The Past Should Never Be Forgotten

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The Past Should Never Be Forgotten

Postby Pallistous » Thu Dec 08, 2005 5:59 pm

The other night it was debated when, where, and who created Celestial Navigators. It dawned on me that if no record is kept then this information that should be important to all of us would be lost. So I went to the old web page and logged in. I was able to find some posts of information about us, and there were some pictures posted of the evening we were created, but the links had long expired and have now been lost. However, the information is still in tact. I will post what I have found and will continue to try and find more so that our history will not be lost.

Our Creation was:

September 8, 2001 --

On this night in Western Commons, a group of friends and kindred spirits met to formalize our commitment to Norrath and each other. Most of us had already made this pledge, if only in our hearts, weeks before. We had come to trust one another and rely on the skills that each of us possessed. Life is a treasure meant to be shared with others and the bond of friendship we had formed was beyond measure. So, on this night we raised our weapons to the stars and announced the birth of Celestial Navigators.

We are a multi-class and multi-race Guild on the Vazaelle Server. Our guild formation was based on friendship. Our recruiting is based on friendship. Therefore we tend to stick together and most times you will see the vast majority of us in the same zone. We have a mature attitude, a coopoerative nature, and a friendly manner.

I anyone is interested in learning more about our Guild, they are welcome to contact any of the Guild Members to arrange a meeting and grouping.

Sensei Jhereg, 63rd Iksar Monk, Celestial Navigators
Vanidor Silverbranch, 40th Wizard, Celestial Navigators

Our Founding Fathers and Mothers where:

Danielaa (now Tadie)
Gyff (now Wist)
Vanidor (now Jhereg)

Sensei Jhereg, 63rd Iksar monk, Celestial Navigators
Vanidor Silverbranch, 40th Wizard, Celestial Navigators
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RE: The Past Should Never Be Forgotten

Postby Jaffod » Thu Dec 08, 2005 8:25 pm

wow some blast from the past names on there - I think the only person I do not know on that list is Tooth - although Majias is only slightly familiar.

Did Aza go to Walkers or am I getting my guilds/timelines mixed up?

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RE: The Past Should Never Be Forgotten

Postby Jhereg » Thu Dec 08, 2005 10:27 pm

Azargatha went to AD.

Majias was the original Ottmani, he owned Blademoor a dwarf paladin also at one point I think. Tooth was an troll shaman and was kind of(?) a last minute addon to make the 10 required.

The real core of the original idea behind the guild was Auru, Wist and Roddingham I think. Auru, Wist(as Gyff) and either Movlo or Majias were all in Soldiers of Steel(or similar name) and said 'we could run a better guild than this'. Most of the others were people they exp'ed with back in Befallen at the time around 15th-20th level including Azargatha and Roddingham. Roddingham was heavily into the administration and leading functions, the original forums and 2 bot clerics over time.

I think Geekjoker and Keldinaar are about the oldest 2 members still active.

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Postby Keldinaar » Thu Dec 08, 2005 10:58 pm

Az left the guild immediately after a major blow-up over an Epic loot at a PoSky raid. Not sure where she ended up but I haven't seen her in game in a very long time. The thing that really struck me was that the only name on that list that is still in guild and active is Jhereg, or Vanidor as some of us still remember him. The only other person I see on the list that I know is still in the game is Cuin (at least he was still playing within the last year, not sure now). In the spirit of trying to keep our history alive I thought I'd share a couple personal memories from those early days.

My first memories of CN go all the way back to September 2001, I'd be lying if I said I could remember the exact date but it was within days of the CN tag first appearing on the Vazaelle server. Keldinaar was a 20 something wizard, spending a lot of time in Freeport and hunting in the dreaded Commonlands, sometimes even going all the way out to East Karana to hunt crag spiders. This was well before there was a PoK and Soul Binders, and the only way to change your bind point was to get someone to cast Bind affinity on you, and then only in a city zone. So one night I see an OOC from a paladin named Roddingham "Looking for bind at West gate". I was already on my way there so I sent him a tell and met him at the gate for the bind. He said thanks, probably paid me 5pp (I think that was the going rate at the time) and we went our seperate ways. Couple days later I'm back in Freeport and what do I see but Roddingham "Looking for bind at West gate". I recognized the name so I sent him a tell, something like "Hey, you again! " and met him for the bind. We started talking a little bit and somewhere along the way he asked if I'd thought about joining a guild. At this point the game was all still pretty new to me so i told him I had considered it but honestly hadn't given it much thought. Keep in mind, at this point in time it wasn't all that uncommon to see someone even up into thier 30's or 40's running around unguilded. Rodd said his guild was doing a raid in Runneye on Wednesday (this was Monday) and invited me to come along and check it out. I said thanks and that I'd try to make it if I could. Well, Wednesday came around and I somehow found my way to Runneye. When I got there the raid was already in progress but I met up with a couple members at the entrance and followed them down to level three where they added me to a group...we were camping the Sporali Moldmaster for the uber Sporali Defenders Blade and Gloves. About 10 minutes into it someone must have realized I wasn't moving when everyone else did and I saw a "say" or "shout" that "Keld can't see the commands".....they were all being issued in guild chat. About 15 seconds later I get a Message "Gyff has invited you to join Celestial Navigators", or however the message reads, and the rest is history. I think at that time there were a whole 20 or 21 members. My recruiting process consisted of a "sponsorship" by Rodd, surviving the run into Runneye then helping kill 2 or 3 sporali's......a far cry from how we do it today.

Well, that was a lot longer than planned so I'll stop. Maybe I'll come back later and add some more history/memories in another post later.

