirone
"Now let's see, Spells, stones, stone calling, grrr," Saphirone grumbles as she sorted thru the books within the library. "AH! here it is! Stories!" Saphirone exclaimed as she opened the cover. "Stories: The Myths and Legends of the Silvan High Elves. This is the Story Book! This is the one!"

"Felwithe only has one story book?" Qarma smirked as she placed her hands on her hips. She was expecting much better from a land so full of Myth of Legend. "I woulda figured that as much as you high elfies were educated, ya would have had a larger assortment of Stories for little Keegan."

"Qarma, you know so very little at times, it is scary to think that one day you maybe protecting me from said evils!" Saphirone scowled as she cut her eyes towards the young Paladin. Qarma smiled a bit, not knowing of news like this.

"I'ma be protecting you?! Well, now, how about that Turtel, I'm gonna be checking after high elfie booty! HA!" Qarma laughed as she bellowed these words. Turtel did not look up, knowing all to well that some Humans have the mannerisms of Pigs until they are taught properly within the lands of love and war.

"Qarma, be warey of the toes you step upon today, as they maybe connected to the buttocks you'll be kissing tomorrow," Saphirone smirked at her second cousin as she handed the book over to her rather hastily. "Besides, you don't know what this book contains, and being that it came within the realms of Magic in Felwithe, it maybe holding something most don't see," Saphirone spoke as she began to make haste out the door. Qarma whipped around quickly as Saphirone had.

"And what might that be, Saphi?" Qarma asked.

"A real story, Qarma. When you read the book, the book contains the magic to bring stories to life. It would be perfect for Keegan! As he is still a bit unable to read as of yet, but is soon to be. This book changes as Keegan's seasons do, to hold more of a challenge to his skills at the level. For now he is just a child, but soon, he will be able to memorize spells, walk upon water, and even possibly rid this land of more orcs! That is something young human Paladins will nto understand until you are older," Saphirone said in a more calming voice, as Understanding came accross Qarma's face. "And if you believe me not, call upon Sevi, and she shall speak words of truth."

"She doesn't have to call upon me, for I am here, and ready to travel to the Plane of knowledge with you, Sister," Sevi seemed to come out of no where. Saphirone stopped in her tracks. She opened her mouth as to speak, but before she could, she was cut off again, by her Younger sister. "And sister, Zaxi does call upon us, thusfore we need to make haste to the Plane of Knowledge."

"Zaxi? Who is Zaxi?" Saphirone asked. For she had not heard this name before. "Is she of Noble birth?"

"She is of Noble Brood Birth, Saphirone. And has gathered story books for Keegan within the lands of the Brood," Sevi said softly.

"And how do you know of this Zaxi, Sister?" Saphirone asked with a strange and confused look upon her face. By this time, Qarma, and Turtel had both stepped back into the wee shadows of the Library, Turtel with Bard speed on the ready. Both knew of thier sisterly love, and yet sisterly dislike for eachother, as Seviahad promised to reach the level of Saphirone once she left the safe home of thier parents, to aid and assist Saphirone, but had not followed thru on her promise, as her journey's had led her in the way of love.. in all the wrong places.

"Zaxi is our cousin, Sister. From Ada's side of the roots," Sevi said as she looked upon the dismayed face of Saphirone.

"BLASTPHEMY!!" Saphirone cried! The shout had been heard so loudly that even the babbling of the brook had hushed within the city. "How dare your tongue speak of said Iksar being within our blood! I love the Iksar in which I do team with, however, thier blood is not of our own. Ours is pure, and henceforth filled with long life! Not that of an iksar! Thier Necromancers must conjure most of thier corpses, and ressurect them within the fields that they live! How dare you!" Saphirone was furious, and was totally focused upon the face of Sevi. Sevi laughed as she began to speak, and the small Paladin and Bard made a quiet escape to await what might happen at a safer distance.

"Ada has a Brother, who fell in love with a female Iksar. Love blossomed, bloomed, and forth came an egg. An egg which is now called Zaxi. An Iksar Monk with long life, and much wisdom! You shall have to caddle her now, Sister, as she is our blood!" Sevi sneered as she stood nose to nose with Saphirone. "You maybe my older sister, but your sense of one sidedness needs to be eliminated!"

"Sevi, I shall meet this Zaxi, but that does not mean I shall call her cousin! Lets us be off now!" Saphirone snapped as she began to cast Plane of Knowledge Portal. The four huddle together as the spell ignites, and thier bodies began to float within the realm of time, and travel.

Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 2:19 pm
by Camireno
Camireno Shadowbane, Paladin of Tunare, wearily sits his Holy Steed under the spreading branches of a noble oak, watching silently as the endless throng passes by on the paths beside him. His royal blue and silver armor gleam weakly thru the marring stain of his foes' recently spilled blood. He is but fresh from battle on the towers of the Bastion of Thunder and relieved to take a repast as he prepares to go back to his homeland in Felwithe for a strengthening of his soul and spirit.
Suddenly, a strange feeling overtakes him....there is something....he turns his head and sees the most amazing aura surrounding two women walking the path toward him and in the arms of one...a babe. He is mystified to feel such an aura of power and bright future enveloping this child. Unknowing why he is so possessed, he quietly musters his strength and silently places the Blessing of Tunare upon the child as the group passes him by. Having exhausted the last of his store, he breathes a silent prayer to his lovely Goddess and turns his thoughts to home.....

Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 7:53 pm
by Saphirone
WEWT!!!! GO GO CAMIRENO!!! I Like It!!!

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 12:05 pm
by Camireno
am sorry if I stepped on anyone's toes by posting to continue this story. If so, was most certainly not intentional. I love a good story as much as the next person, and liked the storyline. I beg forgiveness if I have offended.

Da Pallyman

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 4:01 pm
by Saphirone
No offense taken sweety, :D This is what this forum is here for, :D Jump in Anytime you feel like, :D

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 4:51 pm
by Pohl
Deep within the bowels of the great Broodlands volcano in an area known as Lavaspinners Lair news of young Keegan reaches the ears of Pohl. He is resting after another onslaught of drakes, using the time between the gory waves of death to wipe blood and soot from his sword and armor. It seems that the news is far from recent and it has taken time to reach the vast frounteer of this molten land. In need of more help to hold off the hoards, to restock spent supplies, mend armor, and now to regroup with other members of the legendary guild Celestial Navigators, Pohl's small party makes a slow withdraw through the smoky caves toward the surface. Pohl thinks how nice it will be see his old friends, lift a hearty ale in rememberance of those fallen and those young ones destined to take up the CN bannors, and perhaps even take a nice hot bath.
Several hours later a small group of people emerge into the daylight. Horses were mounted where they had been fettered in the entrance to the caves. Pohl climbed back into the saddle of his holy steed, Stilgar and turned to wish his companions farwell. Where he was going they would not be able to follow, at least, not at the speed his mighty warhorse could muster.