One of those 'just saying hello' threads

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One of those 'just saying hello' threads

Post by hunky » Wed May 24, 2006 9:52 am

Hi guys, I see you've all accomplished alot and I'm happy to see it. COA runes? Txevu warfare? One night time clears? I hope you guys are having fun.. I know I've enjoyed watching through misc. forum posts and whatnot. So many new faces with CN tags as well, good stuff. Growing up with CN is what made much of my EQ career so memorable. I made mistakes, probably pissed a few of you off.. for that I'm sorry but I've learned and grown and I hope you can forgive me for the immaturity :oops: . Anyway, I'm online again after an extended absence, you can find me on Caeth or perhaps Casm when I can reactivate him, drop me a hi if you see me around.. I miss my old friends, and eq's pretty lonely without people to chat with. Lachaise, Jhereg, Thoraz, Silly, Vortecks, Buaz, Szork, Baldinar, Eria, Richardraul, Rendus, Pohl, Teory, and everyone else that was around in the glory days, this ones for you... /e holds up his morning pepsi. Cuin says hi to everyone as well!

Now I better get back to work. :x

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Post by Vortecks » Wed May 24, 2006 10:42 am

Long time no see bud..

I hope that RL has settled down enough for you to return to EQ. I will be looking for ya when i get back on!!
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Post by Lachaise » Wed May 24, 2006 11:38 am

Howdy Hunky !! Miss you tons, shoot me a tell whenever you log back on.

You still need to show me the Hunky Dance :)
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Post by Buaz » Wed May 24, 2006 4:25 pm

Woot ... is this Hunky 3.0?

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Post by Zurlik » Wed May 24, 2006 4:50 pm

Yeah, I was wondering what version Hunky this was also. The one that quit at level 52 or another?
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Post by Jhereg » Wed May 24, 2006 8:23 pm

Hi, Hunky. And its Cuin's brother, aka also played Casm and joined Eotd.

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Post by hunky » Wed May 24, 2006 11:56 pm

Here is a link to Hunky 1.0's thread way back on page 11 - Click

I guess I would be considered Hunky3, Hunky2 being Cuin who inherited the account and passed it to me. If I had a choice I would be Hunky97, because first of all.. who suddenly made it common for the version of account owners to be in numeric order, and second of all, I like the number 97.

All version numbers and whatnot aside, I'll be on Casm most of the time me thinks, so I hope I see you folks around.
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Post by Silly » Thu May 25, 2006 9:30 am

All right!
Stop whatcha doin'
'cause I'm about to ruin
the image and the style that ya used to.
I look funny
but yo I'm makin' money see
so yo world I hope you're ready for me.
Now gather round
I'm the new fool in town
and my sound's laid down by the Norrathian Ground.
I drink up all the Taelosian Tea ya got on ya shelf
so just let me introduce myself
My name is Hunkyy, pronounced with an Unky.
Yo gnomies, oh how I like to hunk thee.
And all the ogres in the top ten--please allow me to bump thee.
I'm steppin' tall, y'all,
and just like Hunky Dunky
you're gonna fall when the stereos pump me.
I like to rhyme,
I like my beats funky,
I'm spunky. I like my halas pies lumpy.
I'm sick wit dis, straight Freeport mack
but sometimes I get ridiculous
I'll eat up all your thicket pickets and your licorice
hey yo fat troll, c'mere--are ya ticklish?
Yeah, I called ya fat.
Look at me, I'm skinny
It never stopped me from gettin' busy
I'm a freak
I like the elves with the boom
I once got busy in an Abysmal Sea bathroom
I'm crazy.
Allow me to amaze thee.
They say I'm ugly but it just don't faze me.
I'm still gettin' in the halfling's pants
and I even got my own dance
The Hunky Dance is your chance to do the hunk
Do the Hunky Hunk, come on and do the Hunky Hunk
Do the Hunky Hunk, just watch me do the Hunky Hunk
Do ya know what I'm doin', doin' the Hunky Hunk
Do the Hunky Hunk, do the Hunky Hunk
Verse Two:
People say "Yo, Hunky, you're really funny lookin'"
that's all right 'cause I get things cookin'
Ya stare, ya glare, ya constantly try to compare me
but ya can't get near me
I give 'em more, see, and on the floor, B,
all the Vah Shir they adore me
Oh yes, ladies, I'm really bein' sincere
'cause in a port ride my hunky nose will tickle ya rear.
My nose is big, uh-uh I'm not ashamed
Big like a pickle, I'm still gettin' paid
I get cyber by the ladies, ya know I'm in charge,
both how I'm livin' and my nose is large
I get stoopid, I shoot an arrow like Cupid,
I use a word that don't mean nothin', like looptid
I sang on Doowhutchalike, and if ya missed it,
I'm the one who said just grab 'em in the biscuits
Also told ya that I like to bite
Well, yeah, I guess it's obvious, I also like to write.
All ya had to do was give Hunky a chance
and now I'm gonna do my dance.
Oh, yeah, that's the break, y'all
Let me hear a little bit of that bass groove right here
Oh, yeah!
Now that I told ya a little bit about myself
let me tell ya a little bit about this dance
It's real easy to do--check it out
Verse Three:
First I limp to the side like my leg was broken
Shakin' and twitchin' kinda like I was smokin'
Crazy wack funky
People say ya look like Venthos on crack, Hunky
That's all right 'cause my body's in motion
It's supposed to look like a fit or a convulsion
Anyone can play this game
This is my dance, y'all, Hunky Hunk's my name
No two people will do it the same
Ya got it down when ya appear to be in pain
Hunkin', funkin', jumpin',
jig around, shakin' ya rump,
and when the dude a chump pump points a finger like a stump
tell him step off, I'm doin' the Hunk.
Dark Elves, do the Hunky Hunk, do the Hunky Hunk
Wood Elves, do the Hunky Hunk, do the Hunky Hunk
Humans, do the Hunky Hunk, just keep on doin' the hunk
Iksar, do the Hunky Hunk, do the Hunky Hunk
Let's get stoopid!
Oh, yeah, come on and break it down
Once again, the Norrathian Ground is in the house
I'd like to send a shout out to the whole world,
keep on doin' the Hunky Dance,
and to the gnomies,
peace and hunkiness forever
{Music and fade}