Edit: Jhereg posted while I was writing so ignore my remarks about Az, he clearly has the better memory. And yes, I believe GJ joined CN no more than a week or two after I did so I guess we're the senior citizens along with Jhereg.
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Postby Jhereg » Thu Dec 08, 2005 11:04 pm

From Jan 16 2002, this is an old spreadsheet several people worked on. Littlabit and Wist I think mainly, but I'm pretty sure one or two others did also.

Let's see Tiroleni is now Gronalk's and was originally Rodingham's.
Kiaraa and Lonehart(as Lonetrah) play again in Sequel. Balinar is in EQ2 with Dareba. Nebekenezer retired, came back and made Vorosh/new Neb, retired again. I think Auru plays WoW at the moment. Majias/Ottmani sold his accounts so that he and his wife could try to buy a house, he worked with Aelent/Vonbech in real life here in Canada a long while ago.

Kyani and Taldann were a married couple I think, played quite a while after leaving the guild in the kael days, but haven't seen in the last year roughly. Aneas and Reany were another couple, they retired from EQ. I might be mixing Reany and Kyani up though.

Littlabit and Tandt went to AD a long time ago. Evil Tandt went first and badgered her into going later on. He retired from EQ a few times, and they both did around a year ago. They played WoW for a bit but I think are retired there now, she pops in our forums occasionally.

Criploc played as of a month or two back in Tribal Fury and was in a few before then I think. Yyanlia plays on another server and comes back about every 1.5 years for a week.

Hunky sold his char to Cuin's brother a long time ago. Haljordon retired about a year or less ago, i'm bad with time :( Silverraven plays Goldraven and an enchanter, rl friend of Tandt, mainly logs in to ninja earrings in Qeynos hills I think.

Vulkyria and her son left at some point, I used to hear from them about once a year afterwards. Dareba had a similarly named shaman back then that's listed there Valkira, I used to get them confused occasionally.

Kathan got married last year and plays WoW I think sporadically. Retired a while before it came out to finish his degree.

Quillic used to make appearances briefly but played I think mainly on the Zek servers, transfered back briefly then disappeared. Salumeth used to farm luclin when it was first released, heavily farmed the Twilight armour sets and donated to the guild, retired once and came back and then left the guild a bit over a year ago I think.

Arrowhawk, retired to deal with real life issues and eventually went back to school and retrained.

Pallistous still plays ofcourse and started this thread, there he is at 37th level.

Rope, made Thread and plays with Fantasy Awakened now. He and Guyas went roughly together with Bettan though it was spaced out, and to the original Fantasy.

Lectos went to help some rl friends with their guild and his son's help. I think he briefly considered coming back but never has.

Vernathrax/Melkiah and his wife retired about 2 years ago or more came back briefly once or twice.

Bravesoull, hmmm, I got little nice to say so i'll stiffle it. Tandt deguilded him for hitting on Littlabit at least once. He was around 16 or 17 when in the guild.

Movlo, in AD and still plays as of a month or so ago.

Erasmus and Caradena play another game together I think, Dark Age of Camelot maybe or one of the others. Two of her three sons were in the guild at one point I think.

Wrygryn and Rosellia retired around the time they married, and have a child I think? This was back about 1.5 to 2 years ago.

Keldinaar and Geekjoker still play as I mentioned in the previous post. So does Woldar who I didn't skip but wanted to put in here with the other two, for a long time computer problems made him go ld a lot.

Pataze retired relatively recently. Crystalfoxx logs in occasionally.

I likely left some out of those below, but tried to cover the ones I thought I remembered correctly. My memory isn't very good :(

