Vid cards

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Vid cards

Post by Bobbert » Tue Oct 30, 2007 7:31 am

Tandt and I had a brief conversation the other night. He is an NVidia fan and I on the other hand have had extremely good luck with ATI. The benchmark results from a couple years ago on my PC's showed me ATI to be the better "middle of the road" cards for my budget. So I have been able to successfully stick with them. This may be changing. ... 2007-1.htm

To me, when looking at buying Vid cards, I applied a $75 per level theory. For $150 you get a card. For $225 you get a better card and so forth up to roughly $500. This was not even counting the need for SLI so I stuck with cards priced in the $150 - $225 range and never really strayed. I'm not trying to blow hot air up anyone's skirt here either, I did not think that up all by self. I read it and ran it through a variance of practical applications in my basement. For whatever reason it held true. It would seem from the link above that Nvidia is ready to start marketing higher end cards aimed at the SLI Crowds with budgetary constraints. After all, my experience with my level of Vid card purchase was: "Why SLI two cards for $400 when the $400 card itself will give me similar results with half the Temperature issues"? Oh yeah, and before I forget, I run stock PC's. I do not build them or care for them to be quite honest. My wife works for a computer manufacturer and we have access to well priced refurbished stuff. So I do not have aspirations to build a $1400 gaming PC when I have the room to have 4 mid to lower robust PC's for the same cost (Kids, my wife's side business, my EQ addiction, you name the reason).

That being said, I do have A PC that needs a new card. It just might be time to re-think the SLI issue in my main PC stray on over to the dark side.

Some other reference material.
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Re: Vid cards

Post by Szork » Tue Oct 30, 2007 9:04 am

I on the other hand have had extremely food luck with ATI
Dammit Bob, quit mooching food off the ATI tech guys. It makes it harder for the rest of us to get tech support when we need it. Inconsiderate 'ling...

I use nvidia here, more because I'm used to dealing with them than any savvy shopping comparisons. From what I could tell, SLI isn't really worth the headache if you only have 1 machine. I only foresee using SLI in the following situation:

Since Kahlyla and I both have similar desktop PCs, it made sense for me to buy two of the same video card (with SLI capability). This way, when I decide to upgrade one of the systems, the other inherits the second card and I can use the SLI.

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