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Spare Metallic Drake Scales Needed paying good.

Posted: Sat Mar 04, 2006 2:39 am
by Omniox
Anyone that has spare Metallic Drake Scales send me an email in game...I am looking to buy 22 of them...Bazaar prices are from 35k to 50k but can only afford to spend 30k Per...shoot me a tell or in game E-mail.

Thanks all

Posted: Wed May 10, 2006 4:52 am
by Verrana
omni do those just drop from the instanced drakes or are they random off any drake in don? not sure but figured to ask im usually in lavaspinners and stillmoon trying to get drops i need , if i happen to come across any ill let ya know

Posted: Wed May 10, 2006 1:47 pm
by Tchien
As far as I know they only drop from drakes in instanced zones, but I believe any instance with drakes in it has an equal chance

Posted: Wed May 10, 2006 2:53 pm
by Qmaus
I've only ever seen them drop in DoN instances, but then again I've not done much non-instanced DoN stuff, LOL. However, I have seen them drop a number of times in creator missions. If you feel like going to farm some, let me know, I'm desperate for exp, and I like getting the crystals. You can have the scales if any drop, just help me get a buttload more aa's and i'll be plenty happy, hehe.

Posted: Thu May 11, 2006 3:39 am
by Zady
I think Omniox got his drake scales a while ago... the post was from 2 months ago.

Posted: Thu May 11, 2006 5:11 am
by Qmaus
LOL, didn't notice that part!
Verrana's post was from yesterday, which made me think the entire thread was new.

Posted: Fri May 12, 2006 6:52 am
by Verrana
i didnt notice either lol thats why i posted lol , ive been working on obtaining my books for the dark elf tailoring , smithing armor , and i was curious about it cause the don dark elf seal book im trying to get i need to kill spiders in lavaspinners lair so i figured to ask the amont of spiders i have to kill i could take a break and kill drakes off and on and i obtained any id drop them in guild bank

Posted: Fri May 12, 2006 8:25 am
by Jaffod
look in the retirement thread I think there is a more recent Omniox sighting there