/waves hunky ;)

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Post by hunky » Thu May 25, 2006 5:13 pm

Haha very nice silly I'm impressed.. we should start a freestyle rap crew. Of course you would do all the rhyming, I'd stand in the back with super baggy clothes and my arms crossed all thug looking or something.

Vort, Lach, Jhereg, Buaz, Zurlik, hey :).
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Post by Zady » Fri May 26, 2006 3:49 am

Omg Silly!

I remember the humpty dance.

Good grief.

And hello Hunky/Casm, welcome back to EQ or.. well, I don't know your story lol. Looking forward to meeting you in game!
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Post by Silly » Fri May 26, 2006 8:27 am


Lol still to this day whenever someone mentions "The Hunky Dance," "The Humpty Dance" automatically starts running through my mind and I can't help but laugh :)

It will be good to see you around & hiya Cuin!

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Post by Jaffod » Sat May 27, 2006 6:26 am

Hunky97 would be something Truthseeker might say :p

I recall the many faces of Hunky:), Good to see you around

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Post by Mr_Hunky » Mon Jun 26, 2006 4:23 pm

Speaking of which.... hello, Hunky 1.0 here. Hey everyone, lots of old faces I see around, even Geekjoker, thought he dropped off the planet last time I remember. Every once in a while I catch myself thinking of Hunky Sweetspot, running around, getting killed in Naggy's lair... ahh the days. A special shout out to Aelent if he's still kicking around. To think he was the bugger that got me into this game sooo long ago, back in the Vengeful Dragon days.

Anywho, just wanted to say hello to all the old cats. As for me, I'm always on the move, currently in Banff, AB Canada working in the resort hotels. Feel free to drop me an email if you're in the area (closest I remember is Teory in Winterpeg?)

See ya everyone, glad to see CN is sill keeping strong after so many shakeups in the old days.
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Post by Thoraz » Wed Jun 28, 2006 5:32 am

Hiya Hunky. Good to hear from you.

My descedant, Thoraz the 3rd, is playing eq2 at the moment and he ties up the computer all the time, so I can't see to find time to get back into eq1.

I think I am closer than Teory, as I reside in Grande Prairie, Alberta, up north from Banff. Grande Prairie is one of those hotspots where housing prices have skyrocketed, if you can find a place! haha, as we must have 10 times more work than people. The only problem with bringing people here to work, is that there is no place to stay. none! Even all the inns are full!

We are moving Tami's daughter and grandkids up here this next month and it might be a full house for a while until we can find tham a place to live.

Hmmm. Perhaps I should really escape and go to school and live in the dorms, instead of virtual college. haha.

Take care.
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Post by Pohl » Wed Jun 28, 2006 10:57 am

Hi to both Hunkys 1.0 and 2.0 Glad to hear from both of you. That hunky dance rap is impressive Silly! I got my guild invite from the original Hunky back in the day, at that time there were only a handfull of CNers in our 50's. I think all the original members were a bit lower than us but we pulled them up quick.

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Post by Mr_Hunky » Mon Jul 03, 2006 7:47 pm

Hey Thoraz, Pohl. I gave you the invite huh? Been so long ago, I can't remember much ha. Good to hear from you guys.
Hunky 1.0


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Post by Jaffod » Tue Jul 04, 2006 6:41 am

I had been in CN a few months before Hunky 1.0 retired, I dont recall exactly how long as my EQ time seems to blur but I know it was Gyff that gave Jaff the invite.

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