Code: Select all

1   Tiroleni   Cleric   55   Erudite   Alt Guild
2   Esiah   Monk   53   Human   Main
3   Kiaraa   Cleric   51   Human   Main
4   Lonehart   Pally    51   Human   Main
5   Blademoor   Pally    51   Dwarf   Alt Majias
6   Balinar   Warrior   51   Human   Main
7   Indore   Warrior   51   Troll   Alt Esiah
8   Wist   Mage   50   Gnome   Alt Gyff
9   Nebekenezer   Wizard   50   Gnome   Main
10   Kyani   Druid   48   Wood Elf   Main
11   Motrfyre   Pally    48   Dwarf   Main
12   Criploc   Warrior   48   Human   Main
13   Yyanila   Bard   47   Wood Elf   Main
14   Aneas   Cleric   47   High Elf   Main
15   Guyas   Druid   47   Wood Elf   Main
16   Vernathrax   Pally    46   Half Elf   Main
17   Tandt   Warrior   46   Halfing   Main
18   Reany   Druid   45   Human   Main
19   Woldar   Druid   45   Wood Elf   Main
20   Ituar   Mage   45   H.Elf   Main
21   Arrowhawk   Ranger   45   Wood Elf   Main
22   Majias   Rogue   45   Half Elf   Main
23   Taldann   Rogue   45   Barb   Main
24   Hunky   Warrior   45   Barb   Main
25   Gyff   Druid   44   Wood Elf   Main
26   Haljordon   Enchanter   44   H.Elf   Main
27   Azargatha   Necro   44   DE   Main
28   Vulkyria   Shaman   44   Barb   Main
29   Quilic   Mage   43   Erudite   Main
30   Roddingham   Pally    42   Human   Main
31   Littlabit   Cleric   41   Dwarf   Main
32   Hurrun   Druid   40   Halfling   Main
33   Salumeth   Ranger   40   Wood Elf   Main
34   Zukulak   Shaman   40   Iksar   Main
35   Sarec   Sk   40   Iksar   Main
36   Silverraven   Warrior   40   Barb   Main
37   Emmdee   Cleric   39   Dwarf   Main
38   Kathan   Pally    39   Human   Main
39   Rylin   Monk   38   Human   Main
40   Auru   Rogue   38   Half Elf   Main
41   Pallistous   Druid   37   Human   Main
42   Misticstars   Mage   37   Human   Main
43   Rope   Ranger   37   Human   Main
44   Lectos   Pally    36   High Elf   Main
45   Tooth   Shaman   36   Troll   Main
46   Bravesoul   Shaman   36   Barb   Alt Bora
47   Movlo   Bard   35   Elf   Main
48   Bonham   Druid   35   Halfling   Main
49   Cuin   Druid   35   Halfling   Main
50   Trew   Enchanter   35   Erudite   Main
51   Golgo   Necro   35   Iksar   Main
52   Erasamus   Pally    35   Dwarf   Main
53   Valkira   Shaman   35   Barb   Main
54   Keldinaar   Wizard   35   High Elf   Main
55   Geekjoker   Cleric   34   Dwarf   Main
56   Teory   Cleric   34   Halfing   Main
57   Ghinsu   Warrior   34   Iksar   Main
58   Lenyenu   Druid   33   Wood Elf   Main
59   Zala   Enchanter   33   Erudite   Main
60   Zukasik   Monk   33   Iksar   Main
61   Efthimio   Pally    33   Human   Main
62   Wrygryn   Rogue   33   Dwarf   Main
63   Pataze   Necro   32   DE   Main
64   Caradena   Pally    32   Human?   Main
65   Kromey   Warrior   32   Dwarf   Main
66   Saders   Cleric   31   High Elf   Main
67   Danielaa   Druid   31   Wood Elf   Main
68   Caradhas   Mage   31   Gnome   Alt Esiah
69   Galodriel   Ranger   31   Wood Elf   Main
70   Garwar   Warrior   31   Dwarf   Main
71   Zabou   Beast   30   Val Shir   Alt Esiah
72   Kellina   Cleric   30   High Elf   Main
73   Zynaestyr   Enchanter   30   High Elf   Main
74   Boramce   Warrior   30   Barb   Main
75   Gringet   Wizard   30   Erudite?   Main
76   Ozadin   Wizard   30   Erudite   Alt Guyas
77   Crystalfoxx   Ranger   28   Wood Elf   Main
78   Lill   Rogue   27   Halfling?   Main
79   Linfeara   Ranger   26   Wood Elf   Main
80   Melchiah   Sk   26   DE   Alt Vern
81   Dzauron   Cleric   25   Dwarf   Main
82   Selek   Druid   25   Wood Elf   Main
83   Cindarwolf   Druid   25   Wood Elf   Alt Mistic
84   Nanilopus   Druid   25   Wood Elf   Main
85   Dionysos   Enchanter   25   Erudite   Alt Auru
86   Lyel   Ranger   25   Wood Elf   Main
87   Banars   Ranger   25   Wood Elf   Main
88   Nton   Warrior   25   Barb   Main
89   Vanidor   Wizard   25   High Elf   Main
90   Llute   Bard   24   Wood Elf   Alt Teory
91   Aelent   Cleric   24   Human   Main
92   Jahova   Shaman   24   Barb   Alt
93   Heydar   Warrior   24   Dwarf   Main
94   Lecros   Rogue   23   H. Elf   Alt Lectos
95   Oolof   Warrior   23   Ogre   Main
96   Sleepyelf   Wizard   23   Elf   Main
97   Jhereg   Monk   22   Iksar   Alt Van
98   Ferros   Cleric   20   Human   Main
99   Elembar   Enchanter   20   H. Elf   Alt Salumeth
100   Lagrin   Enchanter   20   High Elf   Alt Gyff
101   Larm   Monk   20   Iksar   Main
102   Oakster   Warrior   20   Human   Main
103   Loic   Bard   19   High Elf   Alt Gyff
104   Wildwinds   Warrior   18   H.Elf   Alt Aelent
105   Ottmani   Enchanter   16   Erudite   Alt Majias
106   Luline   Ranger   14   Wood Elf   Alt Geek
107   Vonbech   Warrior   13   Human   Alt Aelent
108   Koradekk   ?   12   ?   Son Azagatha
109   Hydee   ?   12   ?   Wife Auru
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Postby Keldinaar » Thu Dec 08, 2005 11:13 pm

Oh my, that list brings back a lot of memories!!

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Postby Jaffod » Fri Dec 09, 2005 4:47 am

OK Ottmani I remember:)

Criploc was in Pactum when I was going through my CN break - that would have been about the time of the EoTD/CN alliance getting going.

Auru does indeed play WoW - or he did when I was there lol.

I must have joined originally at about the time that this list was made as none of the AD evacuees had left. I know I was guilded someplace with Aza, which can only be CN or Walkers lol.

Ironic twist, Hunky and Trab went up for new owners in the same week. Trab first, and I snatched him. HUnky went up later - and mr Tradeskills picked him up.

I was online when Balinar umm left, now I know why.

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Postby Teory » Fri Dec 09, 2005 6:44 am

Teory Cleric 34 Halfing Main

Must have been right around when I joined as I think around 30 I was still in Avatars of the Rising Pheonix. It took Danielaa and I about a month to do level 31 as it was a "post hell level" which meant you lost twice as much of a level as you would in a normal one, and the two of us died at least once a night. And rezzes were almost non-existent.

Another one that's still around is Guyas, I think, who was playing Utudzen in FA at least 6 or 7 months ago along with Thread, whose main at the time of the shot above was "Rope Ranger 37".
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Postby Goofydoofy » Fri Dec 09, 2005 8:15 am

So Jhereg has gained 5 levels in over 4 years?? Somebody PL this guy!!
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Postby Zoey » Fri Dec 09, 2005 8:27 am

Jhereg spends all his time helping everyone else... it's the kind of guy he is. Amazing huh?
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Postby Silly » Fri Dec 09, 2005 9:33 am

On this night in Western Commons


...and don't let Jhereg fool ya'. He's got tons of aa's ;)

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Postby Teory » Fri Dec 09, 2005 9:54 am

Psst Silly... where is the zone in to Befallen?

