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Planes of Power 2... Er.. I mean Prophecy of Ro patch notes.

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 8:47 am
by Rendus
February 21st, 2006

*** Headlines ***

- Prophecy of Ro Launches!
- The Desert of Ro and the city of Freeport have been revamped
- Alchemy system has received an overhaul
- New Hot Zones

*** Prophecy of Ro Launches! ***

As a demi-god, Mayong Mistmoore -- the greatest vampire ever known -- is threatening Norrath and its gods. Druzzil Ro, the goddess of Magic, has seen the future and the darkness that lies ahead. Now, the time has come to heed Druzzil Ro’s calls as she opens the planes of Rage and Magic and a passage through time to the long lost Elddar elven city of Takish-Hiz. Draw your swords and prepare your magic to face the greatest fight of your lives.

The full story is available in-game in your Storyline window.

*** Prophecy of Ro Features ***

- Spheres of Influence - Spheres of Influence will appear in expansion zones as visual effects, like soft blue lights, whirling winds, or spinning axes. Any player or non-player character that enters the area of the sphere is subject to its effects. In order to see Spheres of Influence, you must have Player particles enabled in your display options.

- Auras - Players can create Spheres of Influence called Auras. There is an Auras window available in the Character section of your EQ menu which shows your currently active auras and gives you the ability to remove them with a right-click. Player auras are available through mission rewards and events much like spells. In order to see Auras, you must have Player particles enabled in your display options.

- Destructible Objects - Destructible objects, like walls, doors, and siege engines, are used in many of the new expansion zones. These are terrain objects that have a health points which can be depleted and, when the object has reached low enough health, it will crumble and break. As you damage the objects you will see it break down until it is completely destroyed. You can identify an object that is destructible because it will pulse when you put your mouse over it.

- Zone Traps - Traps in EverQuest are now represented by objects that can be seen or hidden. As you would expect, traps trigger if you move into their range and you or your party, and sometimes the entire zone, can be affected by them. Rogues and bards have the ability to sense traps, reveal them to those around them, and disarm them. All traps in the game have been converted to use this new trap system.

- Player Traps - Traps are available to players in the same way as spells and abilities, through specific quests, mission rewards, and off spell or discipline vendors. Once a trap has been memorized, it can be created by using the spell or discipline. The trap will remain in the area it is summoned until it is triggered, disarmed, removed by the player who set it using the new Remove Trap skill, or expires.

- Buff Filters - Players can now filter beneficial spells cast upon them and their pets. By right-clicking on any active buff showing in your Effects window, you can select to remove it and/or select that it will never be allowed to take effect on your character again. Pet owners can also click off buff icons in the Pet window and apply filters to them. The list of spells being blocked can be found in the Blocked Buffs or Blocked Pet Buffs windows in the Character section of your EQ menu.

- New Bank Space - Available bank space has been increased by 8 slots.

- /Claim Item - If you have received the Prophecy of Ro /claim item from the retail box, Stable Ward Kyle in the Bazaar may be able to help you use it to upgrade your old horse to a warhorse. Paladins or Shadowknights who have the Holy or Unholy Steed AAs and the /claim item can upgrade their special mounts to a warhorse by visiting Stable Ward Rames as well.

- New Tradeskills - Event Coordinator Baublie Diggs has a test for you to prove your abilities!

See the Prophecy of Ro manual (Prophecy_of_Ro.pdf) downloaded to your EverQuest directory for more information!

***Live Updates***

*** Zone Revamps ***

- Freeport has been redone. East, West, and North Freeport have been replaced with a brand new East and West Freeport. All your old friends should still be there and more.

- Desert of Ro recreated. North Ro, Oasis, and South Ro have been replaced with a new North Ro and South Ro. Watch out for Sand Giants while checking out the new scenery.

*** New Guild Functionality ***

- There is now an "Alt" button to flag a member of the guild as an alt character (this can be done by an officer on anyone, and by anyone on themselves).

