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Update Message

Post by Goofydoofy » Wed Jun 28, 2006 5:48 am

*** Highlights ***

- The guild window is now available to everyone, regardless of expansion!

*** Items ***

- Introduced several new weapon augmentations that are available from Gemcrafters in starting cities.
- Mask of the Mad Musician now has the focus effect of Blessing of the Elddar.
- Drape of the Unseen now has the focus effect of Curse of Takish.
- Three Octave Shawl now has the focus effect Okahn’s Blood.
- Mayong’s Buckled Girdle now has the focus effect Zomm’s Right Eye.
- Mayong’s Masquerade Mask now has +25 backstab damage.
- Conductor’s Suede Gloves now has +20 frenzy damage.
- Cracked Belfry Wristcuff now has +20 flying kick damage.
- The Dread Deeds spell scroll is now tradable.
- Changed the looks of the Brewmaster’s Mug.
- Altered the Seals of Block to make them work correctly and to make the effects more in line with other Seals.
- Living Coal has been marked as a tradeskill item.

*** NPCs ***

- Many NPCs in zones released prior to Planes of Power have been modified. The most notable difference will be an increase in health and a decrease in the AC of the creatures.
- The All-Seeing Eye should be awake once more.
- The froglok guards in rathe mountains will no longer kill their spiderling pets.
- There is now a banker in Surefall Glade.
- Two Bankers have been added to the bank in West Freeport.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Radiant Tourmaline of Minor Quickening will no longer magically turn into Radiant Tourmaline of Aggression if you fail to make the combine.
- Disabled the recipe for Coadjutor Mechanoinstructions so people do not "waste" their components on this recipe. (Since the Coadjutor Mechanoinstructions have no use)

*** Spells ***

- The Dreadstone spell now summons a stack of 100 Dreadstones.
- The Blessed Aura and the Holy Aura spells should not fade when the Flames of the Valiant and Flames of Redemption buffs fade.

*** Tasks ***

- Corrected a problem that was causing some tasks and quests in the following zones to not update properly: Splitpaw, The Hole, Nurga, Droga, Plane of Fear, and Plane of Hate.

- The key to Goofy's mom's apartment has been adjusted in difficulty to reflect the rewards offered. This task has been made much harder as the rewards are tops in the game.

*** Missions ***

- The Spies Like Them mission should now more accurately recognize when all NPCs in the zone have been slain.

*** Events ***

- Many raids in instanced zones that required multiple groups to start can now be started with a single group.

*** UI Changes ***

- Fixed a problem with the barter search window not always returning the proper results when searching by player name.
- The guild window is now available to everyone, regardless of expansion!

- The EverQuest Team
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Post by Zurlik » Wed Jun 28, 2006 6:05 am

I agree, the key to Goofy's mom's apartment task was way too easy before.
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