I was one of the folks that used to group with the gang in Befallen as well but was a mage back then named Yitelar. Weight limits were a serious thing back then, as was having enough bag slots. We used to stuff ourselves til we could hardly move, including copper pieces, then sell at the little huts outside Befallen and then do a very very slow walk back to Freeport to the bank to change our copper into real money.
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Postby Silly » Fri Dec 09, 2005 9:55 am

yeah yeah yeah but it wasn't IN befallen :) I may not have been there for the creation but I've seen screenshots!

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Postby Saphirone » Fri Dec 09, 2005 10:41 am

Oooooh wow! I joined CN just a bit before Roselia and Wrygryn retired. I remember being sooo disappointed, because Roselia was the recruiting officer, and I just absolutely loved her to pieces!

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Postby Jhereg » Fri Dec 09, 2005 10:48 am

Befallens is where most of the originals met, I met some of them first there on Vanidor but wasn't really part of the organizing other than voting in the chat room and helping slowly a bit more over time.

Here's a list from about 6 months later in August 20th, 2002. I'll do a run through of others that were not in the first list.

Akinn/Racerx and Akselo/Geadin left long ago, I think the original Akselo still plays.

Armew is in Triality these days, saw him a couple months back. Triality didn't exist in those days though, its a splitoff by a few officers of another guild. Kerena/Windiili/Zillie would remember the original guild's name I think since she was in there by then I think.

There's Azurefox and Blackbane! Well before Azurefox started his new Fellowship(if i remember right that's the name) and moved. Blackbane plays Guild Wars mainly I think now.

Bettan's there, he and Guyas/Utudzen are close friends in rl I think.

Bonham is there, I think he plays with Tribal Fury now and I could swear he's related to Cuin or got invited by Cuin to CN back then but honestly not sure.

Brystoco is there, he's been in game and out with his wife the last 2 years but he was pretty active back then.

Dakron left to help friends and later became a guild leader/raid leader? of a friends guild he worked on I think. I might have gotten him and Lectos from the previous post mixed up though. This was around the time that xp in the Umbral Plains and was uber and maybe Planes of Power were about to be released.

Dangeruss and Lnwolf were friends I think. Lnwolf came back a year ago to play after a long absence but he had started a business and being the owner was eatting up masses and masses of hours and had little time for any game.

Dree, he made the shaman later on or bought him and is in AD now. He left around the time we were in low PoP and maybe valor/storms had been opened up by the coding changes?? The ones that let level 55th into them instead of PoJ trials only.

Gabrieal and Genelron were brother in law and brother of Littlabit respectively. Gabrieal had married her sister Samorna years back in rl and joined the guild mainly to be with them. Genelron I think was a half brother of her's, his wife later joined the guild after leaving a female only guild(Daughters of Norrath?). I think that was well after this point.

There we see the one and only policeman Fenwig, only man I've known who could sleep repeated at a desk without major injury to their forhead. Retired a long time now, maybe in WoW? Teory would know!

Ghaok, left to join Order of the Open Hand I think with Kamidari? Thoraz and Xeatau were there back then. Kamidari hadn't started Nicia then and since he's 60th would have just finished leveling for weeks in Chardok at the entrance soloing there. Ghaok's in Fantasy Awakened now I believe and has been for a year or more I think.

Graydeng, hmm, from Toronto along with Suntzao. They used to play with Littlabit a lot. I think one still plays in Triality though I am not sure if its still the original now.

There we see Guttwin, later to become known as Cruz! And Razt ofcourse.

Justwysper and Rainmare, often leading edge xp groups back then. They were usually uninterested in raiding with us but I remember getting along well with her. She plays WoW and I assume he followed since they've been dating forever. They joined AD in one of the many farming's of us. Arg.

There's Lachaise, Paladin who was likely browbeat by a certain cleric coworker into joining us. We had like 50 million paladins at one point, all of who despaired of naggy/vox giving up the scales.

Lamborn, hmm, made Lamatorn the cleric later on and left to join a girl he'd met in another guild in game if I remember right. Was several months down the line from this point. He's in Pactum now, I think the guild he joined was different though it might have been a short lasting one, not sure.

Laminate and Zurlik are in here, the original nephew and evil iksar uncle.

Lonetrah makes an appearance now, his fight with Azargatha over the Plane of Sky necro drop is why they both left. Poor planning on my part. I joined a raid late that Geekjoker was leading for Lonetrah and others for epic pieces. I didn't know Geekjoker had planned it originally for Lonetrah and apparently Azargatha didn't either when she joined earlier I think. Class leaders were supposed to make an epic order list at the time of who got the drops, she assumed she'd get it first so didn't do it. But the raid was organized as a friends raid. I overruled Geekjoker and gave to Azargatha after a few minutes of drama by the 2 necro's, in a move I still regret. She was the main and with us longer. She deguilded with it that night and lonetrah in a day or two I think. Too bad Pataze hadn't got it, he had so fewer high/low days compared to them.

Hmm, wonder why Mani isn't in there. His alt Meni is. He was a paladin (remember i said we had millions?) and retired due to lack of interest in the game eventually and I think partly because he was an emergency worker like fire fighter(as best I recall), so often had to rush out in seconds and EQ wasn't equipped with 'Return Home' and as many self gate options back then.