- The "Hide Alts" button will hide anyone in the guild list who is flagged as an alt. This defaults to off.

- A "B" is no longer appended to the status of bankers. Instead there are two new columns, Banker and Alt, which have the status in them. You can sort by either Banker or Alt by clicking on the header.

*** New Raid Functionality ***

- There is a new raid loot option: Entire Raid. This will allow any raid member to loot NPCs killed by the raid.

*** New Hot Zones ***

- The time has come to once again update the "Hot Zones" throughout Norrath. The previous zones have been reverted to their former states and the following zones are now a great place to go for experience and fun:

Level 20: Najena
Level 25: Iceclad Ocean
Level 30: Rathe Mountains
Level 35: Frontier Mountains
Level 40: Gulf of Gunthak
Level 45: Velketor's Labrynth
Level 50: Fungus Grove
Level 55: Old Sebilis
Level 60: Cazic Thule

*** Spells ***

- Increased the duration and lowered the mana cost of Talisman of the Tribunal.

- The Test of Efficiency spell should no longer conflict with Peace of the Disciple or Grace of the Order.

- Increased the damage and lowered the mana on Touch of Inruku to better match the rest of the spell line's progression.

*** AAs ***

- The way that the wizard AA Mana Burn works has been modified. The new version will use a maximum of 3000 mana instead of draining your whole pool and will do 4 damage for every point of mana spent. This is a raw channeling of magical energy that cannot be focused and will not critically hit. The ability is unresistable by normal creatures, but certain special creatures may be immune to the effects. Like the previous version, once a Mana Burn ability has affected a target, no other Mana Burn abilities will be able to affect that target for the next minute. Upgraded versions of the ability, Mana Blast and Mana Blaze, are available at level 65 and level 70 and use a maximum of 6000 and 9000 mana respectively. The original Mana Burn ability has been refunded and can be repurchased by Wizards interested in the new version.

- Gift of Mana will no longer be used up when you cast a 0 mana spell and now has a chance to trigger on heals other than just instant heals, including heal-over-time and percent healing spells.

- Rogues and Bards have a new AA ability called Thief's Intuition. This ability goes hand-in-hand with the new trap system and allows those classes a chance to automatically sense nearby traps. The new AAs can be found in the Class tab.

- There are new special mounts available for Paladins and Shadowknights under the Class AA tab.

*** Events ***

- The planar projection for defeating Mithaniel Marr was not rewarding the correct character flags. This has been fixed.

- Raids in Dynamic zones in Gates of Discord now require a minimum of 12 people to be started.

- Sendaii the Hive Queen raid will now lock out the expedition after the glowing egg is broken.

- NPC’s should no longer re-spawn after being killed in the Controlling the Beast mission set in Stoneroot Falls.

- The mission "Taking Control" from Stoneroot Falls now only requires 3 people to start it.

- Adjusted the rewards on monster missions so they scale better based on how long it’s actually taking to complete the mission.

- It should be much more difficult for Stefan Marsinger to die within one of the Greater Faydark spires.

- Various magician epic mobs should no longer double, triple, or quadruple spawn for every mage that enters the zone.

- A number of changes were made to the Demi-Plane of Blood, including pathing fixes, tuning tweaks, and bonuses for defeating Mayong. For more information, see the EQLive forums.

*** Missions ***

- Monster Mission XP rewards have tuned to better account for the amount of time required to complete the mission. Longer missions now give more XP while shorter missions give less. In addition, the way XP is rewarded has been refactored so it scales better as you gain levels.

- In Stoneroot Falls, mission givers Kelliad and Widdlethorpe will now offer you missions that you have completed previously in each of their story arcs when requesting the mission that you are currently on.

*** Tasks ***

- Added a timer to normal tasks. You can now only complete a task once every 15 minutes. As with shared tasks, the time counts from when you initially get the task, so if it took you longer than 15 minutes to complete the task, you can immediately get another one.

