What does Christmas mean for me?

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What does Christmas mean for me?

Post by Micholi » Sat Dec 24, 2011 1:48 pm

If at all interested, please read with compassion and an open heart.

Christmas time offers a point of reflection of the world for me. Where we have been and where we are today.

In my humble and unqualified opinion, Babylon has returned.

Proof? Interest rates. Throughout Christian, Judaic and Islamic tradition we have for the most part banned the charging of interest rates. Why? Because a long time ago, the 11th tribe of Israel was banished from Judea because of their abuse of monetary systems as well as their vast amount of slaves (135,000 of them to be apporoximate). The other tribes kicked them out. That tribe of Israelites went on to become the Babylonians (the city of Babylon was in what is today called Iraq)...whom afterwards went back to Israel with their money and armies to conquer the land they once were a part of . The grip of Babylon (even though destroyed by Persian Iranians) held a firm hand over the world until the fall of the Roman Empire and Christiandom came to pass.

People came to understand that the charing of interest rates leads to inflation which in turn keeps the elite ahead of the game at all times. Much like a monopoly game board. It's not so bad on a small scale, locally, but when every person on a continent is subject to one master and his money, it becomes rather un-savory for those at the bottom. No matter what you manage to muster up to fight the elite (weapons, money, armies), they can always afford more. It was not until the Napoleonic wars that the charging of interest was again allowed into Europe and we adopted paper money. Eventually the Russian Christian Orthodox royal family was executed in 1913 by the bolsheviks....thus both eastern and western Europe are firmly in hands of todays interest charging elite.

With Christianty defeated and powerless...The Muslims...and a small sect of Orthodox Judaism...are the last enemy of the bankers. Muslims are in part VERY strict about the charging of "Riba" or interest. It's a big problem for bankers...think of it...over 1 billion people on this planet do not want to allow bankers to make money off of them while they sleep in their beds, while they play with their children....while they are having "God's Time".

Many of us do not understand the purpose of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. They have throughout time (when not co-opted by the elite) been vehicles by which we faught against the slavery which results when Bankers run our countries. Look at the USA today.

Media and movies mock Christianity, Orthodox Judaism and Muslims because it is the greatest threat there is to a re-birth of Babylonian Zionist banking elite. The Babylions are trying to re-build the Roman Empire of Old...slavery under the guise of multicultural-military-internationalism. A possible example...It was the Persian Iranians of today whom felled the city of Old Babylon...and whom is the number 1 enemy of the USA and Zionist Israel today?...Iran. Old grudges are not forgotten by the babylonian elite. More proof? After 900 years without a nation we now have a new and re-created Israel. 900 years and they went back with the worlds most powerful army (the USA and it's babylonian interest/inflation based money) to defeat the muslims whereby they continue to expand today. Also, the city of Babylon was in Iraq...and where did we just spend the last 9-10 years?...Iraq.

History does repeat itself.

It doesn't matter if you or I believe it, or even if any of it's true. The people with the nukes, the guns, the bombs, the tanks, the satellite guided cruise missles...1 billion muslims...the indoctrinated youth, they believe it...and are fighting using our tax dollars, our soldiers and our impressionable minds to bring about what they think is reality. And that makes it real.

Try to keep this in mind when you think of Christmas. Those before only did what the saw fit...to help and try to protect us from that which they thought may harm us in the future. Not such a bad cause...a little crazy at times? Yes, yes indeed. But the basic are hopefully not drowned out by the crazies.

Are any of these people right or wrong? Probably not, but the basic moral principles of not taking advantage of one another are there if we study the issues objectively.

It is this primary reason that I myself respect Christiandom and Christians no matter what tall tales and biblical moral stories they over blow and take literally. Hopefully, through understanding history and economics, you might as well.

God Bless and Merry Christmas all.
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Re: What does Christmas mean for me?

Post by Goofydoofy » Sun Dec 25, 2011 4:25 am

I was going to comment here, but decided to let my thoughts pass.

Well, I guess that isn't true because this, in itself, is a comment!
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