Ouzed, one of the nicest guys around. He was french(lived near Paris I think), could barely make himself understood half the time but helped out whenever possible. He later couldn't afford his account, I think he either lost his job or didn't have one most of the time he had played and ran out of funds. I still hear from him about once a year or a bit longer when he borrow's a friends char. He was boxed for a while after retiring by Nessie or Siderius I think?

Pohl, real life friend of Lonehart and Kiaraa is now in the guild. He still plays obviously, I think Lonehart hooked him onto EQ though I might be mixing the order backwards. Drdeath was sponsored a lot by spells from Lonetrah I think in the low levels.

Pythagoras, he and Righteous were close friends in real life I think. They were definitely in game. They left seperately though in the late kael era of the guild. Righteous to AD and Pythagoras to several guild's over time I think. I'm not sure the original Pythagoras owns the account if he's kicking around still.

Rathic. Oh god, he needed valium somedays. If some of you read the Vazaelle Community Center in the past you'd have seen some of it. I think he and Szork clashed later on a few times. Rathic made another char, a shaman perhaps and might still play?? Nice guy most of the time but I think lead an evil killsteal type guild at one point later on.

Rosellia, cutie woodelf gf of Wrygryn has joined by this point. Very helpful person, hope they are doing well still.

Ryoko's original appearance after Roddingham bought her from the Promethian Order's original player. She was uber back then and replaced Tiroleni slowly as the guild's bot cleric for raids and stuff. One of the many ways Roddingham helped the guild.

Shaeli. Well, nice girl for the most part. Shouldn't have access to chat channels since it just gets her in trouble. She played recently as the server merger I think. Beyond that I'm not sure.

Sherala, she and Missle left later on. They had met in guild and I think are married fully now. They lived down near new orleans and I've seen them since so I think they made it threw partially okay. They found the raid pace of CN to be too much and too much stress on loot in the early pop days I think. I could understand where they were coming from since we've alternated back and forth from too few raids to too many several times. I think they joined Avatars of the Rising Sun(am I making that name up?? damn my memory) or another guild.

Skinrada, retired a long time now. She and Skuully used to play regularly and date. I think that went sour over time, but Skuully's son still played in Eye of the Deceiver till they disbanded recently. He reminded me of Bravesoull(I swear there's something about 16 year old shaman's that makes them ..., well nm).

Terma, very very nice guy. If you ever meet him in game he's well worth tossing a buff on. Very little play time and eventually joined Sherala and Missle in their new guild because it was easier to keep up in levels with his real life running him ragged.

Toldor, WRU!

There we see the evil Trabayre, Jaffod had joined us around the time the original Union (about 5 guilds all but us gone for raiding purposes had formed it) was disolving I think.

Vanroc, now Vanmancer and several lesser Van's is in here.

Wenvarwen, left to AD later, before Justwysper and Rainmare I think. He was looking for a much more raid orientated guild I think. I believe he helped lead some raids just before he left, very good player.

Zukoy you see there in his original appearance in the guild. Zurlik I mentioned up above with his nephew.

Again I left some out that I either didn't remember surely enough or didn't have even fake/confused memories of.

