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Guild Bank

Posted: Mon May 16, 2005 9:42 am
by Silly
This is just a reminder for the tradeskillers to keep an eye on the guild bank.

Tradeskill stuff is regularly dumped in there (our members are very good about sharing) and marked public.

This is your stuff to use at will. One thing I've seen a lot of people do (myself included) is take the skill items from bank, do the combines for skillups, and either return the finished product if it is usable (stat food/drink/good arrows etc) or dump it into guild tribute if it is an item that won't upgrade a guild member.

Pooling our resources rather than buing/selling tradeskill stuff in bazaar is yet another way for us to help support each other. I know I've been given and have given endless supplies of tradeskill items to others here, and I've found it is much not only productive ---but a lot more fun to have some tradeskill buddies to share info/ideas/items with anyway :)