*** Tradeskills ***

- Alchemy has undergone some changes resulting in modifications to old recipes as well as introducing new recipes and potions, smoother progression in the skill, and significant cost reductions.

- Potions - All old-style (10 charge, non stackable) alchemical potions have been removed and replaced by an equivalent potion in the revamped system. These new potions are stackable up to 20 per stack.

- Recipes - All recipes that point to the old-style alchemical potions no longer exist. New recipes have been created for all of the new potions and will use new herbs.

- Herbs - Many old herbs have had their prices altered and new herbs have been introduced, both as purchased components as well as dropped components.

- Planar Fletching Kits are now tradeable.

- Changed Othmir Short Beer to use a bottle instead of a Cask.

- Deep Orc Essence now requires less meat.

- Disabled the spell research creation of the spell Draught of Lightning. This was done because it is a quest derived spell.

- Some very old erudite only combines have had their trivials adjusted up from being no-fail to on par with other combines of that era.

-The Research Recipe to make Unholy Bellow has been disabled.

- The Rusty Mining Pick used by Druids has changed names, but works exactly the same.

*** Items ***

- Changed the Slot12 Tradeskill augments that have Cleave, Ferocity, Furious Bash, Improved Dodge, Improved Parry and Sharpshooting to be worn effects instead of focus effects.

- Made a few minor modifications to damage ratios on some of the Demi-Plane of Blood weapons.

- Set a cap on the maximum amount of skill bonuses you can get from certain worn effects. The caps are for bash (100), backstab (125), dragon punch (100), eagle strike (100), flying kick (100), kick (100), round kick (100), tiger claw (100), and frenzy (125).

*** General Bug Fixes ***

- Players will no longer see their breath in first person while on a boar mount.

- Froglok jump animation will now play at normal speed.

- Skeleton illusions will now function correctly on boar mounts.

- PCs will no longer warp to the location they were charmed or feared when those spells wear off.

- The autofire ability will now turn off when a player sits down or loots a corpse.

- Charmed PCs will no longer disappear after being stationary for a few seconds.

- When alt-tabbing out of full screen mode and then re-entering the game, you should now properly be put back into full screen mode into of windowed mode.

- Players marked as group leaders in a raid would sometimes not have functioning leader abilities. This could happening when reforming groups in the raid and has been fixed.

- Players will no longer remain encumbered by coin after donating that coin to a guilt tribute master.

- If a player is wearing an item with a focus effect and casts a delayed spell that utilizes that focus effect, it will no longer be negating if they use a clicky effect before it lands.

- Fixed sync issues with removing shared tasks and tasks from a player.

- Throwing axes will no longer throw an entire stack, instead only a single axe will be consumed from the range slot.

- The map window should now be available to all players.

- Fixed a problem that was causing several of the Dragons of Norrath items to have the wrong colors.

- The EverQuest Team

RE: Planes of Power 2... Er.. I mean Prophecy of Ro patch no

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 8:54 am
by Siderius
I dont think it will be as good as PoP

RE: Planes of Power 2... Er.. I mean Prophecy of Ro patch no

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 8:57 am
by Rendus
Sequels rarely are ;) But the lore so far, from what I've read of DODH and the leadup to POR, looks interesting. A shame Mayong's story arc was neglected for the last 6ish years.

RE: Planes of Power 2... Er.. I mean Prophecy of Ro patch no

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 9:15 am
by Jhereg
- PCs will no longer warp to the location they were charmed or feared when those spells wear off.

I'm sure i've seen that in Time, where I got feared, ran, then looked like i'd lagged out because I was back at the start.

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 9:42 am
by Silly
Lol Jhereg, I'd copied that part to quote also. A bummer!

...and no aa's mentioned for clerics. Bummer, I even had a handful saved :( Guess it is off to advanced innate charisma for me!

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 10:27 am
by Freya
teehee Silly... but I must admit you could use a bit of advancement in that
kidding ofcourse hon!