Code: Select all

Aalilaarla   Necro   20+   erudite   Alt to aniea
Acanthus   Wizard   30+   human   Alt to auru
Akinn   Monk   45+   Iksar   Main
Akselo   Bard   40+   Val Shir   Alt to Geadiin
Aledrinker   Cleric   30+   dwarf   Alt to Skuully
Aludaen   Ranger   45+      Main
Aniea   Monk   30+   Human   Alt Daniel
Apililin   Wizard   45+   H.Elf   Alt to drakktor
Ariall   pally   30+   human   Alt to kiaraa
Armew   bl   55+   Val Shir   Main
Arrowhawk   Ranger   50+   W Elf   Main
Asmodeos   sk   50+   d.elf   Main
Auru   Rogue   50+   Half Elf   Main
Azargatha   Necro   50+   DE   Main
Azurefox   Warrior   50+   Dwarf   Main
Balaforge   Cleric   50+   Human   Main
Balinar   Warrior   50+   Human   Main
Balldanor   Warrior   50+   human   Main
Bettan   Druid   50+   Halfling   Main
Bilzbub            Main
Blackbane   Cleric   45+   d.elf   Main
Blademoor   Pally   50+   Dwarf   Alt Majias
Bojinx   Ranger   35+   H.Elf   Main
Bonham   Druid   35+   Halfling   Main
Bortok   Druid   20+   H.Elf   alt to lachaise
Brystoco   pally   50+   Dwarf   Main
Buaz   sk   50+   troll   Main
Callelwynn   Druid   15+   w.elf   Alt to Motyfre
Carminia   Bard   10+   w.elf   Alt to az
Champayne   Beastlord   30+   Val Shir   alt to justwysper
Chantarna   Enchanter   25+   erudite   Alt to Skinrada
Charthiz   Monk   20+   Iksar   Alt to balldanor
Cindarwolf   Druid   25+   W Elf   Alt Mistic
Criploc   Warrior   50+   Human   Main
Cuin   Druid   50+   Halfling   Main
Cymarron   bl   25+   Val Shir   Alt to Rainmaire
Daederion   Druid   55+      Main
Daidre   Enchanter   45+   erudite   Main
Dakron   SK   50+   DE   Main
Dalafha   pally   50+   Dwarf   Main
Dangeruss   Pally   45+   High Elf   Main
Danielaa   Druid   30+   W Elf   Main
Delanni   Cleric   15+   Dwarf   Alt to Rosalina
Dinadil   Ranger   25+   w.elf   Alt to balldanor
Doey   Druid   25+   Halfling   Alt to Styhl
Doladan   Druid   25+   human   alt to balinar
Drakktor   Cleric   50+   Dwarf   Main
Dree   Ranger   45+   W Elf   Main
Drud   Druid   35+   Halfling   Alt to Lullabyweaver
Fastfistin   warrior   30+   Halfling   Alt to Movio
Fenwig   Wizard   45+   Gnome   Main
Feshnoz   Wizard   50+   erudite   Alt to Fobas
Filae   pally   45+   H.Elf   Main
Fyzal   Enchanter   20+      Alt to Wyrgryn
Gabrieal   Shaman   35+   Barb   Main
Geadiin   Ranger   50+   w.elf   Main
Geekjoker   Cleric   50+   Dwarf   Main
Genelron   Ranger   45+   human   Main
Ghaok   Warrior   50+   Ogre   Main
Gluttonie   Necro   50+   d.elf   Alt to Imaz
Goefling   Cleric   25+   Halfling   Alt to wenvarwen
Graydeng   Ranger   45+   w.elf   Main
Guttwin   Druid   50+      Main
Guyas   Druid   50+   W Elf   Main
Gyff   Druid   45+   W Elf   Main
Haljordon   Enchanter   50+   H.Elf   Main
Healingwolf   Druid   30+      Alt to filaes
Hiroshi   Bard   50+      Main
Hruk   Bard   30+   Val Shir   Alt to gyff
Hydee   Druid   20+   W Elf   Main
Inkoming   Warrior   50+   Ogre   Alt to Yyanlia
Ituar   Mage   50+   H.Elf   Main
Jerryvulcan   Wizard   35+      Main
Jhereg   Monk   50+   Iksar   Alt Van
Justwysper   Enchanter   60   H.Elf   Main
Kaldolur   Pally   45+   Dwarf   Main
Kamidari   Shaman   60      Main
Kandaan   Druid   50+   W Elf   alt to zurlik
Katayna   bl   40+   Val Shir   Main
Kathan   Pally   50+   Human   Main
Katidari   Warrior   55+      Main/alt
Keldinaar   Wizard   45+   High Elf   Main
Kiaraa   Cleric   50+   Human   Main
Kikkinit   monk   20+      Alt to finwig
Koradekk   Rogue   15+   Dwarf   alt to az son
Korey   Druid   40+   human   Alt to Littlabit
Kormad   Warrior   25+   Barb   Alt to aelent
Koulman   Shaman   50+   Barb   Alt to armew
Lachaise   Pally   45+   Human   Main
Lagrin   Enchanter   35+   High Elf   Alt Gyff
Lalara   Druid   40+      Alt to Caradina
Lamborn   Pally   50+   Human   Main
Laminate   Enchanter   50+   H.Elf   Main
Lamorn   Monk   15+   human   Alt to Quinyans
Lappy   Enchanter   25+   H.Elf   Alt to Lachaise
Leadaar   war   15+      Alt to keldinaar
Leaff   Druid   45+   human   Main
Lecros   Rogue   25+   H. Elf   Alt Lectos
Lectos   Pally   50+   High Elf   Main
Lilslaget   Shaman   50+   Barb   Main
Littlabit   Cleric   50+   Halfling   Main
Llute   Bard   30+   W Elf   Alt Teory
Lnwolf   Pally   45+   Human   Main
Lonehart   Pally   50+   Human   Main
Lonetrah   Necromancer   55+   Human   alt to loneheart
Loril   Warrior   20+   Val Shir   alt to lachaise
Lovei   Monk   20+   Human   alt to val
Luline   Ranger   15+   W Elf   Alt Geek
Lullabyweaver   Bard   40+   H.Elf   Main
Lyel   Ranger   25+   W Elf   Main
Majias   Rogue   45+   Half Elf   Main
Malace   Necro   20+   Gnome   Alt to JW
Mandos   Necro   20+   Gnome   Alt to Rainmare
Mechancete   sk   15+   d.elf   Alt to az
Melchiah   Sk   25+   DE   Alt Vern
Meni   Cleric   30+   dwarf   Alt Mani
Meralda   Cleric   15+   DE   Alt to Az
Minnon   Druid   50+      Main
Missle   Ranger   45+   H.Elf   Main
Mistressfrye   Cleric   35+   H.Elf   Alt to Lullabyweaver
Miykal   Druid   40+   human   Main
Motrfyre   Pally   50+   Dwarf   Main
Movlo   Bard   35+   Elf   Main
Nastufaru   Mage   45+   Erudite   Alt to tandt
Orruar   Cleric   55+      
Ottmani   Enchanter   60   Erudite   Alt Majias
Oumn   Enchanter   25+   Erudite   Alt to Rope
Ouzed   Mage   60   human   Main
Ozadin   Wizard   30+   Erudite   Alt Guyas
Pallistous   Druid   45+   Human   Main
Pataze   Necro   35+   DE   Main
Pedera   Druid   40+      Alt to Geadiin
Pimley   Monk   15+   human   Alt to Luddace
Pohl   Pally   50+   Human   Main
Pporter   Druid   50+      Main
Pythaguras   cleric   40+      Main
Racerx   Druid   45+   Halfling   Alt to akinn
Rainmare   Pally   50+   H.Elf   Main
Rathic   sk   45+   iskar   Main
Righteous   pally   50+   H.Elf   Main
Roddingham   Pally   50+   Human   Main
Roknogin   Cleric   30+   Dwarf   Alt Arrow
Rope   Ranger   45+   Human   Main
Rosellia   Druid   45+   W Elf   Main
Roxane   Druid   50+      alt to daidre
Ryoko   cleric   60   human   Main
Samorna   Druid   30+   human   Main
Scored   Bard   40+   H.Elf   Main
Sebrasis   Warrior   51+   iskar   
Shabukka      25+      alt to ottimani
Shaeli   Ranger   45+   w.elf   Main
Sherala   Druid   45+   w.elf   Main
Shralis            alt to drugin
Skinrada   Mage   50+   erudite   Main
Skuully   Shaman   50+   Barb   Main
Snakeskyn   Monk   35+      Alt to motrfrye
Stavros   Cleric   15+   d.elf   Alt to gyff
Styhl   Warrior   50+   Barb   Main
Suntzao   Ranger   45+   H.Elf   Main
Suweliar   Monk   25+   Iksar   Main
Tadie   bl   25+    ogre   Alt to aniea
Tandt   Warrior   55+   Halfing   Main
Tedie    bl   25+   Ogre   Aniea/Danielaa hubby
Tenbear      25+      Alt to Dika
Teory   Cleric   45+   Halfing   Main
Terma   pally   25+   dwarf   Main
Thorryn   Pally   50+      Main
Thuunderstorm   Druid   40+      Main
Tiroleni   Cleric   55+   Erudite   Alt Guild
Toldor   Druid   50+   w.elf   Main
Tolgar   Warrior   45+   Barb   Main
Trabayre   Shaman   50+   Barb   Main
Trevelyan   cleric   50+   h.elf   Main
Trinne   cleric   20+      alt to daidre
Trubel   Bard   35+   Half Elf   Alt Fenwig
Tumadan   Warrior   15+   Barb   Alt to Lamborn
Utudzen   sk   35+   Ogre   Alt to guyas
Uuhyaan   Cleric   50+      Main
Valkira   Shaman   35+   Barb   Main
Vanidor   Wizard   25+   High Elf   Main
Vanroc   Druid   50+   W Elf   Main
Vernathrax   Pally   50+   Half Elf   Main
Vilrath   Necro   50+   erudite   Main
Viscrua   Necro   35+   d.elf   Alt to luxun
Vorpaal   Wizard   50+   d.elf   Main
Vypera   Druid   25+   w.elf   Alt to Rainmaire
Wegas   Ranger   45+   w.elf   Alt to toldor
Wenvarwen   Ranger   50+      Main
Wist   Mage   55+   Gnome   Alt Gyff
Wizalot   Wizard   50+      Main
Woldar   Druid   50+   W Elf   Main
Wrygryn   Rogue   45+   Dwarf   Main
Wyspa   Druid   40+   W Elf   alt to justwysper
Xacheb   Monk   30+      Alt to luxun
Yitelar   Mage   25+   Erudite   Alt to Teory
Yyanila   Bard   50+   W Elf   Main
Zukoy   Mage   35+   human   Main
Zurlik   Monk   50+   Iksar   Main

