Mage Advice Please

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Mage Advice Please

Post by Fallainya » Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:00 pm

Hopefully there are a few mage's around that can answer my questions. What is the best bang for the buck to spend your AA points on.

I already have the complete pocket pet, run speed 5 and a few other things as well. Just want advice on how to spend the AA's wisely.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Mage Advice Please

Post by Sharrien » Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:58 am

First of all, here is the link the the Mage Tower. Some of good info in there, some bad info and plenty of strong opinions, hehe. The original Tower site crashed and we lost a lot that they haven't recovered, but this site is slowly building things back up.

I play a mage boxed as a second account, but he was my original toon when I started, ummm.....a LONG time ago. I bring him along for raids when having him would help, but I don't play Ravingronn full-time, so I'm sure Deidlit, Finamdar and Jilt can help you fine-tune your toon for the raid scene once you get the basics figured out.

How you spend your AA depends on how you play. In general, if you plan to primarily raid and dps in groups, then I think your priorities should be personal dps (Spell Casting Fury, Quick Damage and such), pet dps and then pet defensives. If you solo much or if your pet is going to be the primary tank very often, then go for pet defensives, personal dps and then pet dps.

For almost all of the AA lines with many levels, your biggest bang for the buck will be in the first few levels. For example, levels 1-3 of Combat Agility costs 2-4-6 and gives you 2-5-10% of avoidance. After that the % per AA drops off (I think just 1% or maybe 0.5% of avoidance per AA). Most of the AA lines are similar, so I would advise you to buy the first few levels in the lines that interest you before you try to max something out.

Get one level of Persistent Casting. This helps you keep casting through stuns. Trust me. Get this one.

Of the temporary pet lines, I choose Host of Elements over Servant of Ro. Host is enhanced by all your pet flurry, pet crit and extended swarm AAs and is cheaper to buy overall. Servant doesn't need any other AA to increase it's dps, but is expensive by itself to get much damage out of it compared to current content. Both are nice mana-free dps that you can use every 12 minutes (I think?).

Note that the fire pet (after a long history of being broken) now puts out good dps right out of the box. It isn't helped by Burnout, any of the pet dps AA nor equipped weapons. Pet defensives don't really help either since if it dies you can just summon another for 400 mana, and it won't die much unless your tank takes a dirt nap since the fire pet hangs back with you and nukes from a distance. As long as you are not planning to tank with it, the fire pet is an excellent choice to use until you can build up some pet dps and defensive AA. It does get focused by your pet focus (Enhanced Minion or whatever), but I think that is the only thing that affects the dps output of the fire pet.

Speaking of pet foci, the easiest way by far to get a good one is to be present for a win against Rottrued or Queen Malarian (Enhanced Minion 4 type 3 aug), any of the FoS raids (EM5 aug) or Showdown at the Crystal Core (EM6 aug). These are all Seeds of Destruction raids that we hit regularly. If it will still be a while before you are 80+ then there is an earring you can buy from the Dragonscale points vender (Energized Wire Coil, takes a while to get enough points) or you might find Kraxz's Earring of Command (Spire Servant focus) for sale in the bazaar.

Some AA that I think I could not live without:
Spell Casting Mastery
Mnemonic Retention
Persistent Casting
Suspended Minion
Advanced Pet Discipline
Pet Affinity
Innate Run Speed

Some that might look good but aren't:
Turn Summoned
Mass Group Buff
Call Hither
Innate Intelligence

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Re: Mage Advice Please

Post by Zantetsuken » Mon Sep 21, 2009 3:16 pm

Its been a while but I played my mage alt pretty hardcore before I left EQ.

I'll most likely be like a mirror to Sharriens input but here goes.

Firstly I would go for the Spell Casting Deftness, i think thats the one with aggro reducer. This helps with aggro immensely. Especially if you like to overnuke like myself. Spell Casting Mastery will help with mana reductions on spells. For Pet Oriented AA's, i would go for Advanced Pet Discipline and Pet Affinity, both worth their AA's costs.

As for the next set of AA, you work on Nuking AAs or Pet Passive AA's. I went of the latter since a pets dps will always be constant and nuking isn't. Depends on your playstyle.

As for the short duration pet AA's, i found them to not much of dps increase unless you invest alot of AA's into them. But like Sharrien said, host of elements will give you more bank for your buck. And nice eye candy.

Some useful i didn't see posted, was the Improved Invisibilty and Levitation. These spells really save you spell slots and don't have summon the lev rings or invis stones.
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Re: Mage Advice Please

Post by Fallainya » Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:47 pm

Thanks for all the useful tips. I will definitely take all these to heart and see what I've already purchased and see where I want to go with my aa's next.

More input is always welcomed.

Thanks again.

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Re: Mage Advice Please

Post by jilt » Wed Dec 30, 2009 8:27 pm

Lots of good advice so far.

Twincast ( extra nukes)
Fire core ( high power)
Gift of mana (there is 4)
Spell casting mastery( lower mana per nuke )

Gate and Invis AA are great for general survival.
COH AA makes many friends in raids
(saves swapping spells out, have the Hot button on mutiple hotbars

Dont get any anti summoned mob AA's or the Call Hither AA .

As to pet types, water is my stand by. earth is if I want melle damage and fire if spell or if i want the pet not to move as fire pet roots. beware it may lose sight of target and be useless

If Deidlit shows up, she is far more methodical than I.

Just have fun and Nuke. Nuke Nuke

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