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Qmaus Update...

Post by Qmaus » Sat Jun 10, 2006 4:08 am

Hi everyone!
Well, it's now my final trip back to Memphis. This is the day I toss all the boxes, etc., on the U-Haul, grab the kitty cat, and drive it all up to West Virginia. Terry will be staying with my parents over the weekend and flying out to Baltimore on Monday. My friend in Baltimore will be meeting me in Martinsburg tomorrow (sunday) to help unload the truck and then I'll be taking he and his wife out to dinner as a combination "thanks for all the help" and happy b-day gift to my friend. He's also going to drive Terry out from the airport in Baltimore to our new apartment on monday evening when she arrives.

Cable is due to be hooked up on tuesday, so I would imagine that I'll have all the "kinks" (there's always kinks, y'know) worked out and able to be back online by wednesday.

However, I will still have limited gaming time for a while. If at all possible, I will be logging in for raids when I can, and I will try to log in for Girrin's final 1.5 hit if I know about it ahead of time (this is assuming he hasn't already completed it, LOL).

The reason my play time will still be low for a while is because I'm doing a ton of work trying to get settled in to the new place, and most of the work needs to fall on my shoulders alone. Unlike our apartment here in Memphis, where I didn't expect to be here long because I hate Memphis and have been desperate to escape (LOL, I win, gonna put this cesspool of a town in my rear-veiw for good!), I expect that I will be in this place in West Virginia for quite a long time, so I'm taking the extra time to try and make it actually "feel like a home".

New job is going well and I like it. Been a bit difficult adjusting to the graveyard (midnight-8:30am) shift, but I seem to be adjusting better than the other new peeps are, so that's good. Kinda feast or famine at the job as far as what's going on in any given day. Some days I have tons of work to do, and other days we all just sit around staring at each other waiting for work to come in and then fighting each other to be the one that gets to do it, LOL. We will be starting inventory soon, however, which will keep us pretty actively engaged for about six months, and then we'll need to prepare for the next upcoming tax season, so I think things will pick up plenty pretty soon.

Kinda funny what I need to do every night when I go in to work. It reminds me of watching that old TV show "Get Smart", LOL.

We have these magnetic badges (Badges! We don't need no stinkin' badges!) which are kind of interesting. They actually consist of two pieces that won't work separately. Have to have both badges in your neck-case in order for them to work, that way if you lose or misplace one, nobody can use it if they find it.

Anyway, so every night I drive up to the security gate and scan my badge (hold it up to the detector, I don't actually swipe it), pull forward a few feet after the gate opens and show my badge to the security guard. Once he identifies me, I can continue to park the car.

When I enter the building's main lobby, I put my stuff on a security belt/xray (like the ones they have at airports) and walk through a metal detector. After retrieving my stuff, I have to scan my badge again at a door in order to proceed beyond the main lobby.

To get into my work area, I have to scan my badge again at another door, and following that, scan once more at the next door plus enter a code into that door's scanner unit in order to get into my primary work area. My primary work area also has three smaller areas inside it requiring scan plus code to enter, LOL.

None of the stuff I work with is 'classified' information, but it IS sensitive stuff because it's basically got social security numbers and financial data on, well, pretty much everyone in the USA over the age of 18. (No worries, folks, I only actually pay attention to information I require to perform my job, i'm not gonna go snooping around, LOL, I monitor my exposure to stuff based on a need-to-know basis). Anyway, I think you can feel pretty confident that the IRS keeps your personal information insanely secure. If anyone ever gets it, they didn't get it from us, that's for sure.

Well, I'd best get going, gotta pick up the U-Haul. Going to put my new address and phone number in the members area for anyone who's interested. Cya later!
/pick pockets

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Post by Jaffod » Sat Jun 10, 2006 6:15 am

Hang on Q - you are telling us to trust a govermnet agency? Wasn't it in PA someplcae last year that the IRS basically threw a whole bunch of tax returns in the dumpster 'by mistake' ?

In all seriousness - good luck with the move and with the new job. Please remember which box you put the cat in though, it will be quite irritated when you get it out of the UHaul /nod.

(I do not envy you driving one of UHaul's "quality" vehicles for any distance)

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Post by SpenSir » Mon Jun 12, 2006 5:06 am

Sweet Qamus, glad to her things are picking up for you finally!!! Gl in WV, see ya on-line soon.

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Post by unikyte » Mon Jun 12, 2006 2:27 pm

Glad to for the update, things will be settled in no time now. The hard part is over.

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