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Postby Silly » Fri Dec 09, 2005 11:05 am say you have a bad memory, Jher? Whew, all of that was several years ago, I'm impressed!

I joined CN a little over 2.5 years ago, Silly was level 59. My first raid with CN was in Plane of Fear a few months before I joined. I was also guildinvited in Plane of Fear (Though I can't remember if it was Amythiest or Teory who invited me). I joined CN mostly to be with people like Kormad, Anareon, Movlo, Lachaise, Amy, & Teory (that uber cleric I heard SO much about before I ever met & was slightly-yet lovingly- jealous of ;)) I also went on a PoD raid in the caves and did some exping and once I met Wry, Rosie, Wist & the rest of the bunch; I saw that everyone was just the nicest most fun bunch of people ever.

I had been looking at 3 guilds to join after I realized Chosen Champs wasn't the right place for me (Pactum, Epic Heroes, & CN). I knew a few more people in CN and they had he most active message board of the three so I made my decision to apply here.

Well I never once have regretted the choice! When EH said they had a few interested in CN I was ecstatic. What a fantastic bunch, it was like getting the best of both worlds. I think I told that to most of the EH but if for some reason I haven't yet, well...thanks for looking at CN :)

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Postby Terranya » Fri Dec 09, 2005 11:09 am

Triality didn't exist in those days though, its a splitoff by a few officers of another guild. Kerena/Windiili/Zillie would remember the original guild's name I think since she was in there by then I think.

Hmm thinking .. maybe it was called Forsaken Unity? So many came and went over the years :)

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Postby Teory » Fri Dec 09, 2005 11:30 am

Graydeng, hmm, from Toronto along with Suntzao. They used to play with Littlabit a lot. I think one still plays in Triality though I am not sure if its still the original now.

Oddly enough both of them joined CNWow for a little while though don't think they stayed around all that long. They kept buying massive amounts of plat off playerauctions to gear themselves up :) Really fun guys though!

So many names in there that you only remember when you see them again - dear little Terma!

As for our infamous missing former guild leader Gyff/Wist, he's been playing WoW with a bunch of folks from his job, though had a death in the family recently and figures he was probably booted out of his hardcore raiding guild - he was killin dragons in WoW while I was still fighting "An even bigger kobold".
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Postby Silly » Fri Dec 09, 2005 11:37 am

Well if he was booted out of his uberhardcore wow guild...he still has a good handful of people here who'd welcome him with open arms ;)

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Postby Xril » Fri Dec 09, 2005 12:12 pm

Wow, all these memories of the past are bringing up my own memories from back when I was just a wee player not only on this server, but my old server innorruuk.

I only wish I could share in such old memories and cherished moments and had I originally been on this server, I'm sure CN would have made as large an impact as it has in the life of Xril.

I just want to say from the beginning of the guild until now, you have seemed to keep the fun aspect of the game alive in many people.
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Postby Akgriz » Fri Dec 09, 2005 7:41 pm

If you mention the Union,,, I will log on and shoot you Jher,,, and I am sure Jaffod will still like to repeatedly train Roddingham for that time lost, tho the friendship between Order of the Open Hand and CN will last for more years than we will all remember,,lol,
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Postby Fuddara » Sun Dec 11, 2005 9:25 pm

I joined shortly after that second list was taken, I'm pretty sure anyway. I know that Feshnoz wasn't in the guild when I joined (I'll refrain from saying the things I want to say about him), though I do recognize about 90% of the names from that list.