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 10:41 am
by Siderius
Yeah you really need to become more charming Silly :P

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 11:00 am
by SpenSir
I'm excited about the release. Not so much for the new traps or walls breakage but more for the new areas. I think they did a wonderful job on DoD and hope to see more of the same type of adventures.

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 11:29 am
by Silly
I think they did a wonderful job on DoD and hope to see more of the same type of adventures.
While I love the missions and instanced zones in themselves, over all I hate what DOD did to the game.

Any idiot who buys an account now can go gear their toons up to a level on par with CN just by doing the spell missions alone. Silliest has acquired gear in minutes at the same level that it took Silly years to get to. Shoot! You don't even have to play a mission, just get a taskadd at the end for the phat lootz.

It flooded the game with loot (do we really need 7 pieces per mission?), it took away 90% of what little desire I had to raid. It really ruined most of EQ for me and I play out of obligation and habit now, rather than to complete any goals.

I was really looking forward to this expansion to reignite the EQ spark for me, I'm hoping it does because if not, well I won't be surprised to see the time when scrubbing my bathroom looks more appealing than doing 70.4 for the 75th time.

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 12:10 pm
by Lanyder
I have been having similar or related thoughts to Silly's about the DoD expansion. Yes after spending time progressing through PoP and getting a bunch of loot form Time, I am now upgrading loot from there. That really hurts. On the other hand, I doubt very seriously that I would be able to get any gear upgrades much from DoD if I wasn't time geared already. Those missions are hard, I can't even imagine doing them with a baz geared group. Silliest gets those upgrades because Silly is in CN and Alyssa is a wonderful person. Someone that just buys an account and doesn't know how to play, or just PLs through monster missions won't necessarily have that advantage. (I don't really believe this is completely true, but hopeful nonetheless - I have seen some real idiots that are persistent get nice stuff, but the same as gear whores that join guilds to milk them for progression and loot.)

On the other hand, these missions are allowing us to gear our toons up in 2 months of DoD missions instead of 6 months or more raiding etc in GoD and Time. And we get to do it in a way that is a hell of alot more fun than clearing time for the 180th time. And this gear is just taking us to a general level of where we would have been GoD geared, which came out almost 2 years ago.

The quality of loot isn't universally as good necessarily either. The hp/mana is great, but the ac, stats, and saves generally aren't as good as the progression zones. Looking at the drops in DoD for tanks especially is significantly lower than that of the DoN cultural. DoN cultural Chest is 99ac vs 74ac for the bp from 69.1hard even though it is 200hps vs 145hps. I know I still use my MPG trial mask and belt, and ikki mantle despite the multiple non-visible rewards I have received in DoD.

In closing, (lol) I have convinced myself that even though new people are able to quickly advance to a rough level of what I have progressed to if they have enough friends, etc, I am still able to expedite my progress to a level of what took someone else even longer to progress to.

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 12:10 pm
by Saphirone
I'm still not happy with the manaburn option, as I do more damage with less mana, and now it's not even fullyt unresistable.

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 12:12 pm
by Lanyder
Saph, more damage with less mana sounds good to me!

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 12:21 pm
by kinkan
I think what they did with DoD (the mission rewards and such) was a good thing. Yes, they do need to take out the /taskadd at end and still get the reward, But it is good that they put in time/GoD quality loots on the misisons as rewards. If you look at all the raiding guilds server wide, if they arent in anguish or higher already they are stuck in GoD. GoD is what 4 expansions old? I have 2.1 years credited to my account (started in Dec 2004 so i think the extra year came from the anniversary special that i got). When i started playing OoW was already out for a few months and someone had already beat OOM if i remember right. At first they lowered the flaging requirements for GoD to allow lower raiding guilds to be able to go through the expansion faster and easier and get caught up with the rest of the higher raiding guilds.

