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Hi Everyone, Even if you don't know me please read.

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 1:49 pm
by Swarje_D
Long time since i've spoken with most of you. I just wanted to say i miss you all greatly and let you know that rl things are finally looking up... i've finished classes for my mcsa certification and only need 2 more exams to finish up. I'm coming back to eq... atm i'm on the progression server but i will be playing Swarje here and there, I honostly don't know if he's still in guild and I'm not trying to get a freebie back in if he's not. I didn't see him on the guild bored so if I have to i will app him and try my best to become one of you again :). CN was a home to me when i almost literally didn't have one. So much support and friendship in the family I hope you are all doing well for the people i know please take care of the new ones and show them what the true heart of CN is

For the people i haven't met but will soon meet, Keep CN young and fun come up with new idea's and don't be afraid to put them out there, what's the worst that can happen, you wipe and maybe meet some people you've not grouped with yet? :)

For Szork, Jhereg, and everyone else who works so hard for this guild to make it what it was, and what it is. Your work is appreciated even if you don't think it is. Though don't forget to enjoy the game sometimes. I don't know how much has changed since i left but I saw so many of the leaders and officers busting but so hard that i had to wonder if they were having fun with it.

And lastly to those people out there that have been in my heart and you know who you are close friends, Battle mates, War buddies, and oh also any other VAH SHIR BEASTLORDS!!!!! in the guild because we roxorz your soxorz and are l33t is so many ways that the other just can't hang with... *hides the catnip* I just wanted to say that it may not be everyday I still have many things to do under this moon. *read the roleplay boards* ..... But.... I"M BAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!! for good this time. i'm not leavin ya again for a good long time