And Terr, I remember Forsaken Unity (FU), though I'm not sure if it was the guild that spawned Triality or not.

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Postby Kerena » Sun Dec 11, 2005 11:20 pm

Triality was more an offshoot of Sonnet, which was an offshoot of Midsummer Knights, which was formed shortly after the server had gone live. Originally discussed and set in motion by three people (thus the tri) Sendaught, Aarcanus and Kerena.
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Postby Jaffod » Mon Dec 12, 2005 5:04 am

Hmm I wonder why Jaffod is not on that list? Trab is and I was in CN before the original Trab joined - he came in with the Vengeful Dragons folks.

Greydeng left for Triality (I think), he was very much into the uber raid stuff, he persuaded Sun to go with him. I always got on very well with those two, was very happy to see them surface in WoW. I think that the one left in EQ is a sold toon - trying to recall who sold their account

Missle (or Missleman before the name police made him change it) and Sherala met in a guild called Dawn of Sovereignty. One evening that guild lost 7 of 10 officers including the leader, basically only Jaff and Missle remained. I bailed about 3 days after when my DoN friends formed Fate's Echo. There was a ton of animosity there. My ex used to love to taunt Missle whenever she could lol, some of the ooc stuff was amusing. I unfortunately unloaded some crap into /gu instead of as a /t to Teory that was embarassing. They used to live in FL but may have moved after they got together.

Brystyco was also in DoN for a while - I was glad to see him surface in CN.

As for the Union...I do not blame Roddy for that. It was a post he made on the VCC that insipred it - basically because the Alliance had stopped taking guilds in. I was on good terms with Whizbang at the time and wish I had listened to his 'dont do it' advice :) . I rounded up folks from the interested guilds, including Fates Echo (my guild:) ), CN and OoH. As for the others I cannot remember - the shorty guild was involved Munchkins of Mayhem? but they were basically dead. The only regret was allowing Black Reign to join at the last minute. I got to know Gyff and Roddy well, so when I left Fate's - was a bad personal time for me then - Roddy welcomed me into CN. The Union was basically dead in the water - CN tried to arrange some stuff, but Black Reign folks started to piss and moan about CN taking over etc. The Union ended up being a way to track the OoH/CN friendship so it did have a good ending. Was a hectic time trying to set it up though - Jaffod could have died a ton more times :).

Geadiin left to form his own guild, but that did not go the way he wanted and last I talked to him he was in Walkers.

I have some fun memories of Shaeli also - I agree on the chat channels thing lol.

Maybe this roster was taken as I left for Walkers? Maybe I had not deguilded TRab yet? Hmm
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Postby Jhereg » Mon Dec 12, 2005 3:47 pm

I didn't explain exactly how the Roster was done, both those above were done from /who all GUILD, /who GUILD over time and asking people their levels. I think the Guild Management tool and its ability to list everyone first showed around april 20 2003, so tons of characters could be in the guild but if they didn't log on the week a roster was being made up it wouldn't be noticed.

I mainly left out real names, phone numbers and email addresses since there were a few fields there for those who gave out the info back then. It was mainly an idea to get a feel for how strong we were and how to contact people for raids.

Anyone remember the email contact list Geekjoker had setup? I still have a few of those in my CN folder of my email program. Since we had few regular raids and more pickup's we'd try and announce a day or so ahead of when things would happen if possible. That's how I remember them anyway.

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Postby Jaffod » Mon Dec 12, 2005 5:39 pm

Sorry Jher, I guess things like this fascinate me. I am trying to place my dates here lol

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Postby Buaz » Mon Dec 12, 2005 6:06 pm

8-20-02 ... /sigh
I've never been in another guild and would never consider changing.
Tiroleni gave me the guild invite -- boxed I think =)

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Postby Vortecks » Mon Dec 12, 2005 6:13 pm

WRU old Storm Legion peeps...
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Postby Siderius » Mon Dec 12, 2005 7:51 pm

Anyone remember the email contact list Geekjoker had setup?

I do, I have not cept any mails from it.. but I was on it and I remember I registered when I just had joined the guild. And I was a young and stupid wizard and very impressed over the guild (I am still impressed btw hehe).

Its use was slowly stopping I think I only got like 3 mails from it total.
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Postby Ryanakris » Tue Dec 13, 2005 2:39 am

To keep the history going; there was a guild named Order of the Open Hand who had been around on Vaz for a LONG time. They were fast friends with CN and loved to get together with them for whatever was happening. /derail That was when I met some AWESOME people, Teory; Chaise, Morggie...omg...dragons...YES!!...and so many more!...Tooo many to mention!.../derail off

So Open Hand was the Little Guild that Could...but wanted to do more. CN welcomed ALL OF US with open arms! This was a long time ago when it would benefit both of us to become one. Little did we know that our family just got bigger. We met with many people and formed bonds; or got closer to many that are; and always will be our friends. Some of us don't play EQ1 these days, but the people we've bonded with are STILL our friends; in every meaning of the word. We are in touch by email, through other games, PM's and so on. I have to say; I am proud that if I ever log on, there is a CN tag on my head. There are too many of you to name ; but I'm hoping you all know how very much I care for you... and one more thing...(Truth...It's my turn for jokes when we do the TM mobs...hehe..but yours are SO GOOD!)! I am so PROUD of you all and know you will KEEP ROCKIN'...YAY CN! HUGS to you all and I think of you guys so much and ....well you just ROCK!