With DoD they added in Time/qvic quality loots in hopes to allow newer non-raiding people and raiding people alike to be up to speed on HP/AC of the raiding guilds. Other family guilds that dont raid at all benefit from this also. There have been times that with my qvic geared clr I was lookin to start a RSS group. Only tanks available didnt have the HP/AC to handle tanking RSS. They had the AA's and lvl, just not the gear to do so. DoD allows those same tanks to be able to handle RSS and nest missions in DoN.

Also, with some of the new additions they put in with DoD, like the MM's, made is so new people coming to the game (which honestly I dont think there is a whole lot of new people coming to the game these days) could group and get lvls so they could fairly easily get up to the lvl of everyone else. I know that before DoD i had all but forgot about all my alts because it was hard enough getting my clr to lvl 70 at the time I came to the game. But with the DoD MM's I have been able to get my first char created and kept up to lvl 66 from 56 in just a few short days and got him some nice gear so he can at least be of some use in groups. I know a lvl 66 war isnt ganna be doing much, but with help of friends and guild I can at least now get him into some of the spell missions and get him some better gear so I will be able to have a choice at who I raid with. My war or my clr. Of course playing my War for a raid would have to count on how many healers are on for that raid and attending it. But at least I am able to use him again because I loved playing him. I dont care for playing my clr anymore, the fun of it left right about the time he finished up ikky 2.

Overall DoD was/is a good expansion. It gave the high end raid guilds a hard target for end game, but it also gave lower flagged, non-flagged, and new players the ability to xp in any part of the game instead of staying in LDoN at low lvls or having to xp in WoS till 70 cause you cant gear to go any higher. I just hope that this new expansion builds on what DoD started somewhat. No, i dont think they need to throw in Anguish quality loot for easy misisons and such, but at least keep adding in content for the people who dont/cant raid, the few new players coming to the game, and the ones who are just wanting to make a alt and play them.

I understand where your coming from at giving the reward for the spell missions. You worked VERY hard to beat uqua and get your nice GoD loot, but now they made it so that anyone can get loot that is on par with what you worked so hard to get. It didnt reignite the spark for you, and many others I bet, hell, probably alot of people quit playing completly because of DoD. The same will probably happen with PoR also, but I enjoy the game for what it is. I like being able to come home from having a horrible day, sit down at the computer, and forget all about the stuff that happened that day and enjoy myself playing a game.

In no way this post is meant to flame/bash/convert/degrade anyone. It is only an expression of how I feel about the game.

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 12:21 pm
by Tsigoloeg
[/quote]I won't be surprised to see the time when scrubbing my bathroom looks more appealing than doing 70.4 for the 75th time.[quote]

Gosh darn, I wish I could get any of these missions done once. Hell I might even scrub your floors for you in exchange for a full set.

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 12:33 pm
by Freya
hmm have to agree abit with SIlly on this one...
knowing how very much time and energy we all put into lvling and gaining our now less-than-uber-gear it is a bit frustrating what DoD has done to the game. (E-bay really didn't need any more help!!!)
I loved the PoP expansion because of the fact that it brought the guild so tight togehter on acheiving goals... now it is groups with-in the guild working on missions. I know that we do some raiding for DoN and Ikkz but something is lacking to me in the progression of these areas...(heck I don't even know what the mob for Ikkz 4 looks like... I am stuck outside during the battle due to my class *pout) Here's hoping they bring some of that back.....

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 1:02 pm
by Twoofus
I absolutely love the DoD missions, and most of their rewards.
Finally non-raiders can somewhat catchup in gear, which is a good thing in my book.
And the gear is still way behind what drops in the higher god zones, so raiders still have the upper hand.

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 1:12 pm
by Rendus
Holy derails, Batman.

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 1:21 pm
by Twoofus
How about that bird flu?

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 2:29 pm
by TheGoat
this expansion lacks one thing though

Goat models

Posted: Tue Feb 21, 2006 3:31 pm
by Goofydoofy
Bummer, I was trying to add a goat emticon to this message, but for some reason, the forums will not let me upload the .gif file. These are the upcoming